15 Weird Space Facts About Our Universe

weird space facts
Credit: Aldebaran S

The universe is massive, full of never-ending secrets and new revelations that keep scientists on their toes. While some of these facts can be mind-boggling, others may seem a little strange. If you enjoy learning all about the oddities of the universe, check out these fifteen fun and weird space facts.

15. Mercury’s temperature variation is over 1,000°F


14. Only 4.6% of the Moon’s features are not craters

Neven Krcmarek

13. Heat from the Big Bang is still around today

Andy Holmes

12. Jupiter’s magnetic field is bigger than the Moon

Planet Volumes

11. You could survive a couple of minutes in a leaky spacesuit

Brian McGowan

10. Space is completely silent

Guillermo Ferla

9. A day in Mercury is twice as long as a year

NASA Science

8. Planets can wander through space

NASA Science

7. Vast amounts of water have been found in space

Daniel Sinoca

6. Black holes give off light


5. Venus spins backwards

Planet Volumes

4. 1 teaspoon of a Neutron star weighs the same as the human population

NASA Hubble Space Telescope

3. The Moon is lemon-shaped

Pedro Lastra

2. Stars don’t twinkle

Denis Degioanni

1. The Milky Way smells of rum, raspberries, and booze

Jeremy Thomas

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