5 Most Violent TV Show Scenes Ever (Not Suitable For Work)

Most Violent TV Show Scenes - Game of Thrones HBO
Credit: HBO / Game of Thrones

MOST VIOLENT TV SHOW SCENES: Once upon a time, the TV watershed would keep innocent eyes away from TV brutality:

Yet today, with everything and everyone streaming, brutal TV shows are on-demand – and on screens everywhere.

So, whether you love the brutality of modern TV or shake your head at it, one thing is certain, show creators are pushing boundaries.

These are the 5 most brutal and violent TV show scenes (so far):

Game of Thrones: Prince Oberyn’s Head-Popping

(Don’t watch if squeamish).

Game of Thrones is a smorgasbord of brutal scenes, from the end of season one to the last episode of season 7:

However, no other scene, in any TV show ever comes close to the one when Prince Oberyn’s head is crushed by The Mountain.

The gruesome visuals, along with the element of surprise shocked audiences everywhere. Especially as a moment earlier it seemed that Oberyn had won the battle:

And then it flips, the Mountain rolls over, thrusting his thumbs into Oberyn’s eyes – then pop.

Absolutely gruesome.

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Vikings: Jarl Borg Blood Eagle

(Don’t watch if squeamish).

Vikings is another TV show packed with brutality, with bloody battles, including people cut in half with swords and skewered with spears.

Still, the method of a Viking’s punishment is most brutal of all:

The Blood Eagle in the world of Vikings is feared by all, and the most brutal in the show was the execution of Jarl Borg.

What it most gruesome was its length, which added to the drama and horror delivered by the punishment.

The scene is regarded by many critics as the most brutal death scene on Vikings.

Gangs of London: Crazy Farm House Shootout

(Don’t watch if squeamish).

Gangs of London is the most violent TV show ever. Surpassing Game of Thrones in its unabashed non-stop brutality.

In the first ten seconds of the first episode, an innocent person is hung from an unfinished skyscraper, then set ablaze and dropped. This sets the tone of what is to come.

The most eye-widening violence comes during a crazy shootout at a farmhouse. While Games of Thrones and Viking’s showcase swords and shield combat, Gangs of London goes with The Raid style fistfights and gunplay:

And in the farmhouse scene, there’s a lot of guns, bombs, and blood. Literally, over the course of an episode, the house is destroyed and bodies are cut to shreds with automatic gunfire. By the end, there are dead men and women everywhere.

Breathtaking and brutal.

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Spartacus: Sedullus’ Face Sliding

(Don’t watch if squeamish).

In a series like Spartacus, violence, and brutality is a must. And one scene stands out when looking back:

The death of Sedullus…

A scene where his face is cut in two, and there is no cut-away – they show everything. From blood to brain.

It is one of the most horrific deaths in a TV show ever – and genuinely nightmare-inducing.

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Sons of Anarchy: Otto Biting His Tongue Off

When you think of Sons of Anarchy, you probably don’t check the boxes for brutal, gruesome, or horrific:

Yet, at the moment Otto bites off his own tongue to ensure he doesn’t give testimony to the police, those boxes are checked.

For fans of the show, this scene left them shocked and disturbed. Rightly so.

What is the most brutal scene in a TV show you have ever seen? Tell us in the comments.