7 Most Expensive Lighters That Might Shock You

most expensive lighters

Lighters are a common household commodity that most people don’t think twice about. Whether it’s to light up candle, grill or cigarette, there are several reasons why you might have a few lying around. However, for the most expensive lighters, most people not only collect them, but display them proudly.

These rare lighters are hard to find but worth a purchase if you’re trying to stock up on your collection. Between popular names like S.T. Dupont and Dunhill, to fancy artistic lights to good just plated gold, these are some of the most expensive lighters.

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7. Cartier Lighter, $1,700

most expensive lighters

Cartier is another luxurious brand that is common with lighters. They are a French luxury goods conglomerate that designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells jewelry, leather goods, and watches. They were founded in Paris in 1847 and are one of the biggest brands in luxury goods.

Which is one of the biggest reasons why this lighter is on the list. Cartier lighters can be quite expensive, with some only being $800, all the way to $1,700.

This table lighter has a palladium-finish gadroom motif with golden-finish rings. While quite small, it’s one of the most expensive lighters that you can find.

6. Dunhill Gold Swing Arm Pocket Watch Lighter, $6,989

most expensive lighters

Dunhill is one of the many popular names when it comes to lighters. Alfred Dunhill founded the company in London in 1907 when he opened a small tobacconist shop. From there, he became one of the leading brands in pipes, cigards and tobacco. Now his company has grown into men’s clothing, accessories and even lighters.

One such lighter is the pocket watch lighter in gold, sitting at just under $7,000. There are some that go for as high as $20,000 depending on condition. For the sterling silver edition, you can find it as cheap as $1,000 or even $3,000.

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5. Van Cleef & Arpels Gold Lighter, $8,200

most expensive lighters

This French luxury jewelry company was founded in 1869 by a Dutch diamond-cutter named Alfred Van Cleef and his father-in-law, Salomon Arpels in Paris. Their pieces often featured flowers, animals and even fairies. They currently have 155 stores, as well as have products in other major retail stores.

While they work on jewelry, they also create amazing accessories like lighters. This one such lighter is one of the most expensive lighters that you could be lucky enough to find. It’s made of 18K gold and is designed like a woven basket. Most that you will find are in the $8,000 price range, making it a valuable item for any collection.

4. Frascarolo Enameled Gold Lighter, $11,000

most expensive lighters

Frascarolo was an Italian designer that worked with jewelry. A lot of his peices can be found anywhere from $1,000 all the way to $45,000 depending on the piece and the condition. This lighter is a unique addition to the most expensive lighters. It’s made out of 18K gold with ruby eyes and colorful enamel work.

While this piece sits at $11,000, there has been a few of his work on Ebay, the most recent being a Bulldog Bottle Lighter for $5,400.

3. Gold-Plated Winston Churchill Dunhill Aquarium Oversized Table Lighter, $15,300

most expensive lighters

This piece of artwork was hand made in England in the 1950’s and are exceptionally rare. Each piece is one of a kind. It sits at 2.96 inches tall and 3.94 inches wide. There are several different aquarium lighters, but this one is one of the more expensive pieces.

Created by Ben Shillingford who worked for Dunhill in the 1950s and perfected the art of carving and painting lucite panels to resemble miniature aquariums. When he retired, there was no one with the skills that equaled him, which caused production to cease, and in turn, makes these finds some of the most expensive lighters.

Some of these lighters can even be found on Ebay with prices varying from $12,000 to $16,000, depending on the condition.

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2. Schlumberger Gold Poodle Lighter, $20,000

most expensive lighters

Reaching towards the end of the most expensive lighters is the Gold Poodle Lighter designed by Jean Schlumberger. Jean Schlumberger was a French jewelry designer who was especially known for his work at Tiffany & Co, one of the most luxurious jewelry and specialty design houses in America.

His designs were known for their whimsical interpretations of natural forms and was inspired by sea creatures, like this gold fish lighter, and other animals especially. One such animal that costs a fortune now is the Gold Poodle, which is a rare find.

Made entirely of 18k gold, this poodle’s head opens up to reveal the igniter, with its body being the fuel chamber. It has an intricate design with ruby eyes. Even though it sits easily in the palm of your hand, the details are incredible.

1. Casino Pocket Complication Lighter, $48,528

most expensive lighters

It would be hard to talk about the most expensive lighters without mentioned S.T. Dupont at least once. The French manufacturing company based in Paris is known for making luxury goods since 1872 when it was founded. Their products include handbags, lighters, collectible pens, perfumes and cigarettes.

Their lighters are some of the most expensive and well-known lighters around, and rightly so as they are marked at what some would consider an outrageous price.

The Casino lighter is a gorgeous piece that would make a wonderful addition to any collection. It has a shiny yellow gold finish with delicate micro-mechanisms. There’s a glass window so you can watch the stunning roulette mechanism work.

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