WhatsApp Adds Ability To Hide When You Were Last Seen

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WhatsApp has made a few more changes to the “last-seen” status allowing users to hide this status from specific contacts. Before this update, users only had the option to hide their “last seen” status from all contacts or let everyone see it. With this new update, you can let everyone see your “last seen” status apart from a few contacts you might want to hide from.

The Previous Update

These same changes can also be used for your “online” status if you wish to. In December 2021, WhatsApp released an update that allowed users to hide their “last seen” and “online” status from strangers by default. However, the option of showing these statuses to everyone was still available, but you had to switch to it manually.

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The New Update

This new update is a step forward, especially for people who want to be open about their WhatsApp usage activity to only a few people they trust. For instance, you may be fine if your close friends know that you were online till late in the night, but not your coworkers or boss.

Leave Groups Silently

The other new feature coming with this new update is the option to silently leave group chats. At the moment, if you leave a WhatsApp group, everyone in that group will be notified that you left. This has made so many people stay in groups they are not interested in to avoid looking bad to the rest of the members.

With the new Update, WhatsApp will now give you the option of leaving without notifying the other members that you have left. Group members will only get to know that you left the group chat only if they check the group’s contact list.

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When Are These Features Coming?

WhatsApp says these new features will be coming by the end of this month (August 2022). But like most new features, these will also be rolled out gradually. So, some regions might receive them before others. WhatsApp also promises to release an update that blocks users from taking screenshots of “view once” messages.

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