20 Most Expensive Golf Balls in the World in 2023 (and All-Time)

most expensive golf balls unsplash
most expensive golf balls unsplash

Golf is a sport that screams luxury to begin with. Not only do the players dress exquisitely, but the cost of equipment is extremely high, and that’s not even counting the club memberships you often need. From golfing clothes, shoes, clubs, accessories and golf balls, golfing can be quite an expensive hobby.

But out of all of those things, how can golf balls be so pricey? To prove just how luxurious this sport can be, let’s look at the most expensive golf balls, both in history and on the market.

Since golf is often associated with wealth, privilege, and a high-status symbol, it’s only fair that we check out some of the most outrageous amounts people spend on the sport. Whether you’re interested in seeing just how large these prices are or you’re in the market to find a new ball, here are some of the most expensive golf balls around.

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Why Are Golf Balls So Expensive?

most expensive golf balls unsplash

There are several factors that go into why golf balls can be so expensive.


Crafting a golf ball takes a lot of time, money and effort. With the multi-layer construction, it requires specialized equipment and skilled labor to achieve, which will increase the overall production cost because it can be time consuming and tricky.

There are even several different types of golf balls. There are some with more complex designs like a soft inner core with a firm outer layer, which is an intricate design that can take a lot more time to produce, thus increasing the cost.


Of course, the material used to make golf balls is one of the many key factors. When producing golf balls, using high-quality materials usually offers better results around performance and durability, but then will increase the price. When playing professionally, it’s not uncommon to pay a hefty price to ensure that you’re getting the best quality golf ball.

Golf balls that are made from premium materials such as urethane tend to be more expensive due to their superior performance. Higher quality usually enhances the spin control, has a softer feel, improves the durability and makes even amateur golfers into serious players.


The feel of a ball can alter any game depending on the golfer. Each golfer has their own swing, and if they hit a ball that doesn’t have the same feel as they’re used to, it can alter their performance.

This is associated with compression, as higher compressed golf balls are harder, while lower compression usually has a softer feel.

The feel is also comprised of the cover material that the golf ball has, as well as core. Some golfers prefer a softer feel, while others may prefer firmer. Depending on the golfer and the range of materials used, finding the right golf ball for them is crucial.


Of course, one of the number one factors has to be durability. When playing, the biggest thing to try to do is play with the same ball to ensure that you know what you’re dealing with to stay consistent. If you have to change out your ball because the performance is dropping, then it could interfere with your performance.

Finding a ball that has a high durability so that it doesn’t change during intense weather fluctuations or any other reason. Durability is key to ensuring a consistent and surprise-free performance.


While the ball is being hit into the air, there are a lot of variables that golfers need to know to make sure they will go in the right direction.

From wind speed to the curve of the land, to even the spin rate, there is a lot to make note of. The spin rate is a crucial factor as it affects the control and stopping power on the greens. By manipulating the ball’s cover material and design, manufacturers can influence the amount of spin generated upon impact.

Golfers that prioritize their control and spin are the greens might opt for a higher-priced ball that has more advanced cover materials and design for maximum spin.


Like with feel, the compression of a ball can be different with each golf ball, and each player that has a certain swing might prefer one golf ball over the other.

The compression of a golf ball refers to how much it deforms upon impact with the clubface, so a higher compression golf ball is known to offer more distance, while lower compression balls provide a softer feel and more control.

Do More Expensive Golf Balls Make a Difference?


Unfortunately, if you’re trying to up your game a bit more, it might be worth investing in pricier golf balls. Golf balls with a higher price tag are made to perform better. Depending on how you swing, what style you enjoy and the feel of each ball, it’s worth checking out some that will cost a bit more.

This not only can help you have a more consistent game, but it’ll also help you use the same ball for a longer period of time, which will help you get used to the ball, which also helps you learn how to play with it more.

10 Most Expensive Golf Balls Ever

Before we jump into the most expensive golf balls on the market right now, let’s check out a few of the most expensive golf balls ever.

10. Experimental WWII Wooden Core Golf Ball, $90.48

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Golf Auction

Dunlop is a company is well-known within the golfing industry, but even though they make extremely high-quality products right now, everyone had to start somewhere. Experiements are the reason we have so many great and reliable products.

Dunlop’s experiment with the wooden core cut golf ball was developed in the World War II era, when rubber was one of the many rationed resources. As you can tell, a wooden core might not be best option when playing, but it still reached a high bid at almost $100 at The Golf Auction.

9. Worthington PGA 1923 Rubber Core Golf Ball, $496.80

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Jeff Ellis Golf Auctions

This golf ball was made by Worthington Golf Ball Co in 1923 and is made with radiating panels of raised and recessed squares across six poles. The ball was reproduced in 1990 by Worthington in its “Anthology of Golf” set.

The reproductions, however, look nothing like this listing. This listing was in the Jeff Ellis Golf Auction and sold in the Spring of 2021 for $496, making it one of the most expensive golf balls ever.

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8. Haskell Remade Rubber Core Golf Ball, $727.50

most expensive golf balls unsplash

Bonhams is one of the many secondary marketplaces where you can find valuable products. From sports memorabilia to vintage and antique finds, Bonhams is a name that you will often see when finding valuable auctions. One such auction is this Haskell Remade Rubber Core Golf Ball that sold for $720 in 2008.

Haskell had come up with the idea of a compressed rubber ball made from cut up rubber strips that were stretched and wound into a ball in 1898, and in 1899 it was a patented idea. This is a very rare piece that deserves an entry on this list of one of the most expensive golf balls ever.

7. Four Mint Gutta-Percha Golf Balls, $757.75

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The first Gutta ball is believed to be made in 1848 by the Rev. Dr. Robert Adams Patterson from gutta-percha packing material. Gutta-percha is the evaporated milky latex produced from a tree most commonly found in Malaysia.

It’s hard, non-brittle, and becomes soft and impressible at boiling water temperature. This auction was finalized in 2012 for over $750 for four gutta-percha golf balls from the late 1880s.

6. Three Hutchinson Main & Co Hawk Bramble Golf Balls, $1,287.57

most expensive golf balls unsplash

Just one of these can reach upwards to $500 alone, so this auction that sold at $1,200 in 2011 was not a bad find.

The name refers to the bramble pattern around the rubber core golf ball and is manufactured by Hutchison Main & Co in Glawsgow, Scotland. While the rubber core was produced in the late 1890s, this ball was released around 1905.

5. Six ‘Silver Town’ Molded Mesh Gutta-Percha Golf Balls, 3,200.74

most expensive golf balls unsplash

Three are a rare orange color with the other three being white, all with a black and silver Silvertown label.

The auction closed in 2010 reaching over $3,000, making it one of the most expensive golf balls ever, and is said to be produced around the 1870s.

4. Six J.P. Cochrane ‘Paragon’ Gutta-Percha Golf Balls, $3,637.20

most expensive golf balls unsplash

Another set box at Bonhams, we have the J.P. Cochrane Paragon gutta-percha golf balls that were auctioned off in 2010 and sold for a large sum of $3,637, making it one of the most expensive golf balls ever.

It is said to have been produced in 1899 and was molded in mesh ‘Hoylake” pattern in a great condition. The auction came with the original wrappings and cardboard box as well, making the price even that much worthwhile.

3. 1899 Shamrock Ball, Mitchell Manchester Gutty Golf Ball, $3,999

most expensive golf balls unsplash

eBay is a great source for high-quality vintage finds. One golf ball in particular is the 1899 Shamrock Ball that was sold for $3,999.

This ball is not only decked out in its finest shamrock attire but was exclusively retailed by the Mitchell chain in Manchester and Liverpool and is a rare rubber cored golf ball. It’s a beautiful and rare, making it one of the most expensive golf balls.

2. 19th Century J. Gourlay Feather Golf Ball, $6,062.50

most expensive golf balls unsplash

Another entry through Bonhams auction is the John. C. Gourlay 28 Feather Golf Ball from 1845. This listing was sold in 2012 for a little over $6,000, which is one of the most expensive golf balls ever.

The name is clearly stitched on the ball, and it doesn’t contain any marks, wear or stain, making it in great condition. This auction is said to be one of the best examples of a Gourlay feather ball to come to auction in recent years.

1. Allan Robertson’s Feather Golf Ball, $9,455

most expensive golf balls unsplash

For our number one spot today at one of the most expensive golf balls ever sold is the Fine Feather Golf Ball Allan 29 Made 1842, which is another golf memorabilia that was auctioned through Bonhams. The auction finalized in 2007 and reached a hefty price of $9,450.

The golf ball was described as having no sign of damage and was owned by Allan Robertson, one of the best golfers of his time. In 1846, only four years after this ball was crafted, he beat Willie Dunn by two matches to one and became known as the best golf player extant.

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10 Most Expensive Golf Balls on the Market Today

Now let’s check out the most expensive golf balls that you can purchase today if you’re in the market for finding a new and improved golf ball.

These are not only pricey, but they are some of the most premium balls that you can pick from as they give you the highest quality performance.

10. Mizuno RB Tour Golf Ball, $42.99 Per Dozen

most expensive golf balls unsplash

For one of the first most expensive golf balls on the market right now is from Mizuno, who is known not only in the golf world, but in several other sports industries as well. They focus on sustainability while providing exceptionally high-quality products for all sports since it’s foundation in 1906.

From gear, clubs to golf balls, Mizuno has provided athletes with several amazing products, like the RB Tour Golf balls. This product has finally been perfected after 99 prototypes and is one of the most high-quality golf balls that they have produced. It has a soft sensation and as AXIALFLOW dimple to make sure each shot generates a high driver flight.

9. Bridgestone Tour BX, $44.99 Per Dozen

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Bridgestone prides themselves in creating the best quality for customers for years, always trying to find the most superior quality as they grow their business. They’ve been producing golf balls since 1935 where Mr. Ishibashi produced the first one in their business. Since then, they’ve developed, designed and produced golf balls that reflect the passion of the game onto their work.

One such ball is their Tour BX with reactive IQ, which is a smart cover technology that reacts to the force of the impact. This helps create more distance, more control to optimize every play. With it’s dual dimple technology, it provides players with efficient trajectory while reduing the drag through enhanced aerodynamics.

8. Srixon Z-Star Diamond 2 Golf Balls, $47.99 Per Dozen

most expensive golf balls unsplash

Srixon is just one name under Dunlop sports that focuses on drivers, irons and balls that are some of the top-performing products. Dunlop is passionate about the game and produces amazing products to help professionals and amateurs get the victory every time.

The Z-Star Diamond golf balls from Srixon is one such product that should receive praise, as it’s one of the most expensive golf balls on the market but also provides a great blend of greenside control and long-game distance its unique creation of increased spin on long and mid iron shots. It’s truly the winning formula, and one you should think about grabbing if you’re in the market for a new golf ball.

7. TaylorMade TP5X Golf Balls, $49.99 Per Dozen

most expensive golf balls unsplash

We couldn’t have a list of most expensive golf balls without including products from TaylorMade, one of the most well-known brands in the golfing world. Their golf balls are known for being some of the fastest and longest balls that you can grab, with the TP5X featuring a 5-layer design with four increasingly stiff layers enclosed in cast urethane.

TaylorMade works hard to create the most amazing products for players so they can rely on and experience their best performance. They are continuously evolving their brand to ensure the best quality for customers.

6. Callaway Chrome Soft, $49.99 Per Dozen

most expensive golf balls unsplash

Callaway is another name that is incredibly popular when looking at both golf balls and golf clubs and accessories. From their high-quality material to amazing performance reviews, Callaway is a trusting name in the golfing industry.

And one such praise goes to their Chrome Soft collection that can be found on their site for $49.99, and they even have a limited-edition Halloween collection currently.

5. Titleist Pro V1, $55 Per Dozen

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Titleist is a familiar name in golf and is a name that you will see a few times today. Titleist is the most played golf ball across the worldwide professional tours and by PGA Professionals, competitive amateurs, college players, junior golfers, and recreational players.

Their clubs are also a popular name across players as they pride themselves in have some of the highest quality and best performance. Once such golf ball is the Pro V1, which can be purchased on their website for $55 for a dozen.

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4. Titleist ProV1, $70 Per Dozen

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One of the most expensive golf balls that can be found on the market currently and is also one of the best is the ProV1x from Titleist, another great option for players.

You can find this product on their site for $70, or for a bit cheaper on Amazon. Tilteist creates balls that are optimized for longer distance, low long game spin, high trajectory, more consistent flights and a soft feel, and this is the perfect creation of it.

3. Titleist AVX Golf Balls, $70 Per Dozen

most expensive golf balls unsplash

Another Titleist golf ball that you can find is their AVX collection, which can be found both on Amazon and on their store, however, Amazon is a bit more affordable. This ball is designed to deliver low flight, low spin for longer distance, an incredibly soft feel, and increased greenside spin and control.

It features high flex casing layer with softer cast urethan elastomer cover system and a unique spherically tiled 348 catenary dimple design. For those looking for a reliable option, this is one of the best options.

2. Dixon Fire Golf Balls, $74.99 Per Dozen

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Dixon is one of the many popular names when it comes to golf. The company strives for creating sustainable products that has eco-friendly attributes.

Golf balls are comprised of heavy earth salts rather than heavy metal fillers, and upon purchasing an item from them, you are contributing a tree to their eco-system, creating one step closer to a healthier environment to live in.

One such product that you can purchase are their Fire Golf Balls, one of the four elemental golf ball related products along with Earth, Wind and Spirit. For a hefty price of $75, you can purchase their Fire golf balls.

1. Attomax Golf Balls, $249 Per Dozen

Attomax is a high-tech company based in San Francisco, CA and Dover, DE where they develop the world’s first high-density golf ball using amorphous metal alloy.

Amorphous metals are non-crystalline and have glass-like structure, but unlike glass, this metal has good electrical conductivity and can show metallic luster. Attomax does a great job at describing and showing how their golf balls are made, so you never have to wonder.

They are one of the few companies that have succeeded in volume production of the amorphous metal alloy, which shows why these are some of the most expensive golf balls on the market right now. You can find and learn about these golf balls at their website here.

What Is the Rarest Golf Ball on the Planet?

The rarest golf ball is also one of the most expensive golf balls, which is Allan Robertson’s Feather golf ball that was sold at an auction for over $9,000. The model was called a ‘feathery’ because it has woven sacks filled with compacted feathers.

It’s rare because Allan Robertson is one of the best players of all time, and this particular ball has his name on it and was said to be unplayed.

How Much Does a Tiger Woods Golf Ball Cost?

Tiger Woods released his own edition of golf balls for Tiger fans everywhere. You can find it with Bridgestone, which can be found on their website, or on Amazon for around $45 depending on where you’re looking.

Do All Golf Balls Come as a Dozen?

most expensive golf balls unsplash

Typically, when purchasing golf balls, you will find them in a dozen, or in a case that has 6 dozen, or 72 balls.

You might find some variation of golf balls that are sold within a set of 12, like two dozen to equal 24 balls, or four dozen to equal 48. But you can’t typically purchase singular golf balls, not should you, as losing golf balls during play is really common.

Are the Most Expensive Golf Balls Worth It?

While we did cover that more expensive golf balls can be worth it, maybe not the most expensive entirely. Right now, Attomax balls are around $249, which is a hefty fee. For professionals or serious golfers that have extra money to spend, I would recommend purchasing it and trying it out for yourself.

But for those that are casual players or just don’t have the money, you don’t need to spend over $200 on golf balls to have a great performance. There are several brands that sit at around $50 that would do just as good.


Golf is a luxurious sport, as seen with their attire, their club memberships, their lifestyle, and their gear. From clubs, clothing to golf balls, golf is not something that you can just pick up randomly. You truly have to be dedicated because the investment is high.

There are several expensive golf balls on the market right now, as well as golf balls that have been auctioned off for a large sum, which really proves the passion and love the sport has. If you’re on the market for a golf ball, these are some of the best that you can find right now.

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