Vintage Coca Cola Glasses: What to Look for and How to Date Them

vintage coca cola glasses
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One of the biggest soda brands in the world, Coca Cola has been around since 1892 serving its signature drink. Of course, along with the golden brown soda Coca Cola has created some of the most signature glasses as well. Check out our list of vintage Coca Cola glasses, and how to date them based on unique characteristics on the glasses. 

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Vintage Coca Cola Glasses

10. 1946-1969 – Bell Shaped Glass

drink coca cola

This glass became quite popular and is seen pretty much everywhere that sold Coca Cola in the late forties to late sixties. 

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $5

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9. 1966 – Bell Shaped Glass

coca cola

One particular bell shaped glass was made in 1966 celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Coca Cola at Somersworth. 

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: ~$10

8. 1970 – Replica

drink coca cola 1970

In 1970 Coca Cola made a reproduction of the flare shaped glass with the syrup line, a replica of the 1914-1918 glass. It was produced by Federal Glass Co. and the way to tell if it is a reproduction or not is that the shield on the bottom of the glass has an “F” on it. The original does not have this marking. 

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $10

7. 1941-1946 – Bell Shaped Glass

coke glasses

The way to pick out this bell shaped glass from the forties is by the trademark located under the Coca Cola logo. This is when some of the prices for the glasses drop and are quite affordable for any collector, from beginner to seasoned. 

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $12

6. 1923-1925 – Modified Flare Glass

Coca Cola

Though this flare sided glass may look perfect, there is no trademark on the tail of the “C.” This increases the value of the glass, and makes it distinct from the 1923-1925 era. 

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $125

5. 1930s-1940s – Bell Shaped Glass

Drink Coca Cola

Created as a straight bell-shaped glass by Coca Cola in the thirties and forties, it was made to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Soap Box Derby. The Derby ran in the thirties and forties, giving both this glass character and placing it into a specific time period. 

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $200

4. 1936 – Anniversary Bell Glass

vintage coca cola glasses

Yet another Anniversary glass was created in the thirties to celebrate the 50th Anniversary Dinner for Harold Hirsch. Hirsch was a lawyer for Coca Cola, and came up with a nationwide competition for bottle manufacturers to design a distinctive bottle for the company. 

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $575

3. 1915 – Bottler’s Coca Cola

Bottler's Coca Cola

Another flare designed glass was created in 1915, with the words “Moriarty and Meil Bottler’s Coca Cola” etched into the glass wall. 

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $850

2. 1913 – Large 5ȼ Flare Glass

vintage coke glasses

Along with a large 5ȼ that encompasses the words Coca Cola, the whole text reads “Drink Coca Cola.” This glass shows how cheap the soda was years ago, and was served in this flare sided glass with a syrup line. 

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $900

1. 1900-1904 – Straight Sided Glass

vintage coca cola glasses

Produced by Liberty Glass Co., the 1900-1904 vintage coke glasses had straight sided glass with a thin solid syrup line. 

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $1,300

Christmas Vintage Coca Cola Glasses

As the cooler months start to come in, some will already be thinking about Christmas. If this is you, then check out five types of vintage coke glasses in the holiday theme for reasonable prices. They are often sold through auction websites like Ebay at varied prices. 

5. Jack’s Coca Cola Christmas in Dixie

christmas coca cola

Covered in a wrap-around winter scene, Jack’s Coca Cola glass has the logo printed along the bottom of the glass. Snowflakes fall onto a small town covered in snow, while the text “Christmas in Dixie” completes the vintage glass

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $8

4. Vintage 1979 Holly Hobbie 12 Days of Christmas Glasses

12 days of christmas coca cola

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…” 12 days of Coca Cola Christmas glasses, each one designed for the corresponding number. Many of these cups don’t have the full twelve glasses anymore, but they still are quite beautiful. Each cup has the line and music notes printed along the bottom, while most of the cup has a scene depicting which item is being sung including maids, partridges, and golden eggs. 

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $17 (3 glasses)

3. Santa Coca Cola Glasses Sundblom Series III

santa coca cola

What’s better than one Santa drinking a coke? Three Santas, all in different positions, drinking from the famous soda bottle. The Sundblom series has a straight edge and a Santa with a present sack, a ladder, and himself in each scene. 

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $20

2. Coca Cola Holly Christmas Glasses

holly coca cola

Made in the mid-1990s, these holly decorated Coca Cola glasses are perfect for the winter season without being too focused on Christmas. Wrapped around the whole glass along with the Coca Cola logo, the design is quite beautiful. 

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $25

1. Always Cool Polar Bear Coca Cola Glasses

polar bear coca cola

1996 was the year that the Coca Cola Always Cool polar bear glasses came out, mostly in sets of 6 glasses. All with the same design, the wraparound print has a polar bear holding a glass of coke in the water while the other side says “always cool.”

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $70 (6 glasses)

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Vintage Coca Cola Pitchers

Along with the several types of glasses created for Coca Cola, there were also several vintage Coca Cola pitchers made for the soda. There are just a couple of the many pitchers that Coca Cola has used to sell their brand. 

2. Vintage Coca Cola Pitcher Victorian Series 1998

coca cola pitcher

Made from ceramic, this cream and red Coca Cola pitcher will elevate your meal. With gold filigree around the Coca Cola logo and a victorian era design, the 1998 pitcher feels like a blast from the past and would be a perfect addition to your collection. 

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $20

1. 1970s Vintage Coca Cola Tiffany Style Glass Pitcher

coca cola tiffany pitcher

Similar to the holly glasses, this Coca Cola pitcher has a glass pane design around the edges with red flowers. In white lettering reads “Enjoy Coca Cola” with the trademark right underneath. This is perfect for a small or large gathering to keep your soda in, or whatever drink you prefer. 

  • Vintage Coca Cola Glasses Value: $30

How to Date Coca Cola Glasses

The best way to figure out what time period your vintage Coca Cola glass is from is by checking what is etched onto the side, or checking if there is a syrup line. For a while when Coca Cola was first being sold, they made the soda by pouring syrup up to a line and then filling it the rest of the way with carbonated water. If your glass has one of these lines on it, then you have a higher value glass. But if you’re glasses are bell shaped or do not have this distinctive line, then your glass will not be as valuable. The most valuable glasses are the ones with syrup lines or lacking a trademark symbol.

Vintage Coca Cola glasses through the years have stayed pretty consistent in their basic design, but are still quite recognizable no matter what era they are from. Along with collecting glasses, you can also explore Coca Cola’s themed glasses and pitchers along with their distinct markings that make them vintage. 

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