How To Tell If Someone Is Spying On Your iPhone?

Despite the security against spyware that Apple offers on iPhones, someone could still be spying on your iPhone, undetected:

Spyware on Apple devices is rare. But when malware hacks into your iPhone, steals your data or takes a snapshot of your life, it is no joke.

To avoid this happening to you, this is how to tell if someone is spying on your iPhone:

(Includes how spyware infiltrates your iPhone and the best way to fight against spyware in Apple devices).

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How To Detect Stalkerware aka Spyware On iPhone

Here are the six most common signs that someone is stalking your iPhone:

1. Unfamiliar Applications

If you have a habit of leaving your phone unlocked, it’s the standard way to hack into it and spy on you by installing a parental control-like app or suspicious partnering of your phone.

Installing a mobile security app is a good idea if you discover unknown apps on your iPhone that you don’t remember installing. These apps can easily indicate a breach of security.

2. Faster Battery Drainage

Are you experiencing a faster battery drain on your iPhone?

Usually, spyware works like an opened background app that could cause battery drainage. It works behind the scenes to record your activities, That’s why you always run on red, even if all background apps are closed.

Similarly, battery drain is usual if you stream HD videos or are a proactive gamer. So, it’s OK in these cases, but if you see a sudden battery drain, and it happens regularly, it could be a sign of spyware.

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3. Excessive Data Consumption

Spyware drains not only your battery but also your data. The information that spyware collects on you is transmitted through your mobile data.

Essentially, that means you pay for someone to secretly watch your digital activities (and perhaps even record videos and audio). So if your data always seems to vanish without you knowing where – you could be being spied on.

4. Experiencing Unexpected Overheating

Is your iPhone getting hot without even using it?

Hackers and stalkers use your phone to record your digital activities by running spyware in the background that causes overheating. For sure, it can be the reason for spying, even if you are barely using your phone.

Moreover, if you are experiencing a sudden drop in the performance metrics of your iPhone (processing speed), it could be because of malware. 

In fact, your phone may become noticeably slower as more of its resources are allocated to the spyware app.

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5. Unusual Noise In Calls

Do you hear static sounds on your phone while on a call?

Usually, it can be due to a lag in the network or a spotty connection. However, if you’re constantly hearing unusual background noise, it could be because someone is recording your calls.

6. Jailbroken or Rooted Device

In most rare cases, users jailbreak or root their iPhones to install third-party apps or premium apps (MODS) on the App Store for free from the internet.

By doing this, you’re exposing your device to cyberattacks and stalkerware. Beware of unintentionally downloading spyware by doing so.

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How To Remove Spyware From Your iPhone?

You can factory restore your device, update its software to the latest version, or identify and delete suspicious apps to remove iPhone spyware.

Mostly, iPhone spyware is tucked away in files and apps with sweet names like “calculator, weather”, so it’s not as simple as deleting it.

All in all, you can use a spyware removal tool that can easily detect and remove spyware from your device. The most common spyware tools are;

  • Certo
  • Avast
  • Clario
  • Kaspersky
  • Bitdefender Antivirus

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We know the process of finding the stalker is not an easy job; however, numerous telltale signs tell you’re in danger of sharing your privacy.

At first, you may also want to discuss the matter with Police if you find spyware on your iPhone. However, you should keep in mind that removing spyware alerts the perpetrator that you’ve detected the surveillance.

In fact, they will be likely alerted where you’ve been if you bring the phone to the police station. So, to keep yourself on the safe side, always seek expert guidance to avoid any physical damage.