12 Most Valuable Avatar Memorabilia for Superfans

most valuable avatar memorabilia

Avatar is one of the most popular films and franchises of all time, having set box office records and secured award nominations many times over. With the release of Avatar: The Way of Water, the franchise is only set to become more popular and well-loved, especially as it pulls in a new generation of fans. When it comes to collecting memorabilia, some fans are more casual, eyeing new merch drops and finding their favorite hoodies when a new movie comes out. However, if you’re a more dedicated fan on the hunt for the most valuable Avatar memorabilia available, this list is for you.

12. Avatar Original Movie Standee: $800

This rare original standee from the first Avatar movie is a unique and scarce collectible, appearing nowhere else online when searched. This original, three-sided DVD standee has been stored flat and safely to ensure like-new quality, launching its value for any committed collectors. At an $800 price tag, this rare collectible is one of the most valuable Avatar memorabilia available to the public. Especially with the release of the franchise’s second installment, original film memorabilia is hot in demand. 

11. Avatar: The Way of Water Cast Signed Poster: $820

This poster was signed at the London premiere of Avatar: The Way of Water by Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet, and Bailey Bass. An original copy, this signed poster is going for hundreds online, listed by the person who attended the premiere and met the cast, corroborated in the listing. This autographed gem is very sought-after, representing some of the most valuable Avatar memorabilia from this new era of the franchise. 

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10. Avatar Prop Replica Unobtanium And Levitation Base: $1000

This prop replica was only sold at Pandora Land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the 2010s, leaving very few remaining, especially unopened, for sale online. This listing comes in at $1000, significantly less than other comparable product listings on eBay. This sealed prop replica is from the original Avatar film, launching its value as the franchise expands to a new installment. The replica includes an unobtanium figure as well as a levitating base that uses cutting-edge technology to keep the prop floating above it. This unique collector’s item is one of the most valuable Avatar memorabilia and is perfect for any dedicated hobbyist. 

9. Avatar Tsu’tey’s Path #2 Variant Cover signed by Zoe Saldana: $1100

This variant cover copy of this Avatar comic is incredibly rare, especially as it has been signed by Zoe Saldana. This comic features Neytiri, Saldana’s character, and art by Jan Duursema and Dan Parsons. This variant signed edition of the Avatar comic is very rare and sought-after, justifying its hefty price tag. At a steep $1100, this is undeniably one of the most valuable Avatar memorabilia, perfect for a super fan trying to build their collection.

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8. Avatar Script Signed by Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, and Stephen Lang: $1500

This original full script for the first Avatar movie is a highly rare and unique collector’s item, featuring signatures from Sam Worthington, Stephen Lang, and Sigourney Weaver. This item has been authenticated and preserved, ensuring quality and newness. At a steep $1500 price tag, this script is perfect for a long-time collector seeking their star item. As one of the most valuable Avatar memorabilia, this script is an exclusive find for the perfect super fan. 

7. Avatar Photo Signed by James Cameron and Sam Worthington: $1500

This 11×14 photo features James Cameron and Sam Worthington’s signatures, obtained at a NYC hotel in 2018. This photo is an exclusive, authenticated item perfect for a committed collector in search of unique autographed items. Though this photo is rather small, its value lies in its autographed features and mint condition, especially as it has been authenticated and preserved since its obtainment. At a staggering $1500, this is undeniably one of the most valuable Avatar memorabilia. 

6. Avatar Jake Sully Funko Pop Signed by James Cameron: $1500

This Jake Sully character Funko Pop features a rare and valuable signature by James Cameron, authenticated and preserved since the signing. Because Cameron no longer signs autographs, and Funko Pops is already an expensive and sought-after collectible format, this item is very valuable and unique. The signature matches the Funko Pop in a beautiful blue paint pen, and this authentic item is one of the rarer on this list. At a $1500 price tag, this is one of the most valuable Avatar memorabilia available for purchase. 

5. Original 2009 Avatar Cast and Crew Hat: $1750

This black baseball cap was only distributed to certain members of the Avatar 2009 cast and crew, making it one of the most exclusive and rare items on this list. The Lightstorm Entertainment hat features the film’s blue and white logo and is in unworn mint condition. Because this item was never available to the public, it is a very exclusive opportunity for a collector to have access to the film’s set. At a $1750 starting price, this is one of the most valuable Avatar memorabilia available for sale now. 

4. Avatar Original 70 mm 15 perf Film Trailer: $1950

This is the iconic first trailer made for the Avatar 2009 film and was never released to the public. This physical copy of this trailer is the official IMAX copy, with a run time of just over two minutes. Because this copy is in mint condition and has never been run through a projector, it is pristine and ready for an experienced collector’s treasure trove. The footage is unspliced and unreleased, an exclusive opportunity for a super fan to own a piece of cinema history. At $1950, this is one of the most valuable Avatar memorabilia for a super collector. 

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3. Avatar Original Lenticular Poster: $4000

This is one of the very few lenticular posters printed for the original Avatar film in 2009. The 27×40 inch poster is in perfect condition, from a limited run, and a valuable addition to any fan’s collection. Because these posters are extremely rare and feature Saldana’s character in a close-up shot, this copy is being sold by a French movie poster distributor for a staggering $4000. However, its price tag is justified by this item’s rarity, making it one of the most valuable Avatar memorabilia available. 

2. James Cameron Signed Photo: $5000

This signed photo features James Cameron on the original Avatar set, signed in New York City years ago and henceforth preserved. This photo is one of Cameron’s last autographs as he no longer produces them, furthering the rarity of this item. This professionally printed photo has been authenticated and preserved in mint condition, perfect for a serious collector’s purchase. At a high price of $5000, this is one of the most valuable Avatar memorabilia, especially as this legendary director has gone on to release the franchise’s second installment. 

1. Nikonos Lenses: Matched 3D Pair Used in Avatar: $13,400

James Cameron’s underwater crew actually used these lenses on the DeepX 3D Beam Splitter system to capture underwater scenes in Avatar: The Way of Water. To guarantee uniformity and optical performance throughout the frame, the lenses were carefully chosen from a collection of more than 100 lenses. These are serviced and fully operational. sold as a matched stereo 3D pair in bespoke packaging. At by far the highest price on this list, these $13,400 lenses are one of the most valuable Avatar memorabilia available to the public.

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