FIFA Women’s World Cup Collectibles: 6 Most Rare and Unique Pieces Throughout the Years

FIFA Women's World Cup Collectibles: Most Rare and Unique Pieces Through the Years
FIFA Women's World Cup Collectibles: Most Rare and Unique Pieces Through the Years

Sports memorabilia are some of the most popular collectibles in the world, and FIFA Women’s World Cup collectibles are no different. Fans will spend over five figures just to get their hands on some of the most unique and rare items, especially if it involves their favorite teams.

While men’s collectibles tend to sell for a larger amount, the past years have shown a substantial growth in women’s memorabilia, proving just how important these sports are as well. And since the FIFA Women’s World Cup is in progress, why not check out some of those unique items. Here are some of the best FIFA Women’s World Cup collectible sales from over the years.

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6. 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup Team USA Signed Magazine and Program – $446 – $750

While two separate items, these were purchased on the same day at the same auction house. Ending in July 2019 on RR, the signed magazine sold for over $400 and the signed program sold for over $700.

These items were signed by the United States Women’s National Soccer Team, including icons like Mia Hamm, Briana Scurry, Lorrie Fair and more.

5. China 1 Yuan 1991 NGC MS67 FIFA Women World Cup – $1,200

This silver coin is currently for sale on Ebay, set at a price over a thousand dollars. This rare item shows off the goalie from the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

This is a perfect item for both a coin and sports collector and is a unique addition to any and all collections.

4. Panini Germany 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup Empty Album – $1,850

Panini Sticker Albums are a great way to collect and trade items with others, similar to cards. While this album was empty, it still sold for almost two grand on Ebay, showing just how meaningful these items are to fans.

This item sold in May of 2023, making it one of the most expensive purchases over the recent years.

3. 1999 Women’s World Cup Champion U.S. Team Signed Soccer Ball – $2,000

This soccer ball is signed by twenty-five members of the 1999 United States Women’s World Cup championship team, including iconic names like Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain, and more.

The item was sold in April of 2000, and with it being such a rare and unique piece, it’s no wonder it sold for $2,000.

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2. Mia Hamm 1991 FIFA Women World Cup Closing Ceremony Ticket PSA 4 USA Champion – $5,000

A familiar name once again, Mia Hamm is a name that is commonly presented in the memorabilia world due to her astounding career. From her record of most international goals scored to helping her team win gold at the 2004 Summer Olympics, Hamm is a name that is not easily forgotten. This Ebay sale was recent, ending in May 2023 where it was sold for $5,000. The Final Match Ticket sold on Ebay for over $2,000, while another is currently on the market for $8,999.

Goldin Auctions have also had their share of ticket sales. Brandi Chastain’s signed copy of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final Ticket, USA vs. China ticket sold in November 2022 for over $700. While not as impressive as this purchase, it still shows how large of a market sports memorabilia has.

1. 1992 S.I. For Kids Series 2 #71 Mia Hamm Rookie Card – $28,800

Considered one of the best female soccer players in history, Mia Hamm is a big name in collectibles, making it no surprise that this item was sold for over $20,000. This sale was with Goldin Auctions and ended in April 2022, however, it wasn’t the only large sale for a card like this.

In 2021, ESPN noted that there was a card sold for $34,440, creating a record for most expensive female sports card, almost doubling from the previous record. An impressive sale for such a prestigious soccer player.

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