How To View Private Instagram Accounts?

How To View Private Instagram Accounts?

There are two kinds of Instagram profiles; public and private. When you create an account, your photos and videos are public by default:

That means everyone, including people not using Instagram, can view your content at all times – no matter how sensitive or inappropriate it may be. Additionally, as a public user, it’s very easy to find out someone’s private information through their username.

Comparatively, in a private Instagram account, a user’s pictures and videos can only be viewed by an approved request. And more specifically, in instances when the person approves the request.

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Now the question is, can you view private Instagram accounts? The answer is yes. Here’s how:

1. Send A Follow Request

It’s the most legitimate way to check out posts and photos of a private Instagram account. You just have to send them a follow request, and if the user accepts it, voilà, you are in.

However, sometimes the users don’t accept follow requests, that’s why below are some steps to check out the profiles.

2. Perform a Google Search

If your celebrity crush, or target profile used to have a public account on Instagram, you may be able to find it.

Instagram’s posts are indexed by Google, so when you do a Google search for certain phrases, you may find some of these old, public posts. You’ll know this is the case if you see a “recently posted images” section below the Instagram logo.

To do this, just do a Google search using your target’s current IG handle or their real name.

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3. View Through A Mutual Friend

If you and your target have mutual friends, or if you know someone who already follows them, then try to ask this individual to view their profile using their account.

In fact, if you and this person have a very close relationship, they could even send photos and screenshots of what posts on the page.

4. Use Third-Party Apps

If curiosity becomes a need to see someone’s private IG account, there are apps that will let you do that.

WARNING: These third-party apps aren’t supported by IG and we do not recommend their use. Each site may require subscription fees, access to personal data, and in the worst case, put ransomware or malware on your device. So, use these apps at your own risk.

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InstaLooker: InstaLooker is a web app. It means the app doesn’t require a download. All you need to do is go directly to their website, click on “spy now”, enter the person’s username and hit “start viewer.”

The app offers an export option that allows you to monitor your targets easily by exporting all the photos and videos in your target’s gallery.

Private Instagram Viewer: Similar to the other app, you will have to visit the app’s website and provide your target’s username.

You will be asked to verify if the profile that comes up is correct; it will allow you to view their social media content without them noticing.

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IGLookup: This app is also known as Instagram Grammies.

  1. Get yourself an IGLookup account!
  2. Type in the username of your target.
  3. Click “Go!” and cross your fingers!

The process usually takes a bit of time before their private posts are displayed for your perusal.

InstaDPS: This app is different from others. It will ask you to input the target’s username and click on “View Profile”, after which an image of your target’s profile should appear.

If you then save the profile, you’ll be able to view it any time you want.

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