Mandalorian Merchandise: 5 Items Collectors Should Buy

Mandalorian Merchandise
Credit: Disney Plus, The Mandalorian

“This Is The Way” to Top Mando Merch.

FACT: There was no quality Mandalorian merchandise when the show hit Disney Plus back in November 2019.

And that fact remained true for months. To this day, it remains unbelievable that Disney, the king of merchandising, was underprepared for the mass hysteria (and it was hysteria) surrounding Baby Yoda:

And I should know – I was part of that hysteric audience.

The story goes that John Favreau and Co. didn’t want any leaks, and Disney supported that, which is what shocks me the most. However, multiple seasons in, and Mando fans are spoilt for merch choice.

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If you’re the following:

  • A Star Wars geek (like me)
  • A fan of Disney’s The Mandalorian
  • Serious collector looking for future high-value items (also me)

These are the top 5 items to put on your shopping list:

5. The Mando Helmet, $1,399 to $1,599

Mandalorian Merchandise: Mando Helmet
Photo: EFX Collectibles

This coveted item was made using the same molds that produced the show’s prop. It’s a super-detailed hand-painted 1:1 Mandalorian helmet replica that retailed briefly for $725.

The original run of helmets was limited to 750 units, with only one allowed per order. And unsurprisingly those early adopters are already cashing in at around double that original value.

Show accurate, limited first-run, super-detailed…

These are the words used by sellers looking for top-dollar. And if The Mandalorian show continues to be a major draw for Disney and Star Wars fans, this highly coveted collectible is going to remain expensive

As someone who missed the original run, I continue to bid on auctioned EFX helmets in the hope of snagging one that’s never been unboxed for around-$1,000 (to date, I’ve failed).

Consideration: There are other EFX Mandalorian helmets available, however, first editions are often the most valuable.

Tip: Don’t wear it too much and keep the box, stand, and plaque pristine.

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4. The Child (life-size), $325

Mandalorian Merchandise: The Child
Photo: Slideshow

You can pick up these 1:1 life-sized Baby Yoda’s for around $300 on eBay, or $375 brand new.

We snagged one right at the start and it looks fantastic in our display, but there is one caveat, it is for display/collectors only. And this is why it is #4 on this list. It is niche and that limits the market now and in the future.

For those still curious: The Child is 16.5-inches tall and comes complete with a tan fabric coat, the silver gear shifter from The Mandalorian’s Razor Crest ship, and a solid(ish) stand (on more than one occasion it has been knocked and wobbled).

FACT: This replica even has the head fuzz.

For those on a budget, there’s an animatronic toy that’s fantastic fun. This toy is currently discounted on Amazon, costing only $41.75, so it could be a perfect time to buy. Just remember to keep it in the box, along with the Mythosaur skull necklace that comes with it.

3. LEGO Mandalorian Merchandise, $13 to $140

Mandalorian Merchandise: Razor Crest Lego Set

There are many high-quality Mandalorian LEGO sets available right now, but we’ve gone for the original sets.

However, the most important thing to consider when buying LEGO from a collector’s perspective is that you cannot open the box! The moment you do, the value plummets:

(Good luck with that – I tried with a Millennium Falcon, and my resistance lasted about 3-hours).

So, if like me, you can’t control yourself around LEGO, an alternative collectible is the Mandalorian Pop figure (Funko) with the chrome helmet (Amazon).

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2. Redemption (Lithograph), $50+

Mandalorian Merchandise: Mando Art

Head over to and check out their limited-edition fine art for The Mandalorian:

We picked up the above poster when it first came out for $50. We didn’t have Sideshow frame it as they’re expensive. Instead, we picked up a frame for around $50.

For a combined $100, we now have a fantastic movie-esque poster, one of only 350 hand-numbered prints. That has a certificate of authenticity.

Tip: Always put the certificate inside the frame for safekeeping.

Sadly, we can’t find the same poster as above online, however, Sideshow has other options with limited prints available, and there is no better merch available on a budget.

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1. Limited Edition Season 2 T-Shirts – $24.99

Mandalorian Merchandise: Mando Tees

If you have watched The Mandalorian you know who the passenger is and why that big jar of eggs is relevant. For those who don’t watch, there are no spoilers here only Mandalorian clothing and merch. So read on without issue.

The two main things collectors need to know are:

  1. The passenger, the eggs, and The Child have had the biggest outrage since The Mandalorian started. And contention breeds interest.
  2. There are limited edition t-shirts released each week for The Mandalorian. Each portrays an element from the show.

What this means is that these Disney Store t-shirts will be in-demand the moment they are no longer available. So collectors need to buy each week or chance their luck on eBay or via Amazon resellers.

The truth is that there are way better-looking The Mandalorian shirts available. Yet, in terms of cost-effective Mandalorian merchandise, these limited tees might become collector gold dust in the very distant future.