5 Useful IoT Devices Every Modern Home Should Have

IoT Devices and Sensors
Credit: Pixaline / Pixabay.com

The Internet of Things or IoT devices and sensors support the expansion of internet usage beyond routine standards such as computers and laptops.

IoT devices and sensors are purely integrated technology that makes it possible for different devices to interact with each other and perform their functions smoothly and remotely when required.

For example, a doorbell that notifies you when someone is at your door.

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We have come up with a list of must-have IoT devices you should check out ASAP:

1. Home Voice Controllers

IoT Devices and Sensors
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Control your home, hands-free. Via a voice controller, you can turn on your television, open doors, pre-heat an oven, and much more.

The majority of people are already using such devices to play music, retrieve weather reports, and do many other activities.

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This controller can also work as your assistant, reminding you of your schedule or even important birthdays.

There is a whole range of voice controllers easily available on the market, from Alexa to Google Assistant.

2. Doorbell Cam

IoT Devices Every Modern Home Should Have
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The doorbell camera might just be the big thing in home IoT right now:

It helps you keep an eye on your front door and answer it from anywhere. Better yet, this device can even alert you of any kind of motion in front of your home (depending on the camera’s perspective).

With this device, you can add an extra layer of security to your home without spending a fortune, or requiring complicated installation.

3. Air Quality Monitors

IoT Devices Every Modern Home Should Have
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Air quality monitors help you measure indoor air pollution.

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Air quality at home, in a workplace, or in any other indoor location is a serious health and safety issue. Some air quality monitors have three indexes while others have four that measure the quality of oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and volatile gases.

This device has become an essential thing for polluted areas where the indoor population is higher than the outdoor one.

4. Smart Light Switch

IoT Devices Every Modern Home Should Have
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With a smart light, you no longer have to get up from your bed or couch every time you have to turn on, dim, or switch off a light bulb.

This device allows you to control your lights using your mobile or voice. And better yet, smart lights offer different colors and brightness to set the mood…

The device connects to your home wi-fi and allows you to access your lights from anywhere without any kind of subscription or hub requirement.

5. Smart Plugs

IoT Devices Every Modern Home Should Have
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The simple function of a smart plug is to turn devices on or off but when connected to a smart home platform or a voice controller it becomes a highly versatile device:

For example, if you plug your lamp into a smart plug, you can turn it on or off from your phone or even your voice controller. This could be an added security device, making people believe someone is at home.

Smart plugs can play a variety of roles, but their most important function is energy saving.

For example, if you forgot to turn off your heater or AC when leaving for the office, you can easily monitor it, and turn it off from your phone during your commute.