What Are the Largest U.S. Cities by Land Area?

largest u.s. cities by land area
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While you may know about more prominent cities in the U.S. like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas, you may not recognize which cities are the largest. Ranging from the northernmost state of Alaska to one of the most southern Florida, these are the seven largest U.S. cities by land area.

7. Butte, Montana (716.2 mi²)

Steve & Barb Sande

6. Anaconda, Montana (735.6 mi²)

Steven Cordes

5. Jacksonville, Florida (747 mi²)

Lance Asper

4. Anchorage, Alaska (1,704.7 mi²)

Zetong Li

3. Wrangell, Alaska (2,542.5 mi²)

Patrick Federi

2. Juneau, Alaska (2,701.9 mi²)

Griffin Quinn

1. Sitka, Alaska (2,870.3 mi²)

largest u.s. cities by land area
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