The Best Budget 4k Smart TV With Roku Built-In


Let’s be blunt. If you’re in the market for a new television, get a 4k Smart TV with Roku built-in.

Swipe down to see our top-3 budget picks:

Or if you want to know why not having Roku built-in should be a deal-breaker, read on:

FACT: Streaming doesn’t begin and end with Netflix.

There’s a world of streaming options, some of which are free. Many of those are FANTASTIC. Like the Roku TV Channel.


What is Roku TV?

Owned by Roku, Inc., the Roku TV Channel is a top of the line free streaming service available through an array of devices, including media sticks and set-top boxes.

On the Roku TV Channel, you’ll find a vast array of new and classic movies and TV shows suitable for all ages. Check out what’s on now.

The Roku TV Channel does have ads. Yet, that’s how free services make money and remain free.


It’s More Than A Streaming Channel

What makes getting a TV with Roku built-in invaluable is that it opens up a world of accessibility to Smart TV Apps.

From Disney Plus and Apple TV to CBS All Access, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and beyond.

Simply put, if there’s a free to use or premium streaming App, it will almost definitely be available on a TV with Roku built-in.

In our research, the only App we found not available on Roku is Twitch TV:

And this is because Roku is a competitor of Amazon’s own streaming devices.

That’s right. Roku is a competitor of mega-massive global corporation Amazon (in the streaming sector at least).

FACT: Roku devices are used by 43-million people in the U.S. right now. And that number grows yearly according to Statista.

So Amazon, who owns Twitch, pulled the streaming App from Roku.

As we said, shenanigans.

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Here are our top 3 budget Smart TVs with Roku built-in:

TCL 6 Series/R635 2021 QLED – $1099.99

TV With Roku Built-In - TCL Series 6

One of the best budget TV’s on the market.

The TCL 6 Series is a high-end 4k smart TV with Roku built-in.

It has a plethora of features:

From its QLED panel, offering amazing colors and pixel-perfect HDR10 / Dolby Vision.

A VA panel (Vertical Alignment) which guarantees some of the best contrast and deepest blacks on a TV that’s around $1,000.

For gamers and sports fans, it has low input lag, great response time, and a black frame insertion feature.

What is black frame insertion?

It simulates the CRT flicker of 60hz screens. This is vital in games running at 120hz on newer TVs as it allows the human eye to see fluid motion more clearly, rather than a blur.

Back to the TV:

It is available in 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches. The 65-inch is $1,099, and the 75-inch model is $1599.

The TV’s viewing angle has its limitations but at this price point, there had to be one negative.

There are better TVs out there if you’re willing to spend double. However, the 55-inch model at $799, with its features, is undoubtedly the best Roku built-in TV you can get right now for under $1,000.

Hisense R8 Series 65R8F 2020 ULED – $550

The Best Budget 4k Smart TV With Roku Built-In - Hisense

However, if you’re after a bigger screen TV on a tight budget then this 2020 Hisense should top your shopping list.

Let’s get some of the positives of this TV on the scoreboard first:

It’s 65 inches, 4k, supports Dolby Vision / HDR10, and Dolby Atmos. It comes with a voice-enabled remote, and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

It obviously has Roku TV built-in, which gives you access to 5,000 streaming channels and 500,000 movies and TV episodes (according to Amazon).

Plus, you’ll be able to control the TV from your iOS or Android device via the Roku Channel App:

This is perfect for winding up family members. Not that we’d ever change the channel while someone we loved was watching something.

(We do it all the time).

The one negative we found with this TV is that it’s a ULED screen.

For a few hundred dollars more you can buy QLED and get a brighter picture with more contrast.

So the question is, what’s your budget?

For us, we’d pick this TV if the TCL Series 6 wasn’t an option.

Alternatively, check out the 55-inch $399 option as it offers the same quality and features for half the price:

Which in our opinion, makes it unbeatable value on a Smart TV with Roku built-in.

But what if your budget is closer to $200?

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TCL 4 Series 43S425 2018 – $279

TCL 4 Series

We can already hear the tech-savvy screaming “Boo” at our third and final suggestion:

Before exiting the post and calling us fools, consider one thing:

The TCL 4 Series‘ price.

At $279 is there a better 4k Smart TV with Roku built-in on the market right now?

This TV is perfect as an upgrade to your RV, in a youngster’s bedroom, or anywhere 80-inches of pixel-perfection isn’t a set-in-stone requirement.

Move beyond the fact this is a 2018 model 4k TV and look at the features:

It has a VA panel which offers unbelievable color and contrast at this price point.

It’s $279.

The TV supports HDR10, HD to 4k scaling, voice-activated remote, and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant.

It’s $279.

Plus, it has a 120hz refresh rate with low input lag. It can be controlled via your smart device, and has access to everything Roku TV offers:

And did we mention it is only $279?

In conclusion, these are the three TVs to consider if Roku built-in is a must.

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