5 Most Expensive Space Programs In History

ISS Space Programs
Credit: NASA Imagery / Pixabay.com

Space programs cost a fortune:

And for some, spending taxpayer money on anything other than Earthly problems is a waste.

So the question is, how much is spent on a space program? Find out below:

James Webb Space Telescope, $8.8-billion

(Photo: Wikicommons)

The James Webb Space Telescope is a joint venture of NASA, ESA, and CSA. The telescope will be replacing the Hubble Telescope which has been working as an astronomical observatory since 1990.

The James Webb Space Telescope was expected to be launched in 2020, however that was changed to October 2021. It is an innovative technology that will prove to be a new step in the exploration of outer space.   

The total budget cost of the James Webb Space Telescope is expected to be around $8.8 billion upon completion.

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GPS, $12-billion

(Image: Wikicommons)

GPS is a satellite navigation system that helps to determine the location of satellites in the orbit of Earth, on Earth, and in outer space.

It is a coordinating system that provides the location, time, and distance in the world-wide WGS 84. The technology is currently in civilian use on smartphones and other devices.

The total cost of the manufacture and launch of the technology was around $12 billion.

The Apollo Program, $25.5-billion

Space Programs
(Photo: Wiki images / Pixabay.com)

The Apollo program was the first-ever journey for mankind into outer space. It was a NASA project and includes the first-ever manned space flight in which Neil Armstrong and his team members landed on the moon.

The mission was launched in 1961 and cost around $25.4 billion and is the third most expensive space mission in history. It is also one of humanity’s biggest ever achievements.

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International Space Station, $160-billion

ISS Space Programs
(Credit: NASA Imagery / Pixabay.com)

Many of you know about International Space Station (ISS) but for those who do not, it is a large spacecraft that orbits the Earth. It is a home for astronauts and crew members and includes a research lab.

The ISS is the second most expensive space project in history. This international project involved 114 countries and cost around $160 billion.

The construction of ISS began in 1998. It was built and launched in different components, the first of which was launched on November 20, 1998.

The Space Shuttle Program, $209-billion

(Photo: NASA / WikiCommons)

The Space Shuttle Program is the most expensive in history. The program was started in 1971 by NASA and the United States Air Force.

Around $209 billion has been spent on research, manufacturing, and launches. A total of five shuttles were built, with two of them being destroyed in a disaster, along with a prototype.

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