What Is A Nerd? What Is A Geek? And How They Are Different

What is a nerd? What is a geek?
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What is a nerd? It’s not an age-old question. Nor is it a common query outside the confines of a select few.

In fact, it’s a “low volume question” – by Google’s own standards:

(For nerds who like data – 3,600 people ask Google this question monthly – or is that something more suitable for a geek?)

Regardless, if you are here looking for an answer, it is likely you are a borderline nerd, geek, (or collector) anyway.

(And in my opinion – one of the cool kids/adults).

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So, what is a nerd?

What Is A Nerd? (And How They Differ From Geeks)
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The simple definition of a nerd is:

“A person who engages in a technical field obsessively or with great attention to detail.”


Therefore, something ‘nerdable’ is taking a nerd-inspired action. For example, digging into the nuances of U.S. quarters

(Which I did when writing the article linked above – and I’m proud of it).

My nerdable ways don’t stop with quarters… I’m a nerd for movie posters, records (vinyl), t-shirts, and Star Wars toys:

And it is the technical nuances under-the-surface of collecting that makes all collectors nerds at heart. For example:

With every collectible, there are hundreds of nuances to be aware of. And knowing, or learning about them is darn nerdy:

(So, if you’re a collector, you are a nerd – and God bless you for it).

So, how is a geek different?

What is a geek?

The simple answer:

“A person who engages in computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical detail.”


To summarize:

  • A nerd is someone who collects baseball cards from the 1980s, and who knows the nuances of what to look out for.
  • A geek is someone who puts their baseball card collection from the 1980s into a spreadsheet, rating their cards nuances, to gauge what to keep or sell.

(And to confirm, I’ve done both for most of the things I collect).

In terms of a Venn diagram intersecting nerds, geeks, and collectors, Nerdable is between all three – just more on the side of nerds.

What is a nerd Venn diagram

Disclaimer: This site may at times veer into the realm of geek-content with “how-to” tips and data – but we promise to try and never overwhelm with jargon:

(Even if we end up writing a listicle about the most sought after vintage Apple products ever, we’ll keep it as accessible as possible).

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