5 Cheap Soundbars That Will Improve Your TV’s Sound For $100 Or Less

Cheap Soundbars
Credit: Mareike Ore / Wiki Commons

Your big 4k TV deserves better sound. The issue, is you’ve spent all your money on the TV and only have $100 left to improve your sound…

No problem, we’ve picked out five cheap soundbars that will improve your TV’s sound for under-$100. Check them out below:

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TCL Alto 6+, $99.99

Cheap Soundbars
(Photo: Amazon.com)

The TCL Alto 6+ is a well-built soundbar setup that offers 2.1 channel sound – and includes a dedicated subwoofer:

The soundbar is Bluetooth compatible, which allows you to play and stream audio from your smartphone or tablet. It has a decent sound profile that should top your TV’s out-of-the-box sound.

You can also customize the device’s equalizer to create a custom sound profile for your environment.

This is the most expensive TCL Alto 6 option available. The cheaper alternative doesn’t include the subwoofer and costs $99.99.

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Sony HT-S100F, $98

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The Sony HT-S100F lacks low bass and detail in the treble range. So if you’re on the hunt for a low-cost soundbar that’ll give you a cinema experience, you’ll miss that bass in action sequences and across movie soundtracks:

(It’ll still be top your TV’s out-of-the-box bass).

However, this soundbar excels with podcasts, audiobooks, sports, and dialogue-heavy TV Shows as it delivers high-quality sounds in the mid-range.

What we like most about this soundbar is that it includes a feature that balances the volume automatically between different programs and commercials:

So if you’re someone streaming YouTube videos, and you’re tired of high-volume ads and low-volume content – at $98 this Sony soundbar could be the perfect pick.

LG SK1, $89

Cheap Soundbars
(Photo: Amazon.com)

The positives: If you’re after a small form-factor soundbar that connects wirelessly to your TV and other devices, the LG SK1 is second to none in this price range.

The negatives: Like others in this price range, it lacks bass compared to more expensive soundbars.

(The LG SK1 performs well with mid-range sound).

When it comes down to it, soundbars in this price range often fail to deliver bass and a surround sound experience. The LG SK1 is no different.

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Vizio SB2020n-G6, $59

(Photo: Amazon.com)

The Vizio SB2020n-G6 is considered to be the best soundbar for bass for less than $59:

Like all on this list, it doesn’t support Dolby Digital’s technical trickery. However, it does deliver extended low-bass that gives a better cinema experience overall than some others on this list.

The big negative is that this soundbar’s overall sound profile can end up a little muddy. Yet, you can customize treble to improve this, it just becomes a time-sink setting the device up.

The device is fully Bluetooth compatible and can be found for around $60 in sales.

Pyle Wave Base Sound Bar, $86

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The Pyle Wave Base Soundbar is easy to set up, offers a range of connections, including AUX, USB, Bluetooth, and Optical, plus has sound quality comparable to bigger brands at higher prices.

The Wave Base Soundbar is able to deliver clear dialogue in heavy movie action scenes without losing detail. This alone makes it the perfect budget soundbar for your TV:

However, this soundbar also has enough volume and modes to make it the perfect speaker for any device, in any room. This flexibility and power aren’t normally possible at under $100.

Check out the user reviews on Amazon to find out more.