The 10 Most Expensive Chairs In The World

Most Expensive Chair

These chairs aren’t available at Ikea…

Instead, to own one of the most expensive chairs in the world, you’ll need to have real deep pockets and a passion for history – and maybe gold and gemstones.

From $20k to $28 million, swipe down to see #1:

10. 1958 Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair, $20,000

Arne Jacobsen, a renowned designer who was famous for designing wallpapers, furniture, and textiles, designed this chair in 1958 to go into luxurious hotels:

It originally came with a footstool and if you find a matching pair today in good original condition, it’ll fetch towards $20,000.

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9. Finn Juhl 1944 Chieftains Chair, $35,000

Designed by Finn Juhl in 1944, this seat was inspired by weaponry and is also known as the “King’s Chair”.

The Copenhagen designer constructed the chair from natural resources, including walnut, leather, and one in good condition today will fetch $35,000 on the market.

8. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Chair, $50,000

Context is everything when going under the hammer at auction. And this chair clearly had a special meaning for someone growing up in the 2000s.

This is the chair JK Rowling sat on when writing the first Harry Potter book, The Philosopher’s Stone. It is engraved with symbols and wording related to the Harry Potter franchise and was sold at auction for roughly $50,000 (£40,000 GBP).

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7. The Banqueted Panda Chair, $113,000

Most Expensive Chairs

Don’t panic, these aren’t real pandas. This chair is completely covered in soft toys and was designed by the Campana Brothers. Only 25 of these chairs exist – hence the $113,000 price.

It clearly has a style of its own and is undoubtedly comfortable. In fact, the only element that isn’t a soft panda toy is the legs, which are made from pure stainless steel.

6. Kennedy Cabinet Chairs, $180,000

Most Expensive Chairs

These plain-looking chairs might seem like any other 1960s seat. However, they have a history:

These chairs were used by John F. Kennedy during his Presidency and in time, became a gift from Jacky Kennedy, the First Lady, to Robert McNamara, the Secretary of Defense.

Because the Kennedy administration is one of the most famed in United States history, it is unsurprising to see the six-figure pricetag these chairs have.

5. PlumeBlanche Diamond-Encrusted Chair, $300,000

Most Expensive Chairs


Where would a Most Expensive Chair list be without precious metals and gemstones?

And here’s the first on this list. The PlumeBlanche is encrusted with diamonds and is limited edition, as only 50 were ever produced.

Owning this chair today will set you back a massive $300,000.

4. The Skull Chair, $600,000

Most Expensive Chairs

Made from 24 Karat gold, the finest leather, and shaped like a human skull. This chair fits wealthy goth teenagers and Bond villains alike.

Handmade and one of a kind, this chair is valued at $600,000.

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3. Pininfarina Aresline Xten, $1.4 Million

Most Expensive Chairs

This chair was made by an Italian car company Pininfarina, a company famous for working on Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. It is said to be the most comfortable chair ever made.

It uses a special technology called Technogel that is shaped to the person buying the chair. This offers maximum support, cushioning, and comfort. It was clearly made for the super-rich who demand the utmost comfort (and can afford to pay for it).

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2. Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge Chair, $2.9 Million

This chair was designed by famed Australian designer Marc Newson. The Lockheed Lounge Chair was sold by auction in 2006 for $2.9 million:

The chair itself is curved, includes three legs, and is covered in smooth rubber. It has been showcased in a number of videos over the years and remains one of the most expensive chairs ever sold.

1. The Dragon’s Chair, $28 Million

Most Expensive Chairs

The Dragon Chair was made by Irish designer Eileen Gray between 1917 and 1919. It is composed of a wooden framework and brown leather. The wood is sculpted and colored with a brownish-orange. In the design two dragons can be seen, intertwined.

At a 2009 auction at Christie’s the chair was estimated to be worth between $2.5m and $3.5m – but sold for a staggering $28 million, making it the most expensive chair in the world.