Why Are People Obsessed with Tuluck Squishmallow?

Tuluck Squishmallow Flickr - Phillip Pessar
Tuluck Squishmallow Flickr - Phillip Pessar

I have loved stuffed animals since I was little, and still love them to this day. Even though I’m a grown woman, there’s something about adorable stuffed animals that just make me squeal. Whether it’s a large teddy bear given to me by my spouse, or tiny little animals I come across at the store, I love them all.

But thankfully, I’m not the only one who has this obsession. Across social media platforms such as TikTok, several people have found comfort with stuffed animals, especially Squishmallows. Squishmallows are a type of toy that has created an incredible fanbase, with each one having their own personality and rarity, like the Tuluck Squishmallow.

Since its release, the Tuluck Squishmallow has caused an intense uproar on social media. But why? What is so great about the Tuluck cow Squishmallow that has people raving over it? Read more to learn everything there is about the Squishmallow and why it’s so popular.

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What Are Squishmallows?

Flickr – Phillip Pessar

For those that don’t know, Squishmallows are a plush toy, like stuffed animals, that were released in 2017 and have since become an international phenomenon. They offer comfort, support and warmth, like several other stuffed animals.

They’re travel companions, friends and bedtime buddies for kids and adults all around. There are over 1,000 Squishmallows that have their own unique identity and story that several people have come to start collecting.

How Are They Different from Other Stuffed Animals?

One of the biggest differences Squishmallows has to other stuffed animals is that they truly are unique. Each Squishmallow drop has it’s one unique personality that adds to the collection. The other difference that fans notice right away is the texture of these ‘Mallows compared to other stuffed animals.

Kellytoy created these buddies from super soft, marshmallow-like texture and polyester. The texture is incredibly different from any other toy, so it provides a lot more comfort than any other stuffed animal.

Why Are They So Popular?

Squishmallows started as a trend, and like all trends, they took off quickly. Are Squishmallows truly that amazing? Probably not, but several people got obsessed over it because it’s fun to hunt and find the different kinds. But after four years now, it’s safe to say it’s not a trend but an incredibly satisfying hobby for many.

What makes Squishmallows really exciting is that there are still limited-edition ‘Mallows dropping to this day. With such unique varieties, several people who don’t normally enjoy collecting things found something that fits their style.

And let’s not forget that the pandemic in 2020 had a huge play in this as well. Even though they released in 2017, the trend really became popular when the world was shut down, and of course, everyone was clawing at anything they could to find some comfort.

Another big reason why Squishmallows are so popular is because of how healing it is. With the new generations, such as Millennials and Gen Z, a lot of adults are encouraging their child-like behavior to surface and are doing so without shame or embarrassment. A lot of us who enjoy buying stuffed animals find it healing to the child in us.

With all of that being said, there really isn’t one reason why they’re so popular. Like Animal Crossing on the Switch, the release and popularity of them really happened at the right time when the world needed the most comfort. They are a great stress reliever, adorable, and keep people hanging on with each limited-edition variety.

What Is the Tuluck Squishmallow?

Squishmallow Wiki Fandom

The Tuluck Squishmallow is a super cute aqua blue cow and an ultra-rare ‘Mallow that has the internet going crazy.

Tuluck Cow Squishmallow Release

He was the Easter release for 2022, releasing April 26, 2022. His collector number is 1772 and is a 16-inch ‘Mallow.

Tuluck Cow Squishmallow Type

The Tuluck ‘Mallow is a Cow Squishmallow. His appearance is bright blue with a large, slightly darker blue patch over his right ear. He has cream-colored horns and round, black eyes. His inner ears and muzzle are pale pink, and his belly is bright blue. His belly also has blue splotches with the same color of his ear.

Tuluck Cow Squishmallow Personality

Each Squishmallow has their own unique personality, and wiki reads Tulucks personality as a homework wizard. Saying he “volunteers at his local elementary afterschool program. No other ‘Mallow can solve homeowkr problems like Tuluck. This keeps him super busy, bouncing around and helping all students.”

Why Are People So Obsessed with Tuluck Squishmallows?

One of the biggest reasons why Tuluck is so popular is because he is Ultra Rare, an Easter limited-edition ‘Mallow for 2022. The other reason is that several collectors have complained on Reddit that their local stores haven’t received them, and never did, only giving the bulk of their items to more popular stores in bigger cities, making it basically impossible to get.

As well as this, but several people purchased more than just a few just to turn around and sell them for a bigger profit. The other reason is that Cows are one of the most popular types of ‘Mallows, with so many having a love for Highland Cows, or Cows in general.

Where to Buy Tuluck Cow Squishmallow Now?

Now that it’s no longer in stock at most places, as it’s long gone from its original release date, you’ll have to find it at secondary marketplaces, such as eBay.

Average Price of Squishmallows?

This, again, really depends on the type you’re looking for. The most common size that you’ll find it around 12-inches, which cost around $19.99. But the price can truly range from

Why Are Squishmallows So Expensive?

Squishmallows can be expensive for a variety of reasons. If you’re talking about the rare or ultra ones, then it’s because they’re a limited-edition and will only be available for a short time with a limited stock. Purchasing one comes with a price indeed, making them have a higher price tag that the others.

But if you’re talking about some of the smaller, average and common ones, then it’s because of the high-quality materials and labor that is put into making them. They’re incredibly soft, have adorable appearances and unique styles, so it only makes sense that they’re a bit pricier.

I have several ‘Mallows, my two favorites being Farina, the Fox, and Sunny, the Bee, both 5-inches, as they were my first purchases. They’re adorable, are really durable despite how fluffy and soft they are and have brought some amazing comfort during the pandemic in college. The price might be more than other stuffed animals, but it truly was worth it to start this amazing cozy collection.

Are Squishmallows Worth Collecting?

Yes! There are several reasons why Squishmallows are worth collecting.

Are you seeking to find something that you might actually enjoy collecting that keeps you hanging on? With so many types and special editions, this can be a great hobby, especially for those that want to collect things but are not a fan of sports or games cards, coins, or other toys. If you’re a fan of stuffed animals like I am and cozy vibes, this is the collection for you.

But what if you’re trying to make a decent investment? Rare Squishmallows actually sell for a high value, especially the ultra-rare limited-edition ones. If you have the chance to grab some rare ones, you could turn around a decent profit. And like Beanie Babies, who knows what these Squishmallows will be worth in a few years once they become more and more rare with production slowing!

Most Popular Squishmallows of 2023

If you want to hop on this obsession too, check out some of the most popular ‘Mallows of 2023 for some starting inspiration.

5. Cam the Calico Cat, $19.99


The 14-inch Calico Cat is one of the top purchases on Amazon and is decently affordable compared to some of the others. It features an adorable kitty with a mostly white body, a brown splotch on one ear, and a black on the other with a bit of black on the bottom, and a black and brown tail.

4. Fifa the Coral Red Fox, $19.99


Another 14-inch ‘Mallow, but this time we have a bright coral red Fox named Fifa. She’s vibrant, adorable, super soft, and is the perfect size to have as a travel companion.

3. Avery the Mallard, $39.99


Do you want a hefty boy? A really squishy plush? Give Avery the Mallard a home. He’s 16-inches, one of the larger editions, and is extremely fluffy. The duck is one of the best and most popular ‘Mallows right now.

2. Borsa the Spotted Highland Cow, $15.99


Speaking of cows, one of the most popular ‘Mallows right now are cows. Whether that’s limited-edition blue cows or Highland cows. This one in particular is Borsa, the white and grey spotted cow with brown accents.

1. Maui the Pineapple, $37.99


It’s not just animals though. For those that want something unique in their collection, check out Maui the Pineapple. It’s a 12-inch pineapple that will truly be the perfect decoration for any home.

How to Know If Yours Is fake?

Unfortunately, like several popular items, you’re in danger of coming across something that is fake. Thankfully, the community shows off their findings often, so you can always check out the Wiki or Reddit pages to make sure that you have a real one.

Some things to check out though is the color pattern. Each one is incredibly unique, which means you might be able to tell if a ‘Mallow is fake just by their appearance.

The next thing to look for is the Squishmallow butt tag. If your ‘Mallow has one, it’s most likely real.

Where Can I Buy Squishamllows?

Squishmallows are available in everyday and season styles and distributed through major, online and specialty retailers like Walgreens, Amazon, Five Below, Costco, Learning Express, Walmart and more!

Several people stalk their local stores like Walmart and Target to try and be the first one to grab the limited edition Squishmallows that have dropped. I for one often run by my local Hy-Vee to see the latest releases.


Like Beanie Babies, there is something about collecting stuffed animals that some people just can’t get enough of. And like Beanie Babies have proved, there is definitely an investment when it comes to them.

Whether you’re interested in starting a collection just for your own personal gain of having something adorable in your home, or you’re interested in turning around and selling them in the future, Squishmallows is a great trend that seems to be here to stay. With so many varieties, styles and limited-edition releases, these ‘Mallows are an international phenomenon that hasn’t slowed.

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