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how long do butterflies live
Credit: Boris Smokrovic
One of the most beautiful insects in the world is butterflies. Continue reading to learn how long do butterflies live…
most famous vikings
Credit: Steinar Engeland
You might only know Vikings such as Leif Erikson or Ragnar Lothbrok. Continue reading to learn more about the 8…
most dangerous cities in America
Credit: Heidi Kaden
While most cities are relatively safe to live in, some cities in America can be quite dangerous. These are the…
famous historical couples
Credit: World History EncyclopediaCredit: World History Encyclopedia
These are ten of the most famous historical couples throughout time, from Kings and Queens to civil rights activists and…
rare dog breeds
Credit: Pauline Loroy
While some dog breeds are in high demand, others are rare due to many reasons. Check out these 10 rare…
A large stack of books.
Credit: Unsplash
Authors are often known for the global impact they make with their words and stories. Here are 7 weird facts…
biggest dog in the world
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
If you've ever wondered what the biggest dog in the world is, learn more about our furry friends and their…
countries with royal families
Credit: Markus Spiske
Royal families range from figureheads to singular ruling bodies. These are the forty-one countries with royal families and their current…
most expensive dog breeds
Credit: Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho
Also known as man’s best friend, our dogs are great companions and come in a wide range of breeds. From
Deep Ocean Creatures
Credit: Wiki Commons
With the ocean only 5% discovered, it's only fair that there are several deep ocean creatures that you've never seen…
strongest animal
Credit: Jane Stroebel
One of the most asked questions about animals is who is the strongest animal. Some may think of the elephant,…
Next Solar Eclipse, Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash
Whether you missed the last one or just excited to see it again, here's everything there is to know about…
loudest animal in the world
Credit: Ray Harrington
If you've ever been curious about the loudest animal in the world and whether they live on land or in…
hottest peppers in the world
Credit: Elle Hughes
Ranging from 1.4 million SHU to over 2.5 million, these are the five hottest peppers in the world, including Carolina…
coldest states in the us
Credit: Kathrine Coonjohn
If you happen to live in one of the 6 coldest states in the US you might want to buy…
richest towns in Texas
Credit: Wikipedia
Everything is bigger in Texas, including the towns. These are the five richest towns in Texas based on their per…
richest towns Connecticut
Westport Town Hall, Myrtle AvenueCredit: Wikipedia
If you've ever wondered where in this northeastern state is most affluent, check out these six richest towns Connecticut has…
How Fast Can Humans Run, Unsplash
UnsplashCredit: Unsplash
How fast can humans run? And how does it compare to the average human or animal? Here's a breakdown of…
Modern Technology, Unsplash
UnsplashCredit: Unsplash
What would life be like without modern technology? From snail mail, to telephone boxes, and scheduled entertainment. Life is easier…
Fun Facts About Independence Day, Unsplash
Before we start our grill and open a beer, let's learn some of the fun facts about Independence Day and…
Biggest Unsolved Crimes in History, Unsplash
Crime lovers and amateur detectives adore trying to solve crimes, even some of the biggest unsolved crimes in history. The
The influences of the American Revolution go way beyond Alexander Hamilton. Here are 10 of the most overlooked Revolutionary War…
Strangest Objects in the Universe
Many of us are drawn to the mysteries of the world, but what about these top strangest objects in the…
longest roads in the world
Credit: Derek Thomson
While most roads are not that long, some span continents. The longest roads in the world may range in terrain…