5 UFO News Stories That Came From Experts And Official Sources

UFO News
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UFO news fascinates people:

And amazingly there is evidence that unidentified flying objects exist, with experts in official positions as puzzled as the rest of us.

So, for those who believe no official evidence exists, get ready to think again after reading this list.

Oumuamua, An Unknown Flying Object

A cigar-shaped object was found around two years ago hurtling the solar system. This structure is termed as ‘Oumuamua’ and was initially considered to be an interstellar comet that might have entered our solar system from another.

As astronauts studied it they found that this object accelerates and slows down against the forces acting upon it. After this interesting discovery, many scientists started to believe that it is an alien artifact, a UFO of another species.

In major UFO news, Avi Loeb, an astrophysicist at the Harvard University proposed that Oumuamua could be an interstellar visitor instead of a comet. The object could have been propelled by an alien machine such as a light sail, which is a thin machine that could accelerate as Oumuamua is pushed by the solar radiation.

However, many other scientists still state that it is a natural phenomenon.

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Declassified Video Of UFO By Navy

No matter what we read or see, when it comes to UFOs you’re either sceptical or convinced:

However, when the video officially comes from the U.S. military, sceptics get a lot more curious.

This happened in April 2020 when the United States Navy released a set of videos of an aircraft traveling at a hypersonic speed:

We may misinterpret lights in the sky, but we all know that human technology is a long way from building aircraft that can travel at hypersonic speeds.

The official videos and eye-witness testimonies have become inescapable proof that UFOs exist (they could be super-secret technology, not necessarily alien).

Mysterious SETI Radio Signals

(Photo: Pixabay.com)

In February 2004, astronomers with the search of extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) project started a project to explore 200 sections of the sky using a massive telescope.

This Puerto Rico-based project wanted to examine spaces that have previously yielded unexplained radio signals. It was found that all but one signal had disappeared…

Yet that signal had become even stronger, and Russian scientists discovered similarly in 2016.

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The Black Vault CIA Documents

Just like the Navy video, the CIA has released several documents that prove the existence of UFOs. The documents were published online by The Black Vault.

(This doesn’t mean aliens exist, only unidentifiable flying objects).

The Black Vault is an enthusiast site for UFO relating government files. Recently 2,780 documents were published containing CIA data of UFO sightings over 70 years.

However, it isn’t easy to dig through these heavily redacted documents – and what they yield is little more than sightings in the sky (just from official sources).

Super-Giant Megastructures

In 2015, astronomer Jason Wright observed some erratic shift in the brightness coming from a newly discovered star that is almost 1,280 light-years away from Earth.

This phenomenon could not be explained by exoplanets or any other structure known to us. And in major UFO news, Wright concluded that this is due to some massive objects passing in front of the stars, possibly an array of massive and advanced satellites.

He believed that these structures could be some sort of unidentified flying object.

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