15 Most Valuable Pez Dispensers to Remind You of Childhood

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Credit: Unsplash

Pez is the name of an Austrian candy and associated manual candy dispensers. The candy is a pressed and dry block in a Pez dispenser holder that can hold 12 pieces. It was invested in Austria but was soon worldwide.

Pez even became so popular that the dispensers started to be decorated with unique colorings and even character figures on top. If you’re looking for the most valuable Pez dispensers, you’re in the right place. Most of these are near and dear to our hearts as memories from when we were a kid, so it’s only fair that a lot of us would want to collect them.

These dispensers became part of pop culture. For the most valuable Pez dispensers, read on to see the top 15 thanks to a handy and current Pez Price Guide here.
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