Most Valuable American Girl Dolls Ever

Most Valuable American Girl Dolls Ever
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You may be surprised by the most valuable American Girl dolls ever. American Girl was founded in 1986 by Pleasant Rowland. The origin story stems from the fact that she could not find dolls for her nieces and decided to start a company that creates dolls all young girls can enjoy. Over 36 million American Girl dolls have been sold from the company’s catalog, retail stores, and website since 1986. She probably never expected the dolls she created to turn into collectibles and some going on to be the most valuable American Girl dolls ever. 

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What is the Girl of the Year? 

Have you ever heard the term “Girl of the Year”? For American Girl, this label is applied to a limited edition doll chosen each year. The dolls are only available for a limited time, making them more rare. Once they are out of stock of the Girl of the Year, that is all that will be sold for that year. The concept was introduced in 2001 by their first Girl of the Year, Lindsey Bergman. As time passes, the dolls that have been Girls of the Year will become more most valuable American Girl dolls ever.

Which American Girl doll is most popular?

The most popular American Girl doll is Samantha because she was an orphan, and people felt it was much more relatable than the others. She is one of the historical dolls, but people felt her story could relate to many children who lost their parents at a young age and were sent to live with a relative or be put in the system. 

Why is American Girl so expensive?

American Girl dolls are so expensive because they are very high-quality dolls. They are also customizable. You can create a doll to look like you or someone you know, from the face shape to the hair color you want. The hair quality is extremely high to give that realistic look. The company hopes to provide you with a doll that is realistic and special to you.

How much do American Girl dolls go for now?

American Girl dolls now cost anywhere from $115 to $180. It depends on the doll and if they come with accessories like purses or hats. Regardless of their cost, all the dolls include a book that will tell you about their story.

Where can I buy American Girl dolls?

If you want to buy an American Girl doll for someone in your life, you can do so on the American Girl Site. Or, if you want to make a day of it, you can visit your local American Girl store in your area. They have them across the United States although the most popular location is the store in New York City.

Most Valuable American Girl Dolls Ever

15. Rebecca Rubin, $260 

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Rebecca Rubin came out in 2009 and is the tenth historical character. Her story is that she is a Russian- Jewish girl growing up in New York in 1914.  She dreams of being a star and becoming a movie actress. In 2009 she cost only $95, which wasn’t even with her complete set.  When Rebecca retired, she was found on an online auction marketplace being sold for $260. It cost three times the original amount. The price goes up because it is a historical character, and the first version is no longer being made, which adds more value to the doll.

14. Josefina Montoya, $300 

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Josefina Montoya was released in 1994 and represented the New Mexico area. She lives with her father, three older sisters, and many other household members. Her mama died right before she turned eight, and she misses her terribly. This doll is supposed to help girls who have the same story as Josefina and can relate to her to help them better understand that they are not alone. She cost around $68 to $84 in 1994. Josefina has popped up on online auctions for being sold for about $300. 

13. Julie Albright, $300

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Julie Albright came out in 2007 and is the ninth historical character. Her story is that she lives in the 1970s in San Francisco, and her parents were recently divorced. This doll is supposed to help kids experience the same thing as their parents. In 2007 she cost between $87 to $92 depending on if you got a soft or hardcover book. It was found on an online auction marketplace being sold for $300. Given that it is a historical character made, it is valuable, which is why it is more expensive than it was originally sold. 

12. Kit Kittredge, $365 

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Kit Kittredge came out in 2000 and is the seventh historical character.  Her story represents the Great Depression era during the 1930s. She goes on some adventures, including putting on a Thanksgiving play at school or doing odd jobs for a mean rich man to help make ends meet for her family. In 2000 she cost between $87 to $92 depending on the type of book you got with the doll. The doll and book can be bought at $325 at an online auction marketplace because it is a historical character.  

11. Cecile Rey, $430 

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Cecile Rey was released in 2011 and was one of the few dolls of color represents that are part of the historical line. She represents the mid-nineteenth century in New Orleans and loves theatre and storytelling. She is confident, outgoing, and curious. She cost around $100 in 2011 but was able to be sold for $430. She is a retired girl doll meaning she is no longer being made, making her one of the most valuable American Girl dolls ever. 

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10. Nellie O’Malley, $499 

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Nellie O’Malley is the best friend and later adopted sister to Samantha Pakington and was the first best friend released in 2004. She is a young Irish- American girl, and her parents are Irish immigrants. In 2004 she cost between $87 to $92, but on an online auction was sold for $499. Given that she was the first doll to be a part of another historical character collection, Nellie is pretty rare. If you have Nellie and Samantha, their value together will increase when sold. 

9. Marie-Grace Gardner, $500 

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Marie-Grace Gardner was released in 2011 with Cecile Rey as her best friend. She and her father left the city of New Orleans after her mother’s and brother’s death. Unlike her friend, who loves being on stage, Marie-Grace is shyer and enjoys singing. Cecile taught her friend to be confident, and the two girls thrived together. She cost around $100 in 2011 but was sold on an online auction for $500. Marie-Grace was the first historical character to share her collection with another historical character which is why she is so valuable.

8. Mckenna Brooks, $600 

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Mckenna Brooks came out in 2012 and was only out for a year before she retired. She was the Girl of the Year for 2012. She is a ten-year-old girl who lives in Seattle, Washington. She has two younger twin sisters. Mckenna wants to be an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics when she is older. In 2012 she only cost $110, which came with the outfit she wore and the book she came with. When Mckenna retired, she was worth way more because she was no longer being sold. Given that she was sold for only a year, you can find her at an auction being sold for about $600. 

7. Kaya, $775

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Kaya was launched in 2002 and is the eighth historical character. She is a Native American girl from the Nez Perce tribe. She has an older sister and deeply cares for her family and friends. In 2002 she cost between $87 to $92 depending on the book you got with the doll. The doll can cost $775 if she is in packet condition. She has retired and is no longer being made, making her rare to find, and it can be surprising to see when she is up for auction. 

6. Molly McIntire, $1,125 

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Molly McIntire is one of the original three dolls first sold by American Girl. She has gone through many duplications that make the original rare. Molly is a nine-year-old girl that comes from WWII-era of America. She has three siblings and lives with their mom while her father is away as a doctor helping wounded soldiers in the England War. She would cost between $68 to $75 in 1986. Given that she was one of the original three dolls released makes her a rare doll, and her cost today would be $1,125 if in mint condition. 

5. Felicity Merriman, $1,250 

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Felicity Merriman was the first doll added after the original three in 1986. She was released in 1991. She comes from colonial America before the Revolutionary War, is independent, and has a fierce spirit. She returned five times in 2005, 2011, 2017, 2019, and 2021 to celebrate the 35th anniversary. She would cost between $68 to $75 in 1986. With each duplication, her price increase over time to match the price period. Her original look from 1986 will be her rarest and can cost around $1,250 on the marketplace. 

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4. Samantha Pakington, $1,295 

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Samantha Pakington is one of the three original American Girl dolls released in 1986. It is one of the rarest and most valuable American Girl dolls ever. She retired in 2009 and went through a few duplications, but the original version will be the most valuable compared to the modern versions created of her. She is from the late 1800s with her old fashion Grandma and is an orphan. Her parents died when she was five. She would cost between $68 to $75 in 1986. Given that the original version of her is no longer made makes her rare, and if seen on an online auction marketplace, she can go for $1,295. 

3. Kanani Akina, $2,469

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Kanani Akina came out in 2011, and what makes her rare is that she was only available for a year before she retired. She is a ten-year-old girl living on Kaua’i and loves photography and helps her parents run their shaves ice shop. She cost around $100 in 2011 but was able to sell for $2,469 because she is incredibly rare. Given that she was only on the selves for a year, how many of her sold is now unknown. She is so valuable because she is hardly seen in auctions or online listings.

2. Kirsten Larson, $3,210 

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Kristen Larson is one of the original dolls that came out in 1986. She was sold for a while but went through various duplications. She is a Swedish immigrant living on the American prairie in the 1850s and is known for being brave and hardworking. She originally cost between $68 to $75 in 1986. Since she is so rare, being one of the original dolls ever to be released, she can go for $3,210 on an auction marketplace. It is only sometimes you see Kristen up for sale because clearly her value has increased with time for collectors.

1. Addy Walker, $3,600 

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Addy came out in 1993 and was the fifth release of the American Girl doll. Addy is nine years old and escaped slavery alongside her family in 1864. She was the first doll of color to be released. Addy costs around $68 to $82, depending on whether you have a soft or hardcover book. She was sold for $3,600, forty times what it was sold for in the 90s. It is valuable because Addy represents the first Black American Girl doll made. Furthermore, Addy is signed by Pleasant, making it the most valuable American Girl doll ever. 

How many historical American Girl dolls are there in total? 

There are eleven historical American Girl characters: Addy, Felicity, Josefina, Julie, Kaya, Kit, Maryellen, Melody, Nanea, Rebecca, and Samantha. Only eight out of eleven are the most valuable American Girl dolls ever. Each doll has a character with a whole background story to it, which comes with the doll as a booklet. When Pleasant founded the company, she believed that having such detailed stories for aspirational characters could inspire girls to build their positive mark on the world. 

Is American Girl losing popularity?

American Girl doll is not losing popularity. It is one of the nation’s most beloved brands. People worldwide travel to the United States to pick out a doll in person from an American Girl doll store. They are always coming out with new dolls and stories. Plus, the resale market online clearly shows that these dolls can appreciate in value and are very much still desired by people all over the world.

Are any American Girl dolls retired?

Interestingly, several American Girl dolls are now retired. This can also explain why some of the first edition dolls are still super popular today and some of the most valuable you can find online. They are no longer being made and therefore, collectors like to hold onto these finds.

  • Felicity Merriman 
  • Kirsten Larson
  • Samantha Pakington 
  • Molly McIntire 
  • Caroline Abbott 
  • Isabelle Palmer 
  • Elizabeth Cole
  • Nellie O’Malley 
  • Emily Bennett 
  • Saige Copeland 


Overall, these dolls represent so much more than play. They stand for upholding women, educating on historical events, and representing cultural differences. We found 14 of the most valuable American Girl dolls ever, which have increased significantly in value over time. If you want to collect these dolls, we suggest you keep them stored safely so they won’t collect dust or damage the dolls in some way. When these dolls are in mint condition, it increases your chances of seeing a return on your investment. Whether you collected them as a child or are looking to start a new collection, American Girl dolls have a rich history that is still appreciated to this day.

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