Why Are Hackers After Your Instagram Account?

Instagram has over a billion users globally. It is packed full of celebrities, socialites, and influences:

However, cybercriminals aren’t just targeting the wealthy and influential. They will target anyone’s account.

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From driving leads for nefarious organizations to planting phishing software and stealing identities. Hackers have multiple reasons to target and hack your account:

And if your account has been hacked, your identity might have been used for other cybercrimes. After all, it is common to learn of crimes committed through hacked accounts!

How Do Hackers Hack Instagram?

First, we need to differentiate between a scammer and a hacker:

A scammer will utilize various techniques, including impersonating someone their victims know to obtain their personally identifiable information. Some victims have been locked out of their Instagram accounts, while the scammer posts content intending to defraud others.

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Some victims indicate that although they did not provide their details to the fraudster, instead, their account was hacked and taken over. While it appears as though individuals are being targeted in multiple ways to obtain login information, their accounts may have been accessed via data breaches that include Facebook login information, particularly if the username and password were never updated.

Additionally, we’ve noticed victims’ Instagram profiles spoofing their public images. Cybercriminals impersonate the victim and send them emails containing a scam or malicious link.


Recent reports indicate that victims’ Instagram accounts have been hijacked due to falling for a bitcoin scam that plays out like this:

  1. Victims say that their “buddy” (whose Instagram account has been hacked) makes a lot of money trading in bitcoin.
  2. Once the victim expresses interest, they are requested to create a video detailing their earnings.
  3. They are then requested to provide their Instagram credentials and send money to participate in the investment.
  4. They are, however, locked out of their account and have their contact information altered.
  5. The fraudster then begins writing about the bitcoin scam on the account.

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Instagram Hackers
Credit: B_A / pixabay.com

How To Know If Your Instagram Account Has Been Compromised?

A few little details can indicate whether or not your account has been compromised. They include the following:

  • If you discover that you cannot identify the profiles you are following.
  • The presence of pictures on your computer that you have not posted to your account.
  • You cannot fully access your account, even though the credentials you are using are correct.

It’s critical to secure your account proactively and be prepared to act fast if hackers breach your protection. Consider the following three options:

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1. Update Your Password and Strengthen It

To reduce the chance of a guessing or snowballing attack, a hacker logs into several accounts using the same information. So change your passwords frequently, and choose complex ones that are constantly different.

2. Utilize Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is when your application sends you a text message containing a code or a third-party link each time you log in. This might be inconvenient, but Instagram uses it for a purpose.

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3. Check Your Recovery Settings

When you first created an Instagram account, you may have used an email address that you no longer use or have access to. If you’ve never needed to recover an account or reset a password, you may be unaware of the default email address you’ve specified. Verify that all email accounts associated with your social media profiles are current and accessible.


Hackers are working non-stop throughout the world to find ways to break into your computer, network, social media accounts, and email:

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They will do everything they can to obtain personal information about you and use it to exploit you. This places each of us in a situation where we must be watchful. Each of us must take every precaution to safeguard ourselves against cyber thieves.

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