15 Most Valuable Star Trek Memorabilia

most valuable star trek memorabilia:

It is not surprising that fans have generated demand for exclusive, rare, and expensive products related to the well-known franchise given the lengthy and spectacular history of the Star Trek series, from the television to the movie versions.

There is increasing motivation for devoted fans to acquire ownership of unique and historically significant artifacts, particularly with the current surge in young people’s interest in Star Trek.
Some fans are more devoted than others, even if many like to collect memorabilia in a casual manner by buying from merch drops as they go. These are the 15 most valuable Star Trek memorabilia available to the public right now.

15. Star Trek Original Series “Mirrors Mirror” Final Draft Script: $17,500

The white pages of this screenplay are in Near Mint condition with no writing or flaws. It was initially shown on October 6, 1967, and the script is dated July 17, 1967. 

The Enterprise is a ship of the Terran Empire, a conquering and murderous organization where officers are assassinated as punishment and as a means of promotion, in the Mirror, Mirror episode. Due to a transporter malfunction, Captain Kirk and his companions are switched with their evil counterparts from this parallel universe (later dubbed the “Mirror Universe”).

The original Star Trek series’ “Mirror, Mirror” is one of the most well-known episodes, and succeeding Star Trek episodes returned to the Mirror Universe. Because of this script’s rarity and immaculate condition, it is a perfect item for any dedicated collector and is undeniably one of the most valuable Star Trek memorabilia. 

14. Star Trek Inflexions Starlet’s Finest Complete Master Set: $18,000

This is an insane mega-card set available to the public for a starting price of $18,000. This master set features hundreds of cards, including a bridge crew autograph set, a movie autograph set, an alien design autograph set, base cards, foils, and more.

The set is in immaculate condition and comes with a detailed description of its contents, leaving no stone unturned. For any avid Star Trek fan or collector, this is an amazing collectible and clearly one of the most valuable Star Trek memorabilia. 

13. Star Trek USS Enterprise Pinball Game with Topper: $20,000

This limited collector’s edition pinball machine is in amazing condition considering its age, coming in at a hefty $20,000 price tag. The machine is distinct from other Star Trek pinball games of its time, including special features like a playfield signed by Steve Ritchie, a certificate of authenticity, and animating electroluminescent paneling.

If you’re in the market for a stunning collectible and addition to your game room, this is the perfect opportunity. At a high price and even higher wow factor, this pinball machine is one of the most valuable Star Trek memorabilia. 

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12. Custom Lego MOC Starship: $22,000

This custom starship is massive and impressive, having taken its builder sixteen years to complete. Spanning a stunning nine feet in length, this ship is an investment piece, perfect to add to an empty room or a museum-style exhibit in your home.

In immaculate condition and a one-of-a-kind item, this starship follows the Star Trek tradition with modular construction, a fully detailed interior/exterior, and interactive capabilities. If you’re looking for a unique addition to your Star Trek collection, this piece is perfect and clearly one of the most valuable Star Trek memorabilia. 

11. Star Trek Barbie Error Version: $25,000

This is a unique error version of a limited edition Star Trek Barbie from 1996. This Barbie does not match any of the others in this release, her hair, earrings, and makeup a mismatch from the correct Star Trek Barbie. However, this is a Flower Fun Barbie from 1996 that was misplaced in the Star Trek accessories and packaging.

This rare error Barbie comes in original packaging alongside a correct version of the Star Trek Barbie set. This rarity is a perfect item for dedicated collectors, one of the most valuable Star Trek memorabilia by far. 

10. Star Trek: The Experience Borg Museum Wall Piece: $25,000

The Star Trek The Experience Museum featured this display piece in the early 2000s. When it was on display at STTE, it was lit up and contained information about The Borg Collective’s history.  After STTE closed in September 2008, Paramount made the decision to establish a warehouse in Las Vegas. It’s a sizable piece. more than 94 inches wide.

It must be picked up by the buyer in Las Vegas, Nevada. Due to the item’s age, a few bubbles are beginning to form. It would be a stunning sculpture to display if you had led lighting behind it. This is a valuable and unique piece for any avid collector to display, especially as its price secures it among the most valuable Star Trek memorabilia. 

9. William Shatner Screen-Worn Captain Kirk Slave Tunic: $25,700

This is an old-fashioned original gray sweatshirt with cuffed sleeves and a ring collar, as well as a stenciled chain link design on the front chest. It’s a highly noticeable piece of clothing worn by “Capt. Kirk” (Shatner) when he is caught and sold into slavery by the rulers of a planet that is very similar to Ancient Rome on Earth.

Because this is a genuine piece of costuming worn by William Shatner on-screen, its price is unsurprising, securing its spot as one of the most valuable Star Trek memorabilia. 

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8. Majel Barrett Screen-Worn Tunic: $27,300

This Majel Barrett “Number One” Starfleet tunic may be found in the Star Trek: The Original Series pilot episode “The Cage” (Paramount TV, 1966–1969). This antique original female uniform tunic is made of velour in a golden honey color and has long sleeves and a black standing v-neck. The top-to-bottom back closure of the velcro item opens fully for usage in the standard series after modification.

Majel Barrett used it as “Number One” as evidenced by the distinct indentations on the sleeves where the gold rank braid was formerly affixed.  In the episode, her character was the only female crew member with a rank braid. Because this is a genuine piece of costuming worn by Majel Barrett on-screen, its price is unsurprising, securing it as one of the most valuable Star Trek memorabilia. 

7. Star Trek Mega Signed Lithograph: $28,500

This massive lithograph is a print signed by the casts of Star Trek (original series), Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek the Next Generation, and Star Trek Voyager. The frame, matting, and photo itself are covered in signatures, with dozens scattered across the piece and some cast members having signed it twice.

This piece is incredibly rare and unique, coming with a certificate of authenticity and a high price tag. Valued at almost $30,000, this is unquestionably one of the most valuable Star Trek memorabilia. 

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6. Star Trek VHS signed by William Shatner: $52,800

This is the very first copy of Star Trek on VHS, signed by William Shatner. This non-stereo Gatefold copy of Star Trek is one-of-a-kind and extremely rare, a unique item to add to any Star Trek collection.

Though this is priced at nearly $53,000, the item is scarce and unique, a perfect find for an experienced collector or hobbyist alike. This is clearly one of the most valuable Star Trek memorabilia and is authenticated for security. 

5. Star Trek TOS USS Enterprise Screen-Used 7th Panel Prop: $60,000

This is the 7th Panel for tracking the engine warp drive, coming from Scotty’s Engineering Station. One of the 52 panels from the original USS Enterprise Bridge is this unique piece. More uncommon than a hero crew tunic, this is a great opportunity to possess a priceless piece of history. Only two further panels were sold at PIH Hollywood Auction 12 in 2002.

Only four of the original 52 panels have been found, so far. The others may have been scrapped for pieces or destroyed at the end of the series when the set was taken down. Because this item is so exclusive and rare, an authentic screen-used prop, it is one of the most valuable Star Trek memorabilia available today. 

4. Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever Final Draft: $75,000

This is a final draft script in perfect condition, the only one of its kind available for purchase. The episode debuted on NBC on April 6, 1967, under the direction of Joseph Pevney. In the episode, Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and Spock (Leonard Nimoy) follow a heavily drugged Doctor Leonard McCoy (DeForest Kelley) back in time to change the timeline.

As a result, Kirk develops feelings for Edith Keeler (Joan Collins), but he also recognizes that he must let her pass away in order to protect his future. The episode was well-received by the cast, crew, and critics and garnered a great deal of praise from them. It has frequently been cited as the best episode of the entire franchise.

The terrible ending was one of the aspects that several reviewers emphasized. It won several awards, including the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Episodic Drama on Television and the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation. Because this script hails from such a well-loved episode, this is clearly one of the most valuable Star Trek memorabilia. 

3. DeForest Kelly Screen Worn Dr. Bones McCoy Uniform: $87,300

This DeForest Kelly “Dr. ‘Bones’ McCoy” Starfleet Surgical Tunic and Pants are from Star Trek: The Original Series (Paramount TV, 1966–1969). One luminous blue Medical Officer’s tunic with short sleeves, a flat ring collar, a distinctive side, collar to waist, hidden zipper closing, and collar hook and eye fasteners is included in this vintage original two-piece outfit.

Maintaining one pair of black Dacron with silver sparkle cloth pants with two front waist pockets and a zipper and catch and eye front closure, as well as the Starfleet Medical gold lamé embroidered badge on the left chest. The pants’ bottoms are not hemmed.

On the interior right pocket of these pants, “Kelly” is still scribbled there. Because this item is so unique and has been shown on-screen, it is securely one of the most valuable Star Trek memorabilia. 

2. Star Trek QMX USS Enterprise Refit Replica: $100,000

Under James T. Kirk’s leadership, the U.S.S. Enterprise Refit completed a five-year mission for the Federation. It then spent 18 months in dry dock in 2270 getting a new warp drive and armament. One of the most famous spaceships in the world, whether fictitious or real, is this particular version of the Enterprise, which is often regarded as the most iconic.

Five artists from the QMx FX Cinema Arts branch spent 100 hours making a 1:350 scale model of this vessel. Every step of the construction procedure takes place in our American model shop because there isn’t an orbital space station available for its refitting. This elaborate replica is handcrafted, unique, and rare, making it one of the most valuable Star Trek memorabilia. 

1. Last Battlefield Autograph: $1,500,000

This Last Battlefield card was signed by both William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, making it a unique and rare collector’s item. Because this autograph is so expensive and features the fan-favorites of this beloved franchise, it is one of the most valuable Star Trek memorabilia available to the public, clocking in at an impressive $1.5 million.

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