10 Most Expensive Phones Ever Made

Most Expensive Phones
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Phones are a staple of modern life. Almost everything we do today is in some way connected to our smart devices. From ordering food to getting directions to our destination.

But not all phones are built equally. Some are worth a fortune, and these are the most expensive phones ever made:

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10. Virtue Signature Cobra, $310,000

Most Expensive Phones
(Credit: gizmochina.com)

This phone by Virtue will set you back $310,000. Virtue is known for being a very exclusive luxury brand and their signature Cobra phone lives to their brand:

It was designed by French jewelry maker Boucheron Vertu and then hand-assembled in the UK. The Phone is gold plated with four-hundred and thirty-nine rubies and two emeralds.

There are only 8 of these ever created, so these phones are very exclusive (but so are the other phones on this list).

9. Goldvish Revolution, $488,150

Most Expensive Phones
(Credit: shortpedia.com)

The Revolution is made by the popular Swedish luxury maker Goldvish. The phone has a very unique look to it:

The device itself is made from white and pink gold, fine leather, diamonds, and a sapphire glass display screen.

There are only 32 of these devices available, and to own one, you can expect to pay $ 488,150.

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8. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot, $1 million

Gresso is a world-renowned accessory designer. And the Las Vegas Jackpot is one of three very exclusive phones which he designed:

Each phone costs $1 million!

The phone is made with 180 grams of gold and black diamonds, each 45.5 karat. Even more amazingly, the back panel of the phone is made with the wood of a 200-year-old African tree.

7. Goldvish Le Million, $1 million

Most Expensive Phones
(Credit: dnaindia.com)

Another phone that hits seven figures is the $1-million Le Million by Goldvish. This phone was the most expensive phone when it first came out but now sits at #7 on this list.

Le Million is made with 18-karat white gold and 120-karat diamonds, each of which is carefully embedded into the phone and its display.

The display itself is made from sapphire glass. The famous jewelry and watch designer Emmanuel Gueit designed this phone.

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6. Diamond Crypto Smartphons, $1.3 million

Most Expensive Phones
(Credit: luxurylaunches.com)

The Diamond Crypto is designed by Loisson and manufactured by JSC Ancort. For those who want to own it, it’ll cost $1.3 million:

The phone includes fifty diamonds embedded into it; including 10 rare blue-colored diamonds. The wood on the phone’s sides is made from Macassar Ebony.

5. iPhone 3G Kings Button, $2.5 million

Most Expensive Phones Ever Made
Credit: newatlas.com

We are now entering the big leagues as this iPhone 3G Kings is worth $ 2.5 million:

The device is made with 18-karat yellow, white, and rose gold. The edges of the phone are decorated with 138 diamonds. And the home screen button is replaced by a single 6.6-carat single-cut diamond.

The phone was designed by famous Austrian designer Peter Alisson.

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4. Stuart Hughes Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme, $3.2 million

Most Expensive Phones
(Credit: moneyinc.com)

The second iPhone 3G that made its way onto this most expensive phones list, with a massive price tag of $3.2 million is the Goldstriker:

This phone is by designer Stuart Hughes, famous for creating very exclusive luxury items. Made with 271 grams of 22 karat gold and 136 diamonds. Including 53 diamonds that fill the Apple logo on the back.

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3. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose, $8 million

Most Expensive Phones
(Credit: stuarthughes.com)

Yes, you read that right, $8 million for a phone:

The second of three Stuart Hughes creations on this most expensive phones list is the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose.

Only two of these iPhones were made, each with a body made from solid rose gold. Along the edges of the device are 500 one-hundred-karat diamonds:

And like the Goldstriker, the Apple logo on the back is surrounded by 53 diamonds.

2. Stuart Hughes Gold iPhone 4S Elite Gold, $9.4 million

Most Expensive Phones
(Credit: youthefeed.org)

Priced at a massive $9.4 million, this third and final Stuart Hughes design is built on an iPhone 4S and comes with 500 one-hundred-karat diamonds. The back of the phone is made with 24-karat gold.

The Home button itself is an 8.6-carat single-cut diamond. And the phone even comes with a 7.6-carat single diamond Home button as a backup.

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1. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond, $110 million

That is not a typo. It really does cost an unbelievable $ 110 million and is the undisputed most expensive phone ever:

The Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond costs more than a private jet!

The phone is covered in 24-carat gold and decorated with a massive pink diamond on the rear. The phone is owned by Nita Ambani, the wife of Asia’s richest person.

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