What is the Richest City in the World?

richest city in the world
Credit: Ryo Yoshitake

While the world is filled with varying cities, a few in particular draw a lot of attention and money. Most of these cities are recognizable not only for their cityscapes but their worth as well. If you are curious what the richest city in the world is, here are the top ten ranked by their GDP (gross domestic product).

10. Shanghai, China

Edward He

9. San Francisco, California, USA

Joshua Sortino

8. Osaka, Kobe, Japan

Nomadic Julien

7. Chicago, Illinois, USA

Max Bender

6. Paris Metro Area, France

Andrea Maschio

5. Seoul, South Korea

Mathew Schwartz

4. London, United Kingdom

Benjamin Davies

3. Los Angeles, California, USA

Cedric Letsch

2. New York City, New York, USA

Emiliano Bar

1. Tokyo, Japan

Jezael Melgoza

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