Horror Movie Merch For Fans On A $100 Budget Or Less

Horror Movie Merch
Credit: Desertrose7 / Pixabay

Horror movie merch is for life, not just Halloween. And if you love classic 80s horror this list is for you:

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Horror Movie Merch Credentials

As someone married to a horror fan, buying horror movie merch has been a part of my life since before Amazon even existed (yes, I’m that old).

My credibility is that I know what merch has made the horror fan in my life happiest. And I know what they consider trash (they’d never admit it, but putting a gift in a cupboard, never to be seen again really does give it away).

The following items have been purchased over the last 6-12 months. Each of these has put a smile on my wife’s face, and I believe they’ll put a smile on the horror movie fan’s face in your life:

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1. Horror Movie Collage Print (Canvas), $26+

Photo: Amazon.com

At 18 inches wide and 12 inches high, this high-quality print is perfect if you want to splash some color and personality on a wall. In my house, this ready-to-hang canvas nestles next to family photos and a classic IT (the movie) Banksy graffiti art print. It’s a mash-up of imagery, just like this printed canvas.

The best thing about this horror movie collage is that even after owning it for several weeks, I hadn’t noticed Jaws lurking in the background (once again, yes I’m that old).

Considering the detail of this print, the original oil painting must be breathtaking.

FACT: My wife loves it:

She just wished there was a bigger version. Besides that, it is definitely the perfect gift for a horror movie fan. Especially at this price.

2. Funko POP Horror Classics Collectors Set, $60+

Photo: Walmart

When you think of modern merch and collectibles, Funko POP usually tops the list. Depending on the horror movie fan in your life (or if it’s you), mileage on this item will vary. After all, not everyone is a Funko POP collector (my wife and daughter are).

What’s fantastic about this set is that for around $60 you can pick up three iconic horror characters at Walmart. On Amazon, this same set is $150+!

You could also wait for a 3-for-2 deal (which happens regularly). That way you could end up getting all three for around $40. However, if you need gifts fast, this Walmart option is pretty neat.

The set includes Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers. Each of which is 3.75 inches tall. It’s unlikely these will become future vintage collectibles due to their mass production. What they are though is good fun and they look great on a shelf.

WARNING: Once you get one Funko POP it’s hard to stop buying them.

3. Monopoly IT Board Game, $43+

Photo: Amazon.com

Our bi-monthly game night is a big deal in this house (we play for money). And despite Monopoly being officially banned due to uncontrollable rage. This iteration of the world-famous board game is second only to the Sonic the Hedgehog version.

FACT: Everyone loves Monopoly.

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Whether it is the competitiveness, the mechanics, or the fact every household has its own rules (hence countless arguments), Monopoly is a great game. And if you’re wondering what makes the IT Monopoly game so good?

a). It’s something sexy for Stephen King collectors (my wife).

b). You work cooperatively to buy properties, blocking Pennywise the Clown from Derry, Maine.

It’s a cool twist to the classic rules of Monopoly. The only issue is that cooperative play doesn’t stop the Monopoly rage. So, if the horror movie fan you’re buying for isn’t ridiculously competitive, this Monopoly board game is top-notch. If they are. Buy it and watch them get angry. It’s always priceless.

On the flip side, our best game nights come from playing games like Pandemic.

4. Friends Horror Movie T-Shirt, $17+

Horror Movie Merch
Photo: Amazon.com

This t-shirt combines the hit TV show Friends with horror movie villains. Simply put, this is genius on a t-shirt and definite horror movie merch nirvana.

FACT: This is without a doubt the most popular horror movie t-shirt I’ve ever purchased for my wife.

Sadly, the quality isn’t great. One badly judged machine wash left it cracked and faded. So always machine-wash on a low heat to preserve what is a shockingly average print.

Putting t-shirt quality aside, the subject matter is a sure-fire winner for anyone who grew up through the 80s – who then went on to binge Friends in the 90s. It is guaranteed to bring a smile (which seems a bargain at under $20).