10 Rare Beanie Boos That Are Worth Collecting

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There are a number of rare Beanie Boos on the market, and these are worth collecting for a host of reasons. You only have to look at the massive value of certain Beanie Babies to realize the future potential of these toys.

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Sadly, no one can guarantee Beanie Boos will hit the heights of value Beanie Babies have. However, as many of these toys are still available at reasonable prices, now is the time to collect them if you have any interest.

What is the difference between Beanie Boos and Beanie Babies?

Beanie Boos have cartoon-style eyes, which are oversized compared to Beanie Babies. Beanie Boos also have brighter or bolder colors in their accessories and fur. In comparison, Beanie Babies are often more traditional and less bold.

These are the rarest Beanie Boos that are worth collecting:

10. First Edition Kiwi (2009)

Kiwi the frog, is one of the original Beanie Boos, released in 2009. Like Slush, the later versions of Kiwi are common, but the early iterations are rare. The first-generation Kiwi features a yellow chin, belly, and feet, whereas the second-generation Kiwi has pink accents. He retired after only a year and a half of production. You don’t see many of the first-generation Kiwis around. 

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9. First Edition Waddle (2013)

Another original Beanie Boo, Waddles, is a cuddly penguin who retired in 2013. While the blue-footed version of Waddles is easy to find today, the one with orange feet is much more valuable. Like many of the original Beanie Boos, Waddles went through a redesign, making the first edition a collectible.

8. Bubblegum (2009)

Rare Beanie Boos That Are Worth Collecting
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Bubblegum the koala is another one of the first Beanie Boos ever released. Like its brethren, it has gone through significant changes since its debut. Rather than appearance, Bubblegum’s namesake changed shortly after its release. The newer version, called Kooky, of Bubblegum, makes the original Bubblegum rare, as it was discontinued in 2010.

7. Treasure (2012)

Treasure is a USA-exclusive Beanie Boo only sold at participating Justice stores. The Sparkles feature an aqua-blue body and lots of sparkles, especially on her horn, hooves, and eyes. She also has a bright, multicolored mane and a matching tail.

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6. Elfie (2014)

Elfie is another Justice store and a USA-exclusive. Elfie is a small elephant with a bright array of colors, including a pink and blue body, a green belly, sparkly green inner ears, and blue eyes. The toy’s associated poem on the tag talks about how much Elfie loves peanuts, friendship, and sharing, trying to teach kids the value of sharing with friends.

5. Hennie (2019)

Rare Beanie Boos That Are Worth Collecting
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Hennie, the chicken, is exclusive to Rural King, a farming store that has about 125 locations across the USA, most of which are in the Midwest and the South. Hennie is marketed as a white chicken, but she features a red comb and wattle, two characteristics found on roosters.

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4. Switzerland (2013)

Switzerland is a polar bear Beanie Boo only available in the European Union. He has sparkly yellow eyes and white fur with brown accents on his paw pads and inner ears. Endearingly, he holds a fuzzy red heart with Switzerland written across it. This rare Beanie Boo is an excellent addition to any collection, especially one outside the European Union. 

3. Loy (2020)

Loy is a Japanese exclusive, making the toy quite rare outside of the country. He is a blonde Akita with white accents, known for his loyalty to his owners. He also features sparkly orange eyes and a black stitched nose and mouth. Akita dog breeds were initially bred in northern Japan. They could only be owned by the royal family for a long time, making Loy a great find.

2. Rasmus (2020)

Rare Beanie Boos That Are Worth Collecting
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Rasmus is an exclusive Danish design with checkered details. Rasmus features red accents as well as the Danish flag on his chest. It might seem like a Christmas-themed Beanie Boo, but Rasmus was released in March 2020, celebrating the deer’s lasting presence in Denmark, not for Christmas. 

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1. Penguin Show Exclusive (2013)

This sparkly pink penguin is the rarest Beanie Boo on this list. It was released in more than one country; it could only be obtained at the 2013 Nuremberg Toy Fair. The penguin includes a pink body with orange details, pink sparkly feet, and pink sparkly eyes. The poem on the tag thanks the customer for visiting the Ty Toys booth and mentions that the doll is a limited-edition item. If you see this tag on one of Beanie Boo, you have a rare one right in front of you. 

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