15 Weird Space Facts About Our Universe

weird space facts
Credit: Aldebaran S

The universe is massive, full of never-ending secrets and new revelations that keep scientists on their toes. While some of these facts can be mind-boggling, others may seem a little strange. If you enjoy learning all about the oddities of the universe, check out these fifteen fun and weird space facts.

15. Mercury’s temperature variation is over 1,000°F

Credit: NASA

14. Only 4.6% of the Moon’s features are not craters

Credit: Neven Krcmarek

13. Heat from the Big Bang is still around today

Credit: Andy Holmes

12. Jupiter’s magnetic field is bigger than the Moon

Credit: Planet Volumes

11. You could survive a couple of minutes in a leaky spacesuit

Credit: Brian McGowan

10. Space is completely silent

Credit: Guillermo Ferla

9. A day in Mercury is twice as long as a year

Credit: NASA Science

8. Planets can wander through space

Credit: NASA Science

7. Vast amounts of water have been found in space

Credit: Daniel Sinoca

6. Black holes give off light

Credit: Britannica

5. Venus spins backwards

Credit: Planet Volumes

4. 1 teaspoon of a Neutron star weighs the same as the human population

Credit: NASA Hubble Space Telescope

3. The Moon is lemon-shaped

Credit: Pedro Lastra

2. Stars don’t twinkle

Credit: Denis Degioanni

1. The Milky Way smells of rum, raspberries, and booze

Credit: Jeremy Thomas

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