10 Longest Roads in the World

longest roads in the world
Credit: Derek Thomson

While most roads are not that long, some cross countries and even span continents. The longest roads in the world range in terrain, with some being concrete stretches made for commerce and others spanning remote locations and beautiful scenery. What they all have in common though is their length, traveling thousands of miles from one destination to another. These are the ten longest roads in the world.

10. U.S. Route 6 (3,199 miles)


9. China National Highway 318 (3,403 miles)

Tibet Tours

8. U.S. Route 20 (3,417 miles)

Oregon Live

7. India Golden Quadrilateral Highway (3,633 miles)


6. Trans-Canada Highway (4,350 miles)

The Canadian Encyclopedia

5. Western-Europe Western-China Highway (5,245 miles)

Trend News Agency

4. Trans-Siberian Highway (6,835 miles)

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3. Australia Highway 1 (9,009 miles)

Australian Traveller

2. AH1 Japan-Turkey (12,774 miles)

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1. Pan-American Highway (18,641 miles)


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