Top 5 Space Conspiracy Theories: From Planet Nine To Mars

Space Conspiracy Theories

There are so many space conspiracy theories, that it is hard to boil it down to just five. However, we’ve picked five of the most interesting…

Planet Nine Will Destroy Earth

Every day, countless articles are published in newspapers warning about some new kind of danger Earth is facing from outer space:

Most of these articles are based on personal interpretations rather than scientific observations and discoveries.

Many of these articles were about how ‘Planet Nine’ will ultimately kill all of mankind. Including tales about how Planet Nine will throw off asteroids and comets as it passed through the galaxy – each of which could be a potential Earth killer.

To this day, Planet Nine remains only hypothetical.

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Flat Earth Theory

The Flat Earth Theory has become commonplace online. With those who believe willing to defend their evidence against all manner of scientists:

What this space conspiracy theory boils down to is whether Earth is a flat circle surrounded by walls of ice or a planet in a galaxy.

The Flat Earth Society has a growing group of followers online, each of whom believes NASA is a lie and that the government is trying to hide the truth.

They believe that man has never landed on the moon. They support their claim by arguing that the horizon is always at eye level, which according to them could not be possible if the Earth was round.

NASA has published several videos and live calls to the ISS to deny this claim but the members of this group have always termed NASA as fake news.

Nibiru The Killer Planet

After planet Nine, Planet Nibiru has been another favorite topic for conspiracy theorists. Zecharia Sitchin first mentioned the Nibiru planet in ‘The Twelfth Planet’ in 1976.

Sitchin translated ancient texts of Sumerians and claimed that Planet Nibiru orbits the sun every 3,600 years.

Years later self-proclaimed psychic Nancy Lieder claimed that she has been in touch with aliens and they told her that Nibiru will collide with Earth in 2003. That date was later changed to 2012.

Astronomers have never found any planet at the location mentioned in the ancient texts translated by Sitchin.

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Mars Is Moving Closer

Space Conspiracy Theories

Mars has been arguably the most talked-about planet by conspiracy theorists ever. Some even deny its existence, while others say that aliens live there and our government is in contact with them.

In 2003, a famous Mars hoax claimed that Mars was moving closer to Earth and that the planet will appear as large as a moon at some point in Earth’s future.

Considering Mars could fit at least three planet Earth’s in it, this space conspiracy theory seems unlikely.  

Saturn’s Hexagon Is Alien Technology

NASA’s Voyager first discovered Saturn’s hexagon in 1980. The astonishing shape of the six-sided shadow on the north pole of Saturn caused a stir because such shapes are not so common in nature.

Immediately after the spacecraft sent the images many theories started to emerge regarding the structure. Some classified it as an alien technology while others called it a gateway to hell.

NASA has sent many missions to learn more about this shape but to this day nothing has been found.

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For some, outer space is an imaginary idea, while others see it as a blank canvas full of potential. What do you believe?