Tiger Woods Memorabilia Worth Big Money in 2023: Autographs, Rookie Cards, and More

valuable Tiger Woods Memorabilia - credit: wiki commons
valuable Tiger Woods Memorabilia - credit: wiki commons

Golf has been known as one of the most luxurious sports that you can play, and it can be quite tense. While it seems a bit more relaxed than other sports that you might watch, there are several moments in the sport that are incredibly iconic along with players that have gone on to become celebrities.

Tiger Woods is one golfer that everyone has heard of, whether you’re a fan or not. The man holds several golf records, is ranked second in men’s major championships and is tied first in PGA Tour wins. He is widely regarded the best golfer of all time and is one of the most famous athletes in modern history.

For those that are fans of the sport like I am, or are simply a fan of Woods himself, you might want to check out these valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia that truly showcase your love and passion.

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How Much Is Tiger Woods Memorabilia Worth?

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia

If you’re looking for Tiger Woods memorabilia specifically, you’ll have to be aware that his memorabilia do come at a higher price compared to many others simply for the fact that he’s one of the greatest athletes. As a longtime fan of the golfer, his value has only climbed throughout the years as he was able to hold more and more records. It didn’t help that his debut into the professional world started off with quite a bang.

While the price tag for memorabilia really depends on the bidders and item piece, you’re looking at very pricey cards that are usually around $60,000 to $150,000 and even higher. If you’re wanting some of his equipment or attire, that’s also a steep price sitting at around $100,000 to $300,000. There are some minor pieces, however, for those that wouldn’t spend their savings on some items.

What Is the Most Valuable Piece of Tiger Woods Memorabilia Ever?

 valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia

Currently, the most valuable Tiger Woods memorable that you can find right now was sold for a staggering price of over $5 million at Golden Age Auctions, which was his set of Irons that Woods used to win four majors in a row from 2000 to 2001.

What Is the Rarest Tiger Woods Card?

For cards, one of my favorite things to collect when it comes to any sport, any Rookie Card is seen as the rarest and most valuable. This is also true when it comes to Woods.

One of the rarest Woods cards that you can find right now is the 2001 Tiger Woods SP Authentic Golf “Authentic Stars” Autograph Gold #45 Rookie Card. This card can reach a high value of around $369,000.

What Is Tiger Woods’ Autograph Worth?

Again, any signature can be worth more or less depending on the quality of the signature and what exactly is being signed.

If Woods signs a limited-edition item, it’s obviously going to be worth a lot more than if he just signed a golf ball. If an item has a bolder and more prominent signature, it’ll be worth more than something that is pretty faded or smudged.

That being said, a decently average signature could be worth above 300 dollars. For cards, however, or more extravagant pieces, the difference between a base copy or a signature copy can be over a thousand dollars.

What Does Tiger Woods’ Autograph Look Like?

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia
Credit: psacard.com

Autographs are a beautiful thing. Whether you’re an athlete, actor, or author, autographs can not only be a pain to do every day, but it’s also something that follows you around throughout life. Having a easy, yet flashy and distinctive autograph is important. And one such signature that is truly iconic is Woods’ autograph. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have this legends name signed on a golf ball?

Several people reinvent their signature as time goes by too, just like Woods did. You can see his evolution at PSA here. But what started with a separation between the first and last name with thin writing is now a more flourishes, extravagant, combined name that looks cleaner, more sophisticated and beautiful.

But of course, when you’ve won 18 total World Golf Championships, you have enough to practice and improve on your autograph.

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How Much Is Tiger Woods’ Famous Putter Worth?

Scotty Cameron is known for creating amazing putters for Tiger Woods and is even known for creating one to two backups for Woods at a time. So of course, one of the most valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia anyone would really want would be his putters.

Several backups have been sold for around $60,000, however, one was sold for around $393,000. With so many backup putters made for the legend, there’s a chance that more will pop up in the future and most likely sell for an even higher price.

15 Most Expensive Tiger Woods Memorabilia All-Time

As a Tiger Woods fan myself, I love seeing what sort of memorabilia has been sold, or are currently on sale, to commemorate the golf giant. While I for one cannot afford these items, there may be some that are interested in tracking down similar items to showcase their love for golf and Woods alike.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just have an interest in the sport, these are the most valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia that struck my interest, and hopefully yours as well.

15. Tiger Woods & Jack Nicklaus Dual Signed 2005 Masters Pin Flag, $7,499.99

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia
Credit: upperdeckstore.com

Woods has won five Masters, with his first being in 1997 where he won by 12 strokes, a memorable tournament that I can still remember, as it was one of his record-breaking performances.

If you’re wanting unique and priceless memorabilia that honors two golfing icons, not just iconic Tiger Woods, then this pin flag is the way to go. This 2005 pin commemorates Woods fourth win in the Masters and is a piece that all fans should try to get their hands on. You can find this item for just under $7,500 at the Upper Deck Store.

14. Tiger Woods Scotty Cameron Tour Only SSS Masterful 009.M Circle T-34″ 350G, $14,000

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia
Credit: ebay

Woods is known for his Scotty Camerons putters. From his backup Scotty Cameron putters to the iconic set that led him to several victories throughout the 2000s, Cameron is an iconic name associated with the legend.

If you want to own your own iconic putter, eBay has Tiger Woods’ putters replicated for those that want to own a piece of Tiger Woods without completely breaking the bank. Now you can play golf feeling like your favorite golfer!

13. 1996 Tiger Woods PGA Debut Greater Milwaukee Open Ticket Badge PSA 8, $24,000

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia
Credit: ebay

Being able to see Woods’ debut in the professional world in itself is a rewarding experience, but being able to own memorabilia from that moment can be even better for some.

Not only was this Woods’ first professional game, but it was also when he made his first professional hole-in-one, an iconic experience for every fan.

12. Tiger Woods 2001 Upper Deck Gallery Autograph #GG-TW, $25,000

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia
Credit: PSA

One of the most valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia include several cards, with one being the 2001 Upper Deck Gallery card that was autographed, which sold in 2020 for a high value of $25,000.

Upper Deck is home to amazing and valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia that any fan would want to get their hands one, but these cards are some of the most worthwhile purchases.

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11. Tiger Woods 1996 S.I. for Kids Series 3 #536, $41,544.44

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia
Credit: PSA

Another valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia that I would love to get my hands on is the card in the Kids Sports Illustrated series 3, which features Woods mid-swing.

These can be found at a high price, with this specific one being sold through eBay in 2021, this rookie card is graded at a GEM MINT 10 and was in the Sports Illustrated for Kids series 3 edition, selling at a high price of $41,000.

10. Tiger Woods Personally Use Scotty Cameron Prototype 1996 Teryllium Putter, $53,725

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia
Credit: Golden Age Auction

This putter is a unique find as it’s a prototype. Tiger got a new teryllium putter from Scotty Cameron that he would famously use to win the 1997 Masters Tournament by 12 strokes.

This putter was personally used by Woods and is hand stamped with “Tiger” in letters on the two. Included with this putter is a Scotty Cameron autographed Circle T “The Art of Putting” headcover as well, making this a well-worth purchase for whoever outbid the rest.

9. Tiger Woods Signed Game Used / Worn Golf Glove Upper Deck Authenticated Auto UDA, $54,577.99

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia
Credit: sportsmemorabilia.com

Another unique item that you might not see as one of the most valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia is this used golf glove that reached a skyrocketing $54,000.

Not only is it a used golf glove, but it’s been signed by the famous golfer himself. This item can be found at sportsmemorabilia.com and is currently up for purchase, along with several other items from the iconic legend.

8. Tiger Woods Signed & Inscribed 2013 Farmers Insurance Open 3rd Round Stanford Nike Polo – Upper Deck, $61,999.99

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia
Credit: sportsmemorabilia.com

Another iconic and unique piece of memorabilia that you can find from Tiger Woods with sportsmemorabilia.com is this Signed and inscribed 2013 farmers insurance polo that is just under $62,000.

Similar to purchasing a jersey, which is a huge piece of memorabilia for sports fans. Woods wore this shirt during the 3rd round of the Farmers Insurance Open in 2013 and inscribed the polo with “Go Standford” along with the date.

7. 1998 Tiger Woods Champions of Gold Masters Collection Rookie Card, $64,316.86

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia
Credit: PSA

Only two years after he made his professional debut, this 1998 Champions of Golf Masters collection features Tigers Woods as one of them. The icon already created such a name for himself, which makes this rookie card an exceptional find.

With a PSA grading of GEM MINT 10, this is a unique and pricey collectible for those that want to commemorate their love of the game.

6. Tiger Woods’ Professional Golf Debut Score Card, $104,741

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia
Credit: TheGolfAuction.com

This score card, which has been signed by Tiger and his playing partner, Joe Daley, attracted many bidders, quickly raising the price of the $500 opening bid to a staggering $104,000.

The score card is from the 1996 Greater Milwaukee Open is incredibly special due to it being the first appearance of Woods as a professional golfer, and he this is where he scored his first ever professional hole-in-one.

There are several valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia that fans will want to get ahold of, but a scorecard might be one of the most unique. This piece was sold at TheGolfAuction.com.

5. 2001 Tiger Woods SP Authentic Golf “Authentic Stars” Autograph #45 Rookie Card / 900, $105,800

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia
Credit: PSA

Sports cards are always going to be more popular with any sports memorabilia, and that’s the same for valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia.

Sitting at one of the higher spots is the Tiger Woods #45 Authentic Stars Autographed Rookie Card with a GEM MT 10 grading. This card was sold at Goldin Auctions and went over $100,000 in 2021.

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4. 1996 Tiger Woods Signed Hole-in-One Golf Ball from First Professional Tournament, $186,000

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia
Credit: Heritage Auctions

Like the score card, this is from the Greater Milwaukee Open in 1996 where Tiger Woods hit a hole-in-one. The person that has this item up for auction tells the story of Woods tossing the ball to him and his brother, and with some strategics, he was able to get Tiger Woods to sign the ball himself.

He not only has a signed ball, but a video of the evening that he saved. The ball is a Titleist 1 that presents one of the finest Woods autographs ever encountered on a golf ball and is has immense historical significance. It’s one of the most valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia.

3. 2001 Tiger Woods SP Authentic Golf “Authentic Stars” Autograph Gold #45 Rookie Card / 100, $369,000

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia
Credit: PSA

Another rookie card like a listing above, this is the same Tiger Woods #45 Authentic Stars Autographed rookie card however it is in gold and is graded with a GEM MT 10, making it a lot more valuable. This is definitely one that I’d want in my collection.

This was another card that was sold at Goldin Auctions but this one exceeded over $360,000, making it one of the most valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia that you can find.

2. Tiger Woods’ Scotty Cameron Back-Up Putter, $393,300

One of the most valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia is his back-up Scotty Cameron putter that was made specifically for him, an iconic piece of equipment. The bidding opened with a minimum of $27,000 but it was quickly rose to a high price of $363,300.

This putter was made by Scotty Cameron to be the exact replica of Tiger’s Newport 2, something that can be used primarily as a backup in case there was ever an issue with his game. According to Golden Age Auctions, Cameron regularly produced back-up putters each year for Woods.

1. Tiger Iron Set, $5,156,162

valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia
Credit: si.com

One of the most valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia that fans have managed to get their hands on are the irons that Woods used to win four majors in a row from 2000 to 2001 that sold at an auction for a record price of over $5 million.

The Titleist 681-T iron set that helped him win what is known as the Tiger Slam sold for $5,156,162 at Golden Age Auctions, which shattered the previous golf memorabilia sold that was around $682,000 in 2013.

Tod Brock was the previous owner of the irons and has them for about 12 years. He felt as though it was time for someone else to do something “bigger and better with them“. The money he made from them will go towards his foundation.

How Much Does It Cost to Play with Tiger Woods?

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey Relief Pro-Am raised over $1 million to help those in need, and even auctioned off Tiger Woods to give someone a private lesson. At a high price of $210,000, someone won.

However, there isn’t really a program around that will let you buy Woods’ time. But there are some ways that you can still watch and learn from the champion. One such method is to watch the Bunker Masterclasses that holds on YouTube to help you learn a bit more about his style, technique, and tricks to improve your game.

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How Much Is Tiger Woods Worth?

Currently, Tiger Woods’ net worth sits at around $1.1 billion.

How Much Has Tiger Woods Made from Prize Money?

Currently, Woods has earned roughly $1.8 billion during his pro golf career.


Tiger Woods is one of the most iconic athletes of all time. While the golfer has won 18 World Golf Championships while holding several golf records, Woods is also just a prominent face when it comes to sports.

Whether you’re a fan of the sport or the man, you can’t deny his journey has been exceptional. Since his professional debut in 1996, Woods hasn’t stopped creating a name for himself within the sport. Golf is an incredible sport in itself, and thanks to Woods’ iconic name, it truly speaks for how well he’s done for himself.

Which makes it that more understandable that these valuable Tiger Woods memorabilia can reach such a staggering price tag.

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