12 Most Expensive Knives in the World 2023

most expensive knives in the world
most expensive knives in the world

One of the most common tools that we have around our person and households are knives. Whether you primarily use them in your kitchen, for hunting, or for protection, knives are something that we all share a love for.

But while we enjoy looking at knives that might be priced around the couple hundreds of dollars, some of us might be interested in looking at some of the most expensive knives in the world, with price tags reaching to the thousands, even millions.

Whether you’re a collector trying to find additions to your collection, or maybe a history buff searching for new findings, read on to learn more about the most expensive knife in the world.

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What Is Considered an Expensive Knife?


Like most items, what makes it more expensive depends on the materials that are being used when crafting the knife, the quality of workmanship that goes into making it, and of course the material used with handles.

Steel Type

The type of steel can affect the knife’s sharpness, edge-holding ability, reliability and overall performance. If the crafter uses lower-quality steel, then the knife will probably not perform the best, but it will be more affordable.

But a higher-quality, more reliable and more expensive knife is best. Such steels include carbon steel, stainless steel, and high-carbon stainless steel.


When thinking about the production, you either might be thinking of a blacksmith from the movies, or maybe a manufacturing facility that mass-produces knives.

Both are correct, as there are several different ways that knives can be made. But obviously the knives that are being handmade by crafters will cost a bit more, while mass-produced knives are more affordable.

The Handle

And lastly, when it comes to the handle, it really depends on the material.

Natural materials like wood or bone can be a bit pricier rather than the synthetic ones, however, synthetic handles tend to be lower quality less durable, while natural materials are the opposite.

    Do Expensive Knives Make a Difference?


    Oftentimes, yes.

    While each knife has its own function, it’s pretty clear that taking the step to purchase an expensive knife is the way to go. Whether you’re looking at a kitchen knife, pocketknife, or hunting knife, there are several benefits to grabbing something that’s a bit more expensive.

    Like we covered, grabbing a knife from a craftsman who put time and dedication into crafting a perfect knife usually means that it’s stronger, more durable, more reliable, and thus can last you a longer period of time. Buying something for a couple of hundred dollars that will last you decades it better than buying a flimsy, unreliable knife from a story every year or so for $30.

    While this isn’t to say mass-produced knives are completely garbage, it is to say that if you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck, you might want to look into a decently crafted knife with a stronger history than being run through a machine in a factory.

    What Is the Most Expensive Knife in the World?

    Now that we’ve checked out why knives can be so important, and the importance behind finding yourself a decently made knife, it’s time to look at the knives that none of us can probably afford, nor find, as they are the most expensive knives in the world.

    These bad boys are deadly, beautiful, and incredibly pricey, as they not only are made with some of the most beautiful techniques and styles but have enchanting history behind them. Read more to learn about these exquisite knives.

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    12. Nenohi Honyaki Dentokougeishi Sakimaru Takobiki, $6,980

    Chef Korin

    This 15.4-inch blade is a traditional Japanese knife made by Yoshikazu Ikeda, who began forging knives in 1967 as an apprentice for his father. His older brother took over for the father, however, and became the 3rd generation blacksmith, so Yoshikazu Ikeda founded his own workshop. As of a result of his hard work, he mastered the skills and was able to receive many rewards in Japan for his creations.

    This place was crafted from white steel featuring a single edge held by a Corian handle. The sheath was hand decorated with the Wajima Lacquer method to strengthen the material. The cover is decorated with cherry blossoms, an iconic symbol of Japan.

    11. Black Panther Knife, $8,000


    While you might imagine the Marvel movie when reading the name, it unfortunately has nothing to do with Wakanda and is not made from vibranium. With the handle made from walnut and the blade from Damascus steel, this is still a stunning knife that you can find today.

    The Black Panther carving has gemstones and silver in color. The metal of the handle is made of sterling silver and the sheath is made from walnut and silver with gold plating as well.

    10. King Arthor Knife, $20,000

    William Henry

    William Henry is another blacksmith that has some amazing, expensive pieces in his collection. He specializes in pocket knives, with his cheapest one being $395, and his most expensive being $42,000.

    He also has several kitchen knives for sale, and they range from $1,900 to $3,400. Henry’s blades are made with Damascus steel and features a handle made with 24k gold, engraved a beautiful, high-detailed and high-quality scene.

    This particular knife features a stunning piece of 10,000-year-old fossil Woolly Mammoth tusk. With a hand button lock and the thumb stud set with black diamonds, this is one of the most stunning and brilliant knives that you can find.

    9. Catherine II Naval Dirk, $24,272


    Catherine the Great, also known as Catherine II, was a Russian leader from 1762 to 1769 and was no stranger to wealth and luxury during her 30 years of reigning. She was inspired by ideas of the Enlightenment, which helped Russia experience a renaissance of culture and sciences, thus helping the country find many new cities, universities and theatres, along with aiding in the recognition of Russia as one of the great powers of Europe.

    The Naval Dirk knife, made during her reign, is a simple design while still being one of the most expensive. The Dirk was a thrusting weapon that was often used during the time of sailing. The value comes from both the rich gemstones and metals as well as the historical history that it has. In 2008, Christie’s Auction sold the Naval Dirk for $24,272, way above the estimated value of $8,000.

    8. Serengeti Knife, $36,000

    William Henry

    Another William Henry entry, this Spearpoint Serengeti knife features silver, copper, brass and 24k gold inlays while the blade is forged in Intrepid Damascus. The button lock and thumb stud are set with black diamonds, with a remarkable, hand design on the handle.

    William Henry is known for crafting high quality, and stunning pocketknives that are reliable, sharp, and highly detailed in art. It’s one of the most exquisite knives that you can find in his collection.

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    7. Nesmuk Diamond Studded Knife, $39,600

    Money Inc

    Nesmuk is a German company with some of the most expensive kitchen knives in the world, made by Quintin Nel and Hoffman/Pieper, famed jewelry designers. The handle is made from sterling silver and the blade is made from carbon steel.

    The blade is coated in titanium and Teflon, a synthetic fluorocarbon-based polymer that has high resistance to acids, solvents and bases, to ensure the utmost durability and sharpness. There are eight diamonds that decorate the handle, and it is said that ordering this comes with a matching diamond ring, making for the hefty price tag of almost $40,000.

    6. Space Invader Knife, $42,000

    William Henry

    Another Henry William piece is the Space Invader Spearpoint Lace knife sitting at $42,000. With three entries now featuring the name, it’s obvious that William Henry is a mastermind when it comes to creating stunning, intricate knives that are both effective tools, and gorgeous art pieces.

    For his most expensive one, it features Space Invaders, which took hundreds of hours of microscopic hand-graving and hand-forged Damascus to create. It’s a stunning piece of artwork that truly captures why these knives are some of the most expensive in the world.

    5. Nesmuk Jahrhundert Messer, $98,934

    Money Inc

    Another blade from Nesmuk is the Jahrhundert Messer made from Damascus and carbon steel. The Damascus is flattened into 640 layers to make an exceptionally sharp knife ideally suited for high-end chefs. The handle is made from 5,000-year-old bog oak, which delivers a strength comparable to that of stone.

    However, that’s not the reason the price tag is so high. The reason for this expensive knife is the inclusion of 25 diamonds that decorate the platinum edging. The diamonds are the main reason for the price tag, as it’s not only a highly valuable tool for chefs, but it’s also a beautiful, stunning piece of artwork from the craftmanship.

    4. Anthony Bourdain’s Knife, $231,250

    A lot of knives that we have seen so far include historical knives and beautiful artwork that truly resemble the craftmanship of the blade. This knife, however, is a little bit different. Instead of historical pieces dating back from decades or centuries ago, this knife was only used a few years ago. In fact, this is just simply a kitchen knife owned by Anthony Bourdain.

    In 2018, one of the most well-known celebrity chefs, authors, and travel documentarian passed away while on filming Parts Unknown in France. The knife was made by Bourdain’s knife smith and friend, and Bourdain apparently paid $5,000 for it.

    In 2019, following Bourdain’s death, an auction was announced to sell 202 of his personal possessions, including his US Navy jacket, Michelin Man sculpture, a duck press, and of course his prized and beloved knife, with all proceeds going back to the family as well as Anthony Bourdain Legacy Scholarship fund.

    Of course, several of his possessions went for a high number, like his US Navy jacket for $171,150, and even his duck press for $35,000. But his knife, however, went for a staggering $231,250, making it now one of the most expensive knives in the world.

    3. Teddy Roosevelt’s Hunting Knife, $414,000

    Rock Island Auction

    Theodore Roosevelt Jr., or Teddy Roosevelt, was an American politician, statesman, soldier, conservationist, naturalist, historian and writer who served as the 26th president of the Unites States from 1901 to 1909. Over the past few years, Teddy Roosevelt has been under some controversy, especially with his equestrian statue, however, even with that being said, his knife seems to be worth a high value.

    According to Rock Island Auction, the knife was considered an extremely lavish gift and wore a 1909 price tag of $1,250, which is about $42,173 in 2023. The knife was passed down through Roosevelts family, never available to the public, until now. In 2016, the Rock Island Auction held an auction for the knife, selling at a staggering $414,000.

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    2. The Shah Jahan Dagger, $2 million


    Auctioned off in 2008 on April 10th at Bonhams, this dagger belonged to the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan who reign from 1628 to 1658. Shah Jahan was the fifth Mughal emperor and under his reign, the Mughals reached the peak of their architectural achievements and cultural glory. He built many monuments during his time, including the Red Fort, Shah Jahan Mosque and the iconic Taj Mahal, where his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, is entombed.

    The blade itself is a curved, watered steel and tapering blade that is double-edged with a central ridge. It has gold koftgari decoration, which is the art of beautifying lethal instruments as a way of giving life to what brings death. The auction sold for $2,060,879 and is currently one of the most expensive knives in the world.

    1. The Gem of the Orient, $2.1 million

    The Art Knife Invitational

    Reaching out number one spot as the most expensive knife in the world currently is the Gem of the Orient, created by Buster Warenski, who began his knife making journey in 1966 and is now considered one of the greatest knife makers of the last century. He even has a Legacy Series of four 18karat gold knives including the Gem of the Orient, designed for a Japanese customer.

    The knife’s jade and gold filigree handle are encrusted with 153 emeralds and nine diamonds. The knife was made with 28 ounces of gold and supposedly took Warenski 10 years to make. While the knife was originally sold for only $1.2 million, the buyer ended up selling it for $2.1 million in turn. you can find some more of Warenski’s work here if you’re interested in more, while not affordable, but less expensive work.

      What Is the Most Expensive Pocket Knife in the World?

      With being one of the more well-known creators for pocketknives, especially considering this article, it’s safe to say that some of the most expensive pocketknives that can be found are from William Henry, currently being his Spearpoint Lace Knife Space Invader.

      Sitting at almost $50,000, this is a hefty price for a pocketknife, but well worth it from the craftmanship and the artwork that is accompanied with it.

      What Is the Most Expensive Set of Knives?


      The most expensive knife set that you can easily purchase right now has to be Wusthof, one of the top kitchen knife brands around, with their Classic Ikon 26-piece for a high price of $3,250.

      In Conclusion

      Knives are a huge part of our day-to-day lives as they’re necessary tools. That’s why a lot of craftsman take special care when producing some of these blades. Whether you’re cooking, hunting, or anything else, knives are a great asset.

      Purchasing a more expensive knife is one of the best things that you can do to ensure you have a reliable, a safer option, while in the long run saving money. While these options above are not the best choice, ordering from individual foragers is the best way to go.

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