10 Most Expensive TVs In The World: From $111,000 To $2.3 Million

Most Expensive TVs
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Televisions come in all shapes and sizes, yet the most expensive TVs are built to entice a few, specifically those with very deep pockets.

These expensive TVs aren’t made for the casual consumer, instead, they’re built to be big, bold, brash:

(And sometimes just outlandish).

These are the 10 most expensive TVs in the world!

10. Beovision 4-103 – $111,000

Priced at $111,000, the Beovision is one of the world’s biggest available flat-screen TVs. This 103-inch TV is known for its minimalist and elegant design and also comes with an advanced and unique motorized stand:

The TV is produced by Bang & Olufsen, a Danish company. The company’s advanced set of speakers help create an all-around audio-video experience for the viewer.

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9. Samsung UN110S9VFXZA – $150,000

(Photo: Samsung.com)

Samsung is one of the leading players in the global TV market:

And what’s amazing is that the Samsung UN110S9VFXZA is not even Samsung’s most expensive TV.

With a price tag of $150,000, the Samsung UN110S9VFXZA is a 4K Ultra High Definition TV, that has a 240 Hz refresh rate, and a whopping 110-inch screen.

The TV also allows you to carry out screen mirroring from other Samsung devices to your Samsung TV. It comes with many HDMI and USB ports and is a popular TV model amongst many…

All of which sounds like common features in 2021.

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8. Samsung UA11059 – $152,000

(Photo: Samsung.com)

As Samsung is one of the major players in this market, it is no wonder to find another TV from Samsung on this list:

The Samsung UA11059 is another ultra high definition TV that cost $152,000:

The big difference between the two models on this list is motion control.

The Samsung UA11059 comes with Motion Control that allows you to navigate the TV with your bare hands…

7. Sharp LB-1085 – $160,000

(Photo: Global.Sharp.com)

Even though the Sharp LB-1085 is not a newer model, but it has been built with extreme durability.

This model was launched in 2008 and designed for 24-hour use and rugged operating conditions, especially in commercial spaces.

The TV is priced at $160,000 and comes with a 108 inch LCD screen and full high definition resolution. The TV also has low reflection technology that delivers a very fine image regardless of whatever lighting conditions you are in.

The TV also has a 176-degree viewing angle, which means you can see the images clearly from almost any side of the room.

Even though this TV is quite old, the features and its substantial price of $160,000 still keeps it on the list of most expensive TVs in the world.

6. Samsung UN105S9B – $260,000

The Samsung UN105S9B is Samsung’s most expensive TV yet, with a staggering price tag of $260,000.

This unique TV is known as the world’s first bendable TV, and it is undoubtedly going to impress anyone with its exceptional features.

Its excellent field of view, panoramic effect, striking color, and a unique set of features. The TV offers ultra-high definition, ultra HD dimming, auto depth enhancer, and precision local black local dimming.

This translates to mean optimal picture performance with natural colors and crystal clear picture.

Of course, being bendable still remains the TV’s most impressive feature, especially when it was the world’s first bendable TV.

You can change the screen into curved or flat by simply pressing a button. The 105-inch screen also makes Samsung’s most expensive TV as the world’s largest bendable TV to date.

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5. Panasonic TH-152UX1 – $500,000

The Panasonic TH-152UX1 is a huge 152-inch screen and costs a whopping $500,000:

It comes with a 4K 3D plasma display that delivers vibrant and smooth colors across the entire screen and also reproduces the rich textures with latest technology.

The weight of the TV, though, is as heavy as the screen is big. And as the video above shows, you may need a specially made screenlifter to boot.

4. C SEED 201 – $680,000

This TV is one and a half tons, making it one of the heavist TVs (and most expensive TVs) on this list.

It comes with a high-resolution retina LED SMD 201-inch display that is designed especially for people who want to experience outdoor cinema in their backyard.

This unique TV comes from the Porsche Design Studio and comes with an underground storage station:

When you push a button, this underground storage station rises up and unfolds into seven huge LED panels.

This TV is one of the biggest outdoor LED TVs in the world, made up of 780,000 LEDs, 12 broadband speakers, and three sub-woofers.

The price of this unique TV is $680,000.

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3. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition – $1.5 million

(Photo: officialgentlemansguide.com)

With a stunning price tag of $1.5 million, this TV is designed by renowned British designer Stuart Hughes.

Even though it is not the biggest TV in the world, with only a 55-inch display, and the fact it doesn’t come with as many features as other TVs on this list, it is one of the top-3 most expensive TVs in the world.


The Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition is covered in 18k gold and stunning gemstones, diamonds, – and alligator skin…

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2. The Titan Zeus – $1.6 million

With a huge size, the Titan Zeus is currently the biggest TV in the world:

With a screen size of 370-inches, this TV comes with many impressive features, including touch-sensitive technology, motion tracking, and even a dynamic CGI aquarium that converts your TV into a giant fish tank.

You can enjoy this fish tank-come-TV if you are willing to spend $1.6 million to buy it.

1. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition – $2.26 million

(Photo: www.onemillionpoundblog.com)

This ridiculously fashion-over-function TV from Stuart Hughes is a 55-inch TV that is covered in 28 kilos of 18k rose gold.

It also comes studded with many precious gemstones, including sunstone and amethyst, along with alligator skin.

The TV is priced at a whopping $2.26 million, and it is the most expensive TV in the world currently.

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