Whether you are a fan of the NFL or not, chances are you’ve heard of the legendary Tom Brady. Widely considered the greatest player of all time, he has cemented himself at the top with 7 rings. When you combine this status with highly collectible cards, you get a recipe for some very valuable memorabilia. Generally, some of the most sought-after collectibles are rookie cards, so here is a list of the most valuable Tom Brady rookie cards, which many of us would be lucky to get our hands on. 

8. 2000 UD Graded Tom Brady RC 104

2000 UD Graded Tom Brady RC 104
Source: eBay – user dacardworld

With a double printed picture of Tom Brady, some silvery foiled bands, and a clean white background, this card is highly sought after by collectors. The only reason that it is not extremely valuable is because it was produced as part of a 1325 card run, meaning it can be found more often than some of the other entries on this list. 

Card Value: ~$5,000

7. 2000 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Tom Brady RC 124

2000 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Tom Brady RC 124
Source: eBay – user millcreeksports

Here we have a very eye-catching card that was produced as part of a run of 1000 cards. Tom Brady is front and center in the middle of a throwing pose and surrounded by etched foil outlines that frame him wonderfully. Combine that with yellow detailing and some tech-style text and you get a card that is very valuable to collectors. 

Card Value: ~$13,000

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6. 2000 SP Authentic Tom Brady Rookie Card 118/1250

Another extremely valuable rookie card is the 2000 SP Authentic Tom Brady Rookie Card. It is a relatively simple card, which has some appeal in itself. It centers Brady against a blue background and a white border, which happens to align with New England Patriot colors. Collectors apply a lot of value to this card and it can go for an impressively high value.

Card Value: ~$27,000

5. 2000 Playoff Momentum Tom Brady Rookie Card 180

2000 Playoff Momentum Tom Brady Rookie Card 180
Source: eBay – user kirstenss

This next entry of most valuable Tom Brady cards is a distinctive card which features an etched foil design that collectors love. Outside of this, it is a fairly basic card that shows Tom Brady posing, which takes up most of the card. In good condition, this card can go for a high price. 

Card Value: ~$30,000

4. 2000 Revolution Tom Brady Rookie Card 128/300

2000 Revolution Tom Brady Rookie Card 128/300
Source: eBay – user inscriptagraphs

One of the things that makes these cards valuable is the limited nature of them. The 2000 Revolution Tom Brady rookie card was printed as a set of just 300 copies. It features a throwing pose set against a gold and black background. This card clearly has a visually striking pop, which can also increase people’s desire to own it. It can sell for a very high cost at auction if you are lucky enough to find it. 

Card value: ~$75,000

3. 2000 SPx Tom Brady Rookie Card 130/1350

2000 SPx Tom Brady Rookie Card 130/1350
Source: eBay – user wwwitsanotherhitcom

Even though there were more cards produced in this run, there is still a very high quality to the card itself, which makes it a very sought after piece of Tom Brady memorabilia. With a white background and blue detailing, this is a cherished card for any collector. 

Card Value: ~$75,000

2. 2000 Leaf Limited Tom Brady Rookie Card 378/350

2000 Leaf Limited Tom Brady Rookie Card 378/350
Source: eBay – user azsuninvestments

Back to a more limited run, the 2000 Leaf Limited rookie card was issued in a run of just 350 cards. This scarcity combined with the multicolored foil means that it is one of the most valuable Tom Brady rookie cards out there.

Card Value: ~$100,000

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1. 2000 Playoff Contenders Tom Brady Rookie Card 144

2000 Playoff Contenders Tom Brady Rookie Card 144
Source: eBay – user liquidmarketplace

This autographed card is an extremely valuable one, which actually sold for $1.32 million in 2021. One of the reasons it is so sought after is the contenders branding and it is in good condition. As we have seen, these factors can make Tom Brady’s rookie cards sell for astronomical amounts. 

Card value: ~$1,000,000

How Many Tom Brady Cards Are There? 

There are a large number of Tom Brady cards but not too many of them are rookie cards. According to getcardbase, there are currently 17,184 different Tom Brady cards, with a number of these being rookie or variation cards. 

How Much Is the Average Tom Brady Card Worth?

This is a difficult question to answer, since the price of a Tom Brady card will depend largely on the card type, its rarity and most importantly, its condition. Cards are graded based on their condition, so the better shape they’re in, the more they’re worth. 

Despite this, getcardbase has tracked the average selling price for a Tom Brady card, which is around $150. 

What Brand Football Cards Are Worth the Most Money? 

There are many different brands of sports cards such as Topps, Upper Deck and Panini. The latter is the most prominent in terms of football cards, especially in modern times since competitors have lost the precious licensing for NFL teams and players. For this reason, Panini is generally the brand of football card that is worth the most money. 

How Many Tom Brady Rookie Cards Did They Make? 

Tom Brady rookie cards are the ones which have the most scarcity and therefore, the most value. There were 44 unique Tom Brady rookie cards made. 11 of these were made by both Pacific and Upper Deck. 10 were made by Donruss / Playoff, 8 by Fleer and 2 by Topps. 

If you have a card collection with a Tom Brady rookie card in it, chances are you have something that is worth quite a bit of money. This will all depend on the condition of the card, of course, so be sure to keep it in a safe place. With the proper grading and the right card, you could be on to a winner. Auction sites will always vary in price, but the list above should be a good indicator as to the sort of value that can be held in Tom Brady rookie cards.