Most people relate projectors with outdated equipment that output an image of extremely low quality to a white pull-down screen that is barely visible unless the environment is as dark as a cave:

However, in 2022, when asking are projectors good for gaming? The answer is a resounding Yes!

Gaming projectors have established themselves as viable alternatives to the standard gaming monitor or gaming television.

The best projectors for gaming, which we’ve picked out in this article are perfect for competitive gamers that play to win. These players are looking for an advantage over their opponents and place a premium on ultra-low input lag and high contrast levels to assist them in spotting any competitors lurking in the shadows.

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Continue reading for our top 5 gaming projectors:

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5. LG HU70LA, $1,546.99

When it comes to purchasing the best of the best for oneself, only a few selections truly exceed the quality threshold established for the average customer. The LG HU70LA is one of those projectors that sets a new bar for quality that is only surpassed by those found in the world’s most prominent theaters.

With 4k, HDR10, and Dynamic Tone Mapping to optimize picture quality for each frame, as well as TruMotion technology, each image feels alive and moves fluidly, almost flawlessly recreating the scenes as if they were unfolding in front of your eyes.

For optimal color adjustments, this model utilizes a wheel-less LED method. The RGB settings enable this projector to display all images without sacrificing color fidelity, an effect that is nearly unheard of with other high-end projectors.

With the integration of artificial intelligence support technologies, you can smoothly stream and explore all your favorite material using only your voice on a screen up to 140-inches. By selecting between Alexa and Google Assistant, you can create a familiar environment that adjusts to your usage.

This amazing gaming projector is available on Amazon for just under $1,546.

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4. Optoma GT1090HDR, $2,494.99

The Optoma GT1090HDR was built for gamers from the ground up, according to the marketing information:

The GT1090HDR produces stunning images and supports HLG, HDR10 color technologies, and boasts an outstanding contrast ratio. It also supports a 240Hz refresh rate, which is impressive.

The DuraCore laser light source is maintenance-free and bright enough to use in well-lit spaces without difficulty.

The Optoma GT1090HDR is the most adaptable gaming projector on the list from an installation standpoint. It’s also simple to set up, with image alignment options like a four-corner correction and a 1.3x zoom that eliminate guesswork and irritation.

This portable gaming projector is available on Amazon for just under $2,494.

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3. Epson Home Cinema 5050UB, $2,999

The Epson Home Cinema 5050UB delivers on several key features, making it an excellent choice for a home theater:

The motorized lens alone distinguishes it from many models in the same category. They can move horizontally and vertically to accommodate the majority of setups without requiring you to reposition the projector manually.

Additionally, the motorized zoom can provide 2.1x magnification.

This LCD model’s bright 2,600 lumens produce vibrant, rich colors and deep, inky blacks. The resulting image quality is sufficient to amaze even the most ardent moviegoer or serious gamer.

This gaming projector supports 4k, Full 10-bit HDR, and is easily one of the best gaming projectors on the market. Find out more about this projector at

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2. Optoma UHD50X, $1,148

The UHD50X has a white body with rounded corners. Additionally, it features an asymmetrical design, with the lens located on the product’s right side, directly beneath the zoom and lens shift settings.

In terms of performance, this projector is unmatched in the industry, capable of displaying a maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160p at 60 frames per second. If you’re not here for the 4K resolution, you can stick with 1920 x 1080p and take advantage of the 240 Hz refresh rate for an ultra-smooth and pleasurable gaming experience.

When it comes to brightness, this projector has a 3,400 ANSI Lumens rating and a 10-bit color depth, which means you’re going to get outstanding sharp image quality regardless of whether you’re gaming in your room or out in the yard.

Check out this projector for gaming at now.

1. BenQ X3000I, $1,999

From its 4k UHD projection, HDR support, to its LED light source, the BenQ X3000i is being called the new best gaming projector on the market:

For gamers, it has low input lag, a gaming mode, and supports a 240Hz refresh rate. The projector even comes with a built-in speaker that is crisp and loud enough for most environments.

Find out more about this BenQ X3000i gaming projector on