12 Most Valuable Spider Man Memorabilia

most valuable spider man memorabilia

With the long, impressive history of the Spider Man series, from comic books to movie adaptations, it is no surprise that fans have created demand for exclusive, rare, and valuable merchandise relating to the famous franchise. Especially with the recent spike in youth interest in Spider Man, there is escalating incentive for dedicated fans to secure ownership of exclusive and historically relevant memorabilia. 

Though many fans prefer to collect memorabilia casually, purchasing from merch drops as they go along, some are more dedicated. These are 12 of the most valuable Spider Man memorabilia available right now to the general public. 

12. LEGO Comic Con 2013 Exclusive Spider Man Minifigure: $15,000

Coming in at a whopping $15K, this item is a stunning value for the least expensive on this list. This LEGO minifigure was a rare, exclusive Comic Con release circa 2013, and its exclusivity is reflected in its impressive price. The item remains in its original packaging, its brand new condition another powerful selling point for any collectors looking to branch into the most valuable Spider Man memorabilia. 

11. Life Size Amazing Spiderman 2 Full Size Statue Prop $17,000

This new-in-box Spider Man statue is one of only a few of its kind, a life-size rendition of Spider Man from Amazing Spiderman 2. This discontinued Spider Man figure is equipped with a bracket at the back of its waist to be mounted on any wall, though the wall in the photo is not included. This item is very rare and unique, placing it among the most valuable Spider Man memorabilia. 

10. Spider Man Movie Prop- Outfit worn by Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson: $18,000

This amazing piece of movie history is available to the public at a staggering $18K, giving dedicated fans the opportunity to own a costume from the original Spider Man films. This outfit comes with a certificate of authenticity to verify its legitimacy, and the listing is complete with photos of Dunst wearing this outfit alongside Tobey Maguire. This unique, one-of-a-kind item earns its rightful place among the most valuable Spider Man memorabilia. 

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9. Original Mr. Brainwash Large Spider Man Painting: $21,500

This original painting is signed by Mr. Brainwash, an LA street artist who worked alongside Banksy. The painting is certified as an original piece, in excellent condition, and has never been framed. Though this item is not originally from the makers of Spider Man, it is a very rare and unique piece of memorabilia perfect for a dedicated fan and art collector. This painting is easily among the most valuable Spider Man memorabilia. 

8. 2017 Spider-Man Fleer Ultra Precious Metal Gems PMG Full Set: $30,000

This set of cards is being sold in full at mint condition, featuring dozens of characters from the Spider Man comics and positioned as a unique and rare piece of merchandise. This card set is perfect for any trading card collector and Spider Man fan who is interested in an investment piece. At an impressive $30,000, this set is among the most valuable Spider Man memorabilia. 

7. The Infinity Gauntlet #1 signed by Stan Lee, George Perez, Jim Starlin, and Ron Lim: $31,500

This signed comic book is an impressive collectible, signed by Stan Lee, Jim Starlin, George Perez, and Ron Lim. This authenticated piece of comic book history is so rare and unique that its shipping must be insured, a perfect piece for a dedicated comic collector. The book is sealed and protected within a glass case, its rarity securing its place among the most valuable Spider Man memorabilia. 

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6. Amazing Spider-Man #129 PGX 9.8 1st appearance of The Punisher: $35,000

This historical comic book is very rare, including the first text appearance of The Punisher, an important character in the Spider Man multiverse. This book also features The Jackal, a similarly legendary character in the franchise. Because this comic has been authenticated and maintained in pristine condition, its price is very high, a perfect investment for a committed collector. At a whopping $35K, this item is one of the most valuable Spider Man memorabilia. 

5. ​​Marvel Stussy Sealed Trading Card Box 16 Packs Spider-Man Wolverine: $40,000

This collaboration between Marvel and designer brand Stussy is an exclusive and rare trading card box including all 16 originally released packs. These cards feature both Spider Man and Wolverine, placing this box set into a historical and exclusive category of memorabilia. This limited Marvel product is fully sealed, meaning its resale value could increase if each card were individually valued. At $40,000, this is among the most valuable Spider Man memorabilia. 

4. Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 3.0 1st Spider-Man Silver Age Grail Off-White Pages: $68,500

This historical comic is packaged in an original CCG case, protecting its off-white pages from damage and indicating its extremely rare and exclusive status. This vintage comic is being sold by a very experienced reseller, only further legitimizing its incredibly high price. At $68,500, this comic is one of the most valuable Spider Man memorabilia available to the general public. 

3. Web Of Spider-Man 70 First App. Spider-Hulk Error: $87,000

This is one of only four books of its kind, its binding coming with a unique stapling error. This vintage comic is incredibly valuable, coming in at an $87,000 price tag. Because this item is so unique and rare, it is undeniably one of the most valuable Spider Man memorabilia, its contents and erroneous binding combining to increase its value considerably. 

2. Stan Lee Signed /Autograph Spider-Man Funko Pop 45: $80,000

This Spider Man Funko Pop has been signed by late Marvel legend Stan Lee, complete with a certificate of authenticity. Due to the exorbitant price of this exclusive item, the package is promised to be heavily protected for delivery, this signed item one of a finite number of Stan Lee signatures available after his recent death. At a staggering $80,000 price tag, this Funko Pop figure is one of the most valuable Spider Man memorabilia. 

1. Stan Lee-Owned Work Desk Drawers with Hand Drawings of Spider-Man and Rare Autographs: $275,000

This unbelievable item is an incredibly expensive and one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia, containing a set of drawers from Stan Lee’s work desk. One of these drawers is filled with hand-drawn pencil illustrations of Spider Man, Popeye, and other famous figures. The listing also includes a number of framed memorabilia found in this desk, including one-of-a-kind original comic book artwork, signed illustrations, letters between Stan Lee and the desk’s previous owner, and a photo of Lee working at the desk. Though this item is wildly expensive, it is a truly once-in-a-lifetime piece and represents a historical figure that has contributed incredibly to comic book history and contemporary culture. At $275,000, this is unquestionably the most valuable Spider Man memorabilia. 

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