5 Best Soundbars For A Cinema Experience On Any Budget

Best Soundbars
Credit: Lonpoo / pixy.org

For anyone seeking a home cinema experience, picking up the best soundbar for your budget is a no-brainer:

And while it’s blatant consumerism that a TV’s audio has remained consistently average at best. Yet, visuals have gone from HD to 4k and beyond. It does mean soundbars have become increasingly more relevant.

The reality is, that adding a soundbar to your home cinema adds depth, bass, and atmosphere, not just volume.

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Therefore, we’ve picked out five of the best soundbars – one for each budget range – so that everyone can have that home cinema experience:

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Creative Stage 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer, $105+

Best Soundbars For A Cinema Experience On Any Budget
(Photo: Amazon.com)

The Creative Stage 2.1 is a channel speaker which means it houses two left and right speakers built into the bar, along with a subwoofer that helps to round out the audio with a solid low-end.

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The sound will automatically switch when you change the sound source using the TV remote, plus it includes HDMI connectors and a host of other features that very few soundbars offer at this price point.

It has no true-surround sound function but it can still fill your room with high-quality sound. Perfect for smaller living areas, bedrooms, or offices. At just over $100 on Amazon, this soundbar is competitively priced.

Roku Smart Soundbar, $180

Best Soundbars For A Cinema Experience On Any Budget
(Photo: Amazon.com)

The Roku Smart Soundbar allows you to upgrade your audio and add Roku’s smart features in one go:

It comes complete with all the features of a Roku streaming device, from its excellent interface to hundreds of streaming channels.

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However, the best part of this $180 soundbar is its connectivity, from HDMI to Bluetooth, and USB. It truly is plug-and-play into any home cinema setup, plus, it includes wireless speakers so that it can fit any room without leaving cables hanging everywhere.

You can buy better-sounding soundbars if you’re willing to spend more, but in terms of the best value for money, the Roku Soundbar is excellent value.

VIZIO M-Series, $300

Best Soundbar
Credit: Vizio / Walmart

The M-Series 5.1 sound bar from Vizio supports Dolby Audio, DTS:X, Bluetooth, and is considered the #1 sound bar in the U.S (according to Walmart).

What we can tell you is that for $300 it has the feel of a much more expensive sound bar and has all the features you could ever want. From streaming music to using voice assistants.

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Beyond the features, you get clear detailed sound, with speakers that deliver real bass and a surround-sound experience second to only $1000-plus sound bars.

If you’ve got $300 to spend on a soundbar and don’t need it bundled with Roku, this should be at the top of your shopping list.

Sonos Arc, $899

Best Soundbars For A Cinema Experience On Any Budget
(Photo: Amazon.com)

For those with $900 to spend, look no further than the Sonos Arc:

It supports 3D sound and Dolby Atmos straight out of the box. It also modifies the sound to fit your room and connects to everything – including Apple AirPlay 2.

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Simply put, the Sonos Arc is a powerful soundbar that pushes clear audio no matter the source. It can also be controlled by Google Assistant, Alexa, and other voice-control gadgets.

However, if money is no object in your pursuit of the perfect cinema experience, the Sonos Arc can only be topped by the Samsung HW-Q90R below.

Samsung HW-Q90R, $1,200

Best Soundbars For A Cinema Experience On Any Budget
(Photo: Amazon.com)

The Samsung HW-Q90R is a collaboration between Samsung and Sound giant Harman Kardon:

It is an innovative soundbar that offers unbelievable features. Including a top-firing speaker that bounces the sound waves off the ceiling to help create true surround sound (rather than simulated).

It supports Dolby Atmos, DTS-X technology, 7.1 channels of sound, including wireless speakers, and an adaptive sound that analyzes the space. Not to mention, it’ll connect to everything:

Simply put, this is the best soundbar you can buy before diminishing returns. However, it comes an eye-watering price.