Most Valuable Super Bowl Merch Since 1966

most valuable Super Bowl merch

At the end of each NFL season, the final playoff game is broadcast all around the world. The Super Bowl is arguably the most prestigious championship in all of North American sports and it has been played ever since 1966.

With more recent Super Bowls having a reputation for exciting games and extravagant halftime shows, they have become a global sensation. When you combine that with the historic significance of these games, any merchandise produced or associated with this annual event is highly sought after by collectors.

This process leads to many collectibles, memorabilia, and other valuable items being sold for extortionate amounts at auctions. Here we will be highlighting the most valuable Super Bowl merchandise since its start in 1966. 

7. Patriots Super Bowl XXXVI Signed Helmet, $10,000

Most valuable Super Bowl Merch: Patriots Super Bowl 36 XXXVI Signed Helmet
Source: eBay – user immortalliveeventslls

This Patriots Super Bowl 36 signed helmet is a highly collectible piece that has some incredible features, which ensure it maintains a hefty price tag. The helmet itself is a Riddell full-size replica helmet with a silver finish and red detailing. It features the Super Bowl XXXVI logo as well as the New England Patriots emblem.

Despite the helmet being appealing on its own, the real value here comes from the signatures by most of the championship team players. Helmets are one of the most commonly signed items by NFL players, so we will move from one helmet to another in the next entry. 

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6. 1966 Super Bowl I Green Bay Packers Auto Team Helmet, $15,000

Most valuable Super Bowl Merch: 1966 Super Bowl 1 Green Bay Packers Helmet
Source: eBay – tahoesam

This stunning item is a 1966 Green Bay Packers helmet that is signed by the entire team after their victory in Super Bowl I. The helmet itself is a limited edition Riddell Proline with bold yellow coloring. Clearly, it’s also lined with the team’s signature green and white stripes. It is one of just 200 and this rarity factor only adds to the value of the piece. The signatures come from 30 of the championship-winning teammates and 11 of these players have since been inducted into the hall of fame. 

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5. Patrick Mahomes Jersey Super Bowl LIV, $15,000

Most valuable Super Bowl Merch: Patrick Mahomes Jersey Super Bowl 54 LIV
Source: eBay – maan-6604

Super Bowl jerseys can fetch quite a high price and this Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl LIV Jersey is an excellent example of that. Manufactured by Nike, this dazzling red jersey contains the iconic LIV patch as well as the Kansas City Chiefs “A LH” rounded badge. With the number 15 brightly contrasting against the red material, this Patrick Mahomes jersey would be a crown jewel in anyone’s collection. Not to mention that the player who wore it, Patrick Mahomes, was named the Super Bowl 54 MVP with a stellar performance. 

4. 2004 New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX Champions Ring & Presentation Box, $17,000

Most valuable Super Bowl Merch: 2004 New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX Champions Ring & Presentation Box
Source: eBay – user blakenotes13

In 2004, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl and afterward, any associated merch and memorabilia became quite valuable. This is particularly true if you can get your hands on a coveted Super Bowl ring. The 2004 championship ring shown above features cubic zirconia faux diamonds and is embellished with the Patriots logo alongside three Lombardi trophies. The text “WORLD CHAMPIONS” is embossed onto the ring as well as other text that is indicative of the date. This is a dazzling and rare item that only a select few got their hands on given its worth.

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3. 1981 Team Signed Football San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XVI Champions, $25,000

Most valuable Super Bowl Merch: 1981 TEAM SIGNED FOOTBALL San Francisco 49ers SUPER BOWL XVI CHAMPIONS
Source: eBay – user apmcoins

In almost all instances, football merchandise that is signed by one or more players is significantly more valuable. This next piece is an actual football that has been signed by the entire 49ers Super Bowl championship team of 1981. This Wilson ball features the signatures of 31 different players including Joe Montana’s early-style signature, which also adds more value to this collectible. On the other side of the ball (not pictured), there is a dedicated white segment with the SF Forty Niners logo that makes their victory immediately recognizable.

2. 1980 Oakland Raiders Super Bowl XV Championship Ring Diamond Gold, $60,000

Most valuable Super Bowl Merch: 1980 Oakland Raiders Super Bowl XV Championship Ring Diamond Gold
Source: eBay – user inglewood-pawn

We have already showcased a Super Bowl ring earlier on in this list, but this 1980 Oakland Raiders Super Bowl Championship ring features real diamonds and gold. Two large diamonds are set in the center of the ring with smaller diamonds forming a football icon bound by the text “OAKLAND RAIDERS WORLD CHAMPIONS.” There are also smaller diamonds on the edges of the ring with embossed details on the sides. The ring includes the final score of the game, the AFC logo, details of the date, and more. The body of the ring is comprised of 14-karat white gold, which adds to the whopping value of this piece. 

1. 1967 Super Bowel I Gold VAR, Full Tickets, $175,000

Most valuable Super Bowl Merch: 1967 SUPER BOWL 1 GOLD Tickets
Source: eBay – otiasports

Tickets to Super Bowl games can be difficult to come by and insanely expensive, but not as much as these 1967 Super Bowl I gold tickets in fantastic condition. With only 41 of these verified tickets in existence, the value is astronomical. The gold variation to the Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs tickets is the holy grail for Super Bowl collectors and a sight to behold for all. Due to sheer rarity, these tickets lead as the most valuable Super Bowl merch of all time. 

How Do We Value Super Bowl Merch?

As we’ve highlighted some of the most valuable Super Bowl merchandise since the championship’s inception in 1966, you might be wondering how we can assign value, especially such a large value, to these items. The truth is that most of this value comes from the fans and the team’s victories. Every year, merchandise is made for fans before the Super Bowl and the value of the gear from the winning team instantly increases. For that same reason, the value depends on the victor because any item that resembles a win like a signed ball or ring will go for a lot more than fan merch.

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Collector sites often set the price of these items based on demand or auctions. Clearly, from eBay users, you can get a sense of the worth pretty quickly. If you have some Super Bowl items lying around, it may be worth doing some research to consider their value. As we have discussed, items that are signed, limited, or old tend to be the most valuable.