15 Most Valuable Collectible Bratz Dolls

The first Bratz dolls were released in 2001. There were only four dolls at the start, but by 2005, the Bratz empire had grown to include a movie, a TV show, and a number of spin-offs. And that year, total item sales worldwide hit a staggering $2 billion.

Rare Bratz dolls can fetch a high price nowadays. But which ones need to be on the lookout for, and what could their potential value be? These are 15 of the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls ever made and sold.

15. Princess Cloe: $550

2006 saw the launch of Bratz’s Princess range. Every doll in the line came with two alternate looks.

Cloe wore an animal print skirt and a pink glitter tank top for her first outfit. Shoes, a bolero jacket, and jeans comprised outfit number two. There were plenty of jewels and a tiara as accessories befitting a queen.

Astute collectors were now purchasing dolls to hold onto as investments. Additionally, Bratz created boxes that didn’t require them to ever be taken out of their packing in order to be displayed.

In 2022, this Princess Cloe doll was put up for sale. Complete in her factory-sealed original box. However, the brush had come loose and some of the plastic connections had broken after 16 years. Despite these issues, the doll sold for an impressive $550, one of the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls of all time.

14. Jade, 2018 Collector Doll: $550

Another doll that was introduced in 2018 as a collector’s edition was Jade. She was dressed in black fishnet sleeves, a black bustier, and skin-tight embroidered pants. Similar to Sasha, she too arrived in a package that included a silver star, poster, and extra costume as one of the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls.

In 2022, a jade specimen was also put up for sale. Purchased as a financial venture, she had never been taken out of her box. So all her accessories were here and in the right place. And the box appeared just as new as it had just rolled off the assembly line, as one of the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls.

She sold for $550 despite clearly being a little less of a draw than Sasha.

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13. Sasha, 2018 Collector Doll: $550

Not only does vintage Bratz have value. Collectors’ edition dolls have been available in limited quantities since a few years ago. Furthermore, in the secondary market, dolls that are relatively fresh or only a few years old can command high prices and some of the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls.

Sasha, a hip-hop artist, is one example of that. She arrived with a silver star, a poster, and alternate clothing. In 2022, an internet sale included a copy in perfect condition, with the box remaining unopened. This five-year-old plastic doll costs $550.

12. Campfire Felicia: $550

In 2005, Campfire Felicia was started. Her eyes were brown, her hair had auburn slashes, and her complexion was a striking dark brown. This was a Bratz doll, and for once, it had pants, long sleeves, and a high neck.

Felicia was going camping, so that was the obvious explanation. With her long, striped scarf, fluffy boots, and purple combats, she’d stay toasty. The kit also included a torch and an insulated flask for camping.

In 2022, a digital version of Campfire Felicia was listed for sale. The doll arrived undamaged, and her accessories were packaged in a blister pack. However, she had misplaced one of her gloves, and the box was missing, no match for one of the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls. Despite this, one collector decided to purchase her for $550.

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11. Dresden: $640

From Bratz’s fifth iteration of “Passion 4 Fashion,” Dresden was a doll. She goes by “Miss Priss” since she is consistently impeccably coiffed.

Her complexion is moderately tanned, her hair is long, and she has blue eyes. She also wears a crimson tulle top that is strapless and black tights. A second set of clothes includes a barely-there playsuit with polka dots, lace trim, and ribbon trim, which is strapless.

Since it’s difficult to find her these days, collectors buy up the few specimens that do come available for sale. In March 2022, a single doll dressed in her second ensemble—sans the crimson stockings with lace tops—was put up for auction.

Her hair had been cut, in addition to her missing box and clothes. It took 55 bids for her to sell for $640, an impressive price for one of the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls.

10. Treasures Second Edition, Jade: $650

Among the dolls that starred in the second Bratz Treasures series was Jade. She arrived fully dressed in two sets in addition to a chest filled with an enormous assortment of accessories. Additionally, the pleased owner’s bedroom wall had to be adorned with a poster.

The collection also included Cloe, Yasmin, and Sasha dolls. To complete the set, a “Scorchin’ Sea Scooter” was also offered for purchase separately, decking out one of the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls.

In 2022, a Jade doll example that was offered for sale online came with its original packaging and all of its attachments. She was quickly taken advantage of after being provided with a set fee of $650.

9. Yasmin: $760

Yasmin was a Bratz doll who rocked a hippy look with elegance! Initially known as “Lupe,” she was a member of the original Bratz lineup.

She brought an acoustic guitar that matched her purple clothing and headpiece made of feathers. The label claims that Yasmin “makes being an Earth girl look glamorous.”

She’s highly collectible because she was among the earliest dolls ever made. Additionally, collectors went crazy when a Yasmin in her original box was put up for sale in 2022. After twenty bids, the lot sold for $760, securing it among the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls.

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8. Secret Date Collection- Meygan And Bryce: $900

The Secret Date collection by Bratz caused some debate. The marketing of the dolls, according to a group of fathers, encouraged girls to slip out without telling their parents. In consequence, the collection’s name was eventually modified to Blind Date.

Every box held two dolls. The male “date” was concealed behind opaque cardboard, but the female doll was easily apparent. His sole identifying feature, his feet were visible through a window.

Since just one Bryce doll was provided in every 24 boxes, he was very sought after. For this reason, collectors will find this example—which features Meygan and Bryce—particularly intriguing.

The seller insisted that Bryce could be identified by his $900 price tag and the tan pants he was wearing and that the box had never been opened as one of the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls.

7. Magic Hair Raya: $800

What the company called “hair play” was one of Bratz’s main focus areas. In 2007, Magic Hair Raya was introduced as a new model to accompany the four original Bratz Girlz. She had long blonde hair, was white, and was dressed in a strapless white blouse and glittering trousers. She was also created specifically for the massive retail chain Wal-Mart and not originally as one of the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls.

For collectors, she’s a rare discovery, and even slightly worn specimens can bring in a sizable sum of money. One doll that had been auctioned in 2022 through an internet auction platform was located. Her face was a little worn, and she was no longer attached to her box.

Positively, she had her “magic hairbrush” and was still dressed in her previous attire. 

6. Bratz Pad, First Edition: $1000

A “passion for fashion” prevented dolls from living in any old house. Thus, in 2004, Bratz introduced the “Bratz Pad.”

It included a “kickin’ kitchen,” a functioning lift, a jacuzzi, and a living area with a revolving couch. There were functional lights in both the “stylin’ sun deck” and the “beautiful bedroom.”

These days, finding a specimen in good condition is difficult. In 2022, we discovered one that was for sale online. The box was pretty worn, but everything was complete.

Despite this, one buyer paid $1,000 to secure it, so it didn’t deter them. Because the set weighed almost fifty pounds, they would have had to pay a lot more to have it delivered as one of the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls.

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5. Play Sportx, Sportz Teamz, Tennis: $1000

Two dolls dressed as tennis players, Cloe and Jade, are included in this set from the Sportz Teamz line.

Both wear itsy bitsy skirts and little, tight tops in keeping with the company image. The American Psychological Association’s worries about Bratz’s sexualized depictions of girls are maybe not surprising.

Putting that aside, if you can, the set was clearly well-liked by kids. Additionally, high-quality copies in their original boxes can sell for very large prices nowadays and are some of the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls.

In 2022, an online sale featured a single set in its box, which included both dolls and all of their accessories. Even though there was just one bidder, they were willing to spend $1,000 to increase their collection.

4. Head Gamez 4-Doll Set: $1175

The Head Gamez set consisted of four dolls: Meygan, Jade, Dana, and Cloe. Bratz introduced it in 2005. These, however, were not dolls in the conventional sense. As an alternative, they were four heads and shoulders meant to be used in conjunction with the Head Gamez board game.

It was intended for the heads to snap onto different bodies. And they arrived dressed in an enormous array of diverse ensembles. Children were to be able to design their own personalized Bratz, with some becoming the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls.

In 2022, an unopened copy of the set was put up for online sale. The reverse of the box showed some minor damage. It did, however, sell for $1,175.

3. Bratz Boys Punkz – Dylan: $2025

A collection of male dolls called Bratz Boyz was introduced in 2002. Similar to the female equivalents, a number of different subseries quickly appeared, such as Bratz Boyz Punkz.

These days, collectors highly prize copies that are in original boxes and in good condition. And Dylan is especially valued because of his peroxide-blonde hair, black shorts, and checkered shirt.

There was a poster, stickers, and an extra outfit in the package. Dylan even brought Ian, a black cat, along as his very own punk pet. Dylan came with a comb, but girls’ dolls were accompanied by kid-friendly accouterments like lip gloss that were meant for females.

In 2022, a Dylan became up for sale, still in its original packing and with all of its accessories. He drew seven bids and sold $2,025, one of the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls.

2. Sweet Dreams Pajama Party – Sierrna: $2180

Another Bratz doll from the Pajama Party collection was named Sierrna. She arrived wearing a patterned shirt and a skimpy micro miniskirt. A pair of shoes, an extra pair of undergarments, and lip gloss for the owner were also included in the package. There was also a Big Fish, Little Fish card game in the box.

The doll itself is nine inches in height. Collectors value Bratz dolls highly, and this is especially true with unopened boxes containing dolls as some are the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls.

Felicia is more uncommon than Sierrna. But you’ll still have to shell out a lot of cash for the ideal example. We discovered one in its original box, complete with all accessories; the box looked like it had never been opened. And $2180 was the asking price.

1. Sweet Dreams Pajama Party – Felicia: $2400: The Most Valuable Collectible Bratz Dolls

Felicia is widely regarded as the rarest Bratz doll from the Pajama Party line. So a well-kept doll is a collector’s dream come true!

One packaged specimen in excellent condition was available from the vendor for $2,200. They were ready to take a lower offer, just in case. A different specimen that was purportedly sold for $2,400 online was in immaculate shape and was still in its original box.

The model’s past sales performance may deceive collectors into paying greater prices when they subsequently place the doll on the market a second time.

In light of this, it’s fascinating to note that the Felicia doll, which brought in $2,400, was the seller’s only item to ever sell and only ever receive one bid, securing her among the most valuable collectible Bratz dolls.

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