5 McDonalds Toys Worth Money In 2023

Mcdonalds Toys Worth Money
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It’s time to go through your attic, garage, and parents’ boxes. You could be sitting on some old McDonalds toys worth money if you stored your old Happy Meal toys.

Bidding wars have erupted on eBay for the most valuable McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. While it may seem absurd to pay more than $50 for something that was once given out for free, collectibles of varying rarity can drive big money.

Collectors have a specific affinity for McDonald’s toys, whether it be items that ignite nostalgia in adults, or merchandise fans simply have to own:

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Continue reading to discover which McDonald’s toys are worth money in 2023:

5. Fry Guys

It’s unclear whether these “kids” are meant to be created entirely of fries or whether they simply enjoy eating fries. In either case, it’s difficult to deny that they’re quite adorable.

The Fry Kids wore colorful accessories such as headphones, cat ears, a baby bonnet, and a bottle, and one even wore a cassette player, a nod to the year in which they were featured: 1989.

For $11.99 you can purchase collections of these Fry Kids online.

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4. Potato Head Kids

The Mr. Potato Head Kids toys came about after the 1986–1987 cartoon series Potato Head Kids.

While sealed copies of the Happy Meal Miniature Mr. Potato Head toys are scarce, loose ones are rather inexpensive, with a set of 11 selling for $30 on eBay in June 2022.

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3. Hot Wheels

Mattel launched Hot Wheels in 1968 to compete with Matchbox:

McDonald’s decided to get on the Hot Wheels bandwagon in 1983 when they included a set of 14 Hot Wheels cars in its Happy Meals.

After a few decades, each of the 14 toy cars is now valued at roughly $40.

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2. Beanie Babies

Do you recall Beanie Babies, a.k.a. the plush creatures that have become the U.S. equivalent of Dutch tulips in the twentieth century?

So many people were eager to get their hands on a McDonald’s Beanie Babies toy that restaurants had run out of them. Fans of Happy Meal Beanie Babies are particularly interested in a special edition of the toys.

In 2004, McDonald’s commissioned Beanie Babies based on the Happy Meal’s 25th anniversary. These Ronald McDonald Beanie Babies were sold on eBay for $78.

1. Pokémon Cards

Pokémon cards are among the most sought-after Happy Meal collectibles today. They top Beanie Babies due to their present popularity.

After McDonald’s released their set of Pokémon cards in February 2021, scalpers hurried to buy as many cards as possible to resale online.

There were five bids for a McDonald’s McDonald’s holographic Grookey card on December 1, and it sold for $14.52 on the auction site. However, over-time prices have gone up – and in 2021, the same card sold for $52 on eBay.

Like other Happy Meal collectibles, these cards have established their niche market and thrive. It’s worth considering selling your old Happy Meal toys on eBay, particularly if they’re Pokémon cards.

There are many other McDonald’s toys available, including Furby’s that will cost around $2 on eBay.

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