9 Retro Vintage Lamps for Collectors

Vintage Lamps, Unsplash

When thinking of vintage lamps, you might think about crazy shapes, colors, or even elegant stained glass lamp shades. Whatever comes to mind, there are so many designs and unique creations that make vintage lamp collectors want to hunt down. From the beautiful Tiffany lamps to the Italian manufacturer Lucitalia Milano, these are the best retro vintage lamps to collect for your office space.

9. Vintage Atomic Table Lamp 1950s

20 C Modern

8. Yellow Desk Phone Lamp 1960s


7. Tiffany Table Butterfly Lamp


6. Philips “First Product” Power Supply Table Lamp

1st Dibs

5. Vintage Decorative Table Lamp

1st Dibs

4. Vintage Lamp Luci Illuminazione de Interni

1st Dibs

3. Vintage Lamp with Marble Effect

1st Dibs

2. Vintage Lamp Early 1970s

1st Dibs

1. Tiffany Lamp


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