5 Surprising Smart Home Gadgets That Could Make Your Life Easier

Smart Home Gadgets In Control
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Smart homes need smart home gadgets. And many homes across America already use smart gadgets to help manage their daily life:

Big brands like Google, Amazon, and Philips have already taken giant strides into this market, yet it is the small competitors who are coming up with innovative technologies that many of you may not have heard of.

These are our top-5 of surprising smart home gadgets that you possibly haven’t heard of before.

The ROOM Phone Booth


Privacy has become a big issue. Kids want privacy from parents, parents from kids, and so on:

But it is difficult to find a place in your home where you can sit alone and talk to a friend without anyone being able to listen to your conversation.

The ROOM Phone Booth is a private room that can be installed anywhere inside the home or office, it has soundproof technology ensuring nosey work colleagues can’t hear a thing.

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Kohler ‘Stillness’ Smart Bath Technology

When it comes to smart home bathroom technology, Kohler is cutting edge. From mirrors with digital displays to their Stillness bath.

Kohler’s Smart Tub (Stillness) is an innovative technology that allows you to control your bathtub via voice:

And it isn’t just “turn bath on”. It genuinely has advanced features that allow you to have a more indulgent personal experience.

Smart features ensure the smart tub is energy efficient, with flexible temperature and filling. The philosophy behind this technology is to maximize your relaxation, recovery, and performance.


Automatic Kitchen Composter

With the growing risk from climate change and increasing carbon emissions, it is becoming vital to make your home carbon-free.

The Automated Kitchen Composter helps you to reduce your carbon footprint. It works as a garbage bin for food waste. Converting it into nutrient-dense soil that is perfect for growing plants.

It also works with a smartphone app allowing you to control it from anywhere.

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WAGZ Smart Dog Door

Everyone loves their dog, but no one enjoys waking up in the morning to let them out when nature calls:

Forget traditional dog doors, which come with a litany of problems and concerns (like the size of your dog). Instead, opt for a Smart Dog Door which allows you to control the door from your smart device.

This means you can stay in bed, tap the app, and let your furry friend in and out without ever leaving the bed.

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Jupe Flat-Packed Shelter

A Flat-Packed shelter is a gadget for the modern DIY traveler – a (smart) home away from (smart) home…

This shelter can be taken anywhere and assembled in a few hours. It could also be used in your garden for backyard star-gazing with your kids.

The shelter includes a large space that could easily fit 10 suitcases, and its unique geometrical shape adapts to every kind of environment.

Additionally, it also features solar panels and batteries to keep you charged when remote camping.