10 Oldest Cities in the World

oldest cities in the world
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Civilization has been around for millennia, spreading across the Earth to inhabit nearly all of the planet. While some of these cities are relatively new, there are a few cities that have survived the test of time over several millennia. These are the ten oldest cities in the world, from Athens, Greece to Luxor, Egypt.

10. Athens, Greece (3,000 BCE)

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9. Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan (5,000 BCE)

Hisham Yahya

8. Susa, Iran (5,000 BCE)

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7. Argos, Greece (5,000 BCE)

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6. Aleppo, Syria (5,000 BCE)

Aladdin Hammami

5. Byblos, Lebanon (5,000 BCE)

Serje Lahoud

4. Plovdiv, Bulgaria (6,000 BCE)

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3. Jericho, West Bank (9,000 BCE)

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2. Xi’an, China (11,000 BCE)

Li Xiang

1. Luxor, Egypt (250,000 BCE)

oldest cities in the world
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