The Best 8K TVs You Can Buy Right Now: From $3,000 To $30,000

Best 8k TVs
Credit: Bretwa / Wiki Commons

With any new(ish) technology, finding the right option is tough. However, the leap from 4K to 8K isn’t as mind-blowing as the jump from HD to 4K:

This is because technologies such as HDR, Dolby Vision, et al., remain relevant on 8K. So when looking for the best 8K TVs the challenge is making sure the screen packs a punch.

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The following TVs deliver amazing picture quality along with all the other features you would expect from such expensive tech.

Samsung 85″ Class Neo QLED QN900B Series, $5,379

Best 8K TVs

The Samsung Class Neo QLED QN900B Series operates on Neo QLED technology. A technology that uses LEDs that are 1/40th the size of a regular Light Emitting Diode, which means more detailed dimming zones and black fields.

This technology also delivers better colors, brightness, and fidelity than normal QLED TVs. Inside the TV there is also an AI-based Neo Quantum Processor 8K, ensuring it can handle any smart-TV task you can throw at it.

Sony XBR-75Z8H, $3,499

The Sony XBR-75Z8H model comes with Tri-Luminous LED screen technology. A technology that replaces white lights in the standard LED backlight. Instead, it uses a pure blue light and mixes it with red and green to create a brighter and more variable white on-screen.

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The TV includes a built-in sound system, Chromecast functionality, and at one point, the most powerful processor ever to be used in a TV.

Sony Z9J Bravia XR Master Series, $3,998

When you call a model “Master Series”, you know the manufacturer can pull no punches. It comes with Sony’s most advanced upscaling and motion handling technology, giving pictures a crystal clear clarity regardless of source.

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The Sony Z9J includes automatic brightness modulation which adapts the screen to its surroundings and X-wide angle technology that makes pictures and colors great from any angle. It includes a great processor for smart TV features and works with devices such as Google Home, Alexa, and many more.

LG 75″ Class NanoCell 4320P, $3,497

This LG 75″ Class 8K UHD 4320P NanoCell Smart TV comes with a host of interesting features for the price. For instance, LG’s WebOS aims to deliver content to your TV without cables and AI picture processing that reduces eye strain.

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The TV includes a low latency mode for responsive gaming and full array lighting, which provides great local dimming and contrast ratios, improving the quality of HDR content.

LG 88″ Class OLED Signature ZX, $29,999

Yes, you did read that price right. It costs almost $30,000!

Yet, if you have deep pockets, this LG 8K TV delivers an enormous 88-inch screen, crystal clear clarity, the best contrast ratio possible, and every imaginable feature:

For instance, this TV adjusts to the light in the room and supports the fastest gaming response times, including FreeSync and GSync. Not to mention, supports Dolby Vision-IQ, Dolby Atmos, hands-free voice control, and so much more.