20 Best Hello Kitty Collectibles for Superfans

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As one of the most famous Japanese icons, Hello Kitty has made a name for herself since her debut in 1974 and is still incredibly relevant today. If you’re a fan and want to check out some of the best Hello Kitty collectibles to show off your love, then check out some of these items.

Sanrio has done an amazing job creating adorable and meaningful characters and showing the world. That being said, if you want some new collectibles, from vintage TVs to recent Funko Pop! releases, these are your best options.

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Hello Kitty History

Hello Kitty is an icon and is an anthropomorphized kitty dressed in adorable blue overalls and a pink bow in her fur near one of her ears. While there are alterations as to the color of her overalls and bows, generally she is designed the same throughout the media.

This fictional character was created by Yuko Shimizu, is currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi, and is owned by the Japanese company Sanrio. Hello Kitty lives in London in a suburb with her family, which includes her twin sister Minny, who is depicted with a yellow bow and is incredibly close to Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty is featured in her own video games, movies, TV series, and even music. And while she was originally branded for a younger audience, specifically younger girls, the brand realized they had a large fanbase among teenagers and adults. The adorable kitty has been a hit in media since and is still one of the most well-known characters when thinking about Japanese icons.

Sanrio History

This Japanese entertainment company designs and produces kawaii, or cute, pop culture. Their products range from stationery, school supplies, gifts, makeup collabs, and accessories worldwide. While their most famous character is Hello Kitty, they also have several other characters that are well-known in pop culture.

Other Popular Sanrio Characters

As of 2022, Sanrio has created over 450 characters, with the very first character being Coro Chan in 1973, Hello Kitty being the right after in 1974.

If you head to the official Sanrio website, there is a ranking almost every year with which character is the fan favorite. For 2023, the top character is Cinnamoroll, an adorable bunny, followed by Pompompurin, Kuromi, Pachacco, Hello Kitty, My Melody, Hangyodon, Little Twin Stars, Tuxedosam and Bad Badtz-Maru.

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Best Hello Kitty Collectibles

20. Hello Kitty Classic Funk Pop!, $12

When talking about the best Hello Kitty collectibles, we of course need to mention Funko Pops!, some of the best ways fans can collect characters from their favorite media. While some of them are pretty affordable, some cost a pretty penny.

Thankfully, this classic Hello Kitty Pop! is the perfect option. While this item doesn’t release until January 2024, it’ll only be $11.99, a decent price, and can be found at Entertainment Earth.

The Pop! features Hello Kitty in her classic red bow, blue overalls, and a yellow undershirt with a larger-than-normal head. It’s adorable and perfect for the Kawaii brand that Sanrio focuses on.

19. Sanrio x Naruto Hello Kitty Funko Pop!, $12

Speaking of Funko Pops!, this is another option if you want to find the perfect Hello Kitty collectible but want something unique. You can find this Pop! at Entertainment Earth which features an adorable Hello Kitty wearing the iconic Naruto uniform and hair with a bright orange bow to match her outfit.

If you’re a fan of both Hello Kitty and Naruto, this is a perfect collaboration that can be the highlight of your collection. This is also priced at $11.99, like the one above, and is an iconic Pop! that you should check out.

18. Hello Kitty Wooden Bobblehead, $24

Another highly adorable collectible item is the Hello Kitty Wooden Bobblehead. Sitting in her usual position with her head looking to the right and her body facing forward, we have Hellow Kitty adorably painted in her usual blue overalls and a brightly red bow near her ear.

What’s even cuter is that she’s sitting on a red bow. This is an amazing collector’s item that can be found at Sanrio’s official website for only $24, which is a great price if you want to deck out your desk or collectible case.

17. Hello Kitty 8″ Year of the Dragon 2024 Boxed Plush, $34

This is a limited edition item that you want to get your hands on if you’re wanting to the most recent drop.

The Sanrio store is back with another adorable plush, and this time it’s for the 2024 year showcasing Hello Kitty dressed as a dragon for the Year of the Dragon, which symbolizes change, growth, and immense progress. Honor the new year as well as your love for Hello Kitty by purchasing this amazing limited edition item for only $34.

16. Hello Kitty & Friends Monopoly, $40

Monopoly is one of the many games that has received a large fanbase, and there are several limited edition Monopoly games that cost a fortune. Thankfully, for our board game and Hello Kitty lovers, this is the perfect game to keep an eye out for.

While the Sanrio store has them sold out for the time being, you could have a chance at stumbling across one on a secondary marketplace, such as eBay, for an average value of about $40. Like the original game, you can play as Hello Kitty and friends who buy and sell property and trade locations.

15. Hello Kitty Sweet Pink Wine, $40

Stepping away from the toys real fast, there is one collectible that is truly luxurious and only costs around $39.99 if you can find it.

This is one of the items that was released to cater to the older fans, and when it was released in 2016, it was only around $20. Thanks to the years going by and it being incredibly hard to find, it costs almost double, with one store saying they have it for about $40.

It comes in an adorable pink bottle with a heart near the neck, really highlighting the cutesie vibe that Sanrio enjoys. While there were several wines released for this collection, you might not be able to come across all.

14. Hello Kitty Collaborations 40th Anniversary by Rizzoli, $65

Hello Kitty has been a part of several types of media, and now this is the first book on Hello Kitty’s brand collabs that celebrates one of the world’s most loved characters.

This book highlights Hello Kitty’s career, essentially, from her cute guises in fashion, streetwear, confectionery, cosmetics, toys, and more. The book was released in 2014 and is still available to purchase in the Sanrio store.

As the article is written, there is a discount from $65 to $58, but I’m not sure how long that discount will last. If you enjoy the franchise and want to know a bit more history of your favorite character, check out this Hello Kitty Collaborations 40th Anniversary.

13. Hello Kitty Airplane Adventure Music Box, $68

Music boxes are a wonderful gift for loved ones, and if you have someone who needs a special gift with an adorable theme, then this is the best collectible that you give to start their collection off.

The Airplane Adventure music box features Hello Kitty flying an airplane above the clouds, with various other friends flying around below her. It’s a great wooden keepsake that you can cherish for years that plays a charming melody.

When it is up, the friends will move up and down as if flying, and Hello Kitty’s head will even move as well, making it an enchanting collector’s item.

12. Hello Kitty Sakura Kimono 20″ Seated Plush, $70

We love plushies, and we love adorable, large plushies that feature our favorite character that is unique to her usual look. For instance, this 20″ Sakura, or cherry blossom, Kimono Seated Plush features Hello Kitty in a traditional kimono with a bow to match.

She’s sitting on a plush seat and looks adorable, a great addition to those who enjoy collecting stuffed animals or plushies and want this icon in their set. For a decent price of $70, this is a great item.

11. Hello Kitty x Evangelion Ayanami Rei Mug Cup Sanrio, $70

Hello Kitty has met with all sorts of other pop culture icons and has collaborated with them over the years. One such collaboration involved Hello Kitty and Evangelion, or Neon Genesis Evangelion, which is a mecha anime and video game franchise.

They have several items within that collection, but one that seems to be pretty rare around secondary marketplaces are the mugs. One features Hello Kitty dressed as Asuka Langley, and the other is Hello Kitty dressed as Ayanami Rei.

10. Gloomy Hello Kitty Sanrio Keychain 2009, $70

Japan has a slew of iconic characters that are adorable, and terrifying, all at once. Hello Kitty is just one such creature, but there is also one known as Gloomy Bear, adorable plushies that can be unsettling for some as well, as they feature some blood on some characters.

The two had a collaboration in 2009 where this keychain was made, featuring Hello Kitty wearing a Gloomy costume with blood splattered across her face and suit. An iconic collab that makes the perfect Hello Kitty collectible.

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9. Hello Kitty America the Beautiful Series 1 Collectible Tin Lunch Box, $120

It might be shocking to see that a lunch box is worth over $100, as most of them don’t even cost half that much. But for a Hello Kitty tin lunch box, you’ll have to put down a pretty penny to get ahold of this one.

Of all the Hello Kitty collectibles we’ve covered so far, this is definitely a unique one. The lunch box was included in the beautiful series 1 collection, making it a higher value, and with how rare they are to find, it makes these worth a lot more than you might think.

8. Hello Kitty x Boyhood Small Oak Figuring, $138

It’s interesting to see such a wide variety of materials when it comes to creating Hello Kitty. From plush to wood, there is a great variety of styles that you can get your own Hello Kitty.

Available at the Sanrio store for around $138, you can collect your own Boyhood family of Wooden Contemporary design collectibles, something that would work perfectly on a desk or in a case.

7. Hello Kitty Pink 13″ Vintage TV, $200

We’ve seen a lot of items that have been released recently, and some that were collaborations from a few years ago, but what about something that is considered vintage?

Manufactured around 2002, these Hello Kitty 13″ TV is one that several young girls had in their rooms when growing up, and an item that we all might want to get again for our collection.

Not only does this scream nostalgia to me, but reminds me of the years I was obsessed with Hello Kitty movies. If you want to get your hands on these TVs, you’ll have to look to eBay, where they price them from around $150-$250.

6. Sanrio Hello Kitty Flower Frame Pair Wine Glass Crystal Scene Swarovski, $294

We’ve seen the wine that is being sold around, and what better way to enjoy Hello Kitty wine than with Hello Kitty glasses?

What makes these super unique, however, and ones that you don’t want to ruin by drinking out of them are that they’re a crystal scene Swarovski wine glass, and they’re enchanting to look at. They not only scream luxury, but they’re beautiful collectibles for Hello Kitty fans who want to keep their luxurious lifestyle.

5. Hello Kitty Swarovski Fairy, $300

Speaking of Swarovski crystals, of course, with such a collab with the wine glasses, we’ll need to see an actual Swarovski crystal Hello Kitty Figurine.

This 2013 limited edition figurine is worth a hefty amount of money, not just because it’s made by Swarovski. This stunning figure has a resale value sitting between $300 and $600, a wide range but worth it.

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4. Hello Kitty Irish Dresden 2000LTD Porcelain Lace Doll Figurine Limited Edition, $400

Porcelain dolls are already worth a pretty penny if you’re a fan of collecting them, but combining them with a pop culture icon, then you’re in store for spending even more. This has a limited of 2000 of them, upping the price even more.

Irish Dresden, known for creating porcelain collectibles and figures, collaborated with Hello Kitty to make an adorable porcelain doll with an amazing lace dress with flowers. This is the perfect time to have on your shelves and one that you can cherish and pass down through generations.

3. Hello Kitty Mohair Collection Doll, $530

We’ve seen a lot of plush toys today, and as our final plush, we’re sitting at a high price value of around $530.

This, like many others on the list, is not for sale in any store but in secondary marketplaces, which only increases the value of these toys. This Mohair doll has a limit of only 500 made, which increases the value even more.

Mohair and Hello Kitty have a few collaborations, with one being limited to 1000 dolls ever made, which can be found here, and the one above, which is rare. It’s the perfect item if you’re a serious collector wanting unique, rare, and valuable items.

2. Hello Kitty 14K White Gold Diamond Ring, $585

As the very last Sanrio story collector’s item, we have the Hello Kitty 14K White Gold Diamond Ring that is priced at $585. It’s a stunning ring that features Hello Kitty’s silhouetted plastered in diamonds with a rose gold bow near her ear.

The only thing that is a bit disappointing about this ring is that you can only get it in size 7, which can be frustrating for those who won’t be able to wear it and might not be the perfect gift for the kids in your life with that price. Either way, this is one of the more expensive Hello Kitty collectibles that you can get ahold of.

1. Balenciaga Large Hello Kitty Ville Handle Bag, $1,495

When you think about Hello Kitty, you probably imagine adorable little toys and gifts, or maybe the shirts and jackets with her face at the forefront. But when it comes to Hello Kitty collectibles, several items might seem shocking.

One such example is the Balenciaga Hello Kitty bags. While they come in several sizes, from a little wallet to a small purse, to this massive handle bag, they are all priced accordingly. While you can’t find them on the market anymore, you might stumble across one for sale on places like eBay, with staggering values of around $1,500 to $2,000 for the larger bags, and around $600 for the smaller ones.

Either way, this is one collectible that fashion and luxurious icons might want to keep an eye out for, as they are not only stunning but are a great fashion piece for any wardrobe.


If you want to beef up your collection, then these are the best Hello Kitty collectibles to start with that will make your display shelf a bit more cutesy. From the costly handbag from Balenciaga to the incredibly affordable Funko Pop!, you’ll be able to make your space a bit more kawaii.

If you’re a superfan who wants to showcase their love and support for Sanrio, these are the best collectibles to get ahold of, no matter the budget you have for yourself.

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