The 5 Best Comics To Start Collecting In 2021

Best comics to collect in 2021

BEST COMICS: A New Year means new comics to collect, and there are plenty waiting for you to pick up. But what are the most anticipated titles hitting stores and Amazon’s Comixology?

The 5 best comics to start or grow your collection with:

Dawn of X – Mid 2021

Marvel united most of its X-Men comics under the Dawn of X, each of which provided a different story for mutant-kind.

Reign of X is the next major phase in the Dawn of X series and every X-Men lover should snap it up when it hits store shelves.

Fans should expect big developments in the Reign of X, including the return of Shadow King. As this comic book series won’t be out until the middle of 2021, it gives you plenty of time to collect one of the best comics available – Dawn of X.

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Future State

Future State is a necessary read for DC fans!

Taking fans into the future of DC heroes. The new comics are set in a decade after the Dark Night. Future State is a world full of new possibilities where a new generation of Superheroes take over the responsibility, while the old ones retire.

Some of the newcomers include The Next Batman and Immortal Wonder Woman. It is yet unclear how DC plans to intertwine these new heroes with the old counterparts yet one thing is for sure that these heroes will continue to appear in the DC Universe even after Future State ends.

Star Wars: The High Republic

Most start war comics, which you might have read until now have been close to the events of the movie series. The High Republic is an effort by the creators to paint a new and broader scenario.

It is a collection of tales set 2 centuries before the movie era. It is the age of Jedi with Vernestra Rwoh becoming a Jedi Knight at the age of 15. The comics are full of her adventures, starting with being stranded on a jungle moon after the Great Disaster.

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Batman/Catwoman was launched in December 2020 as a long-awaited follow-up of the Batman run. The series will continue to come out throughout 2021 so it is better to start collecting it as soon as possible.

Batman/Catwoman further elaborates on the romance between Batman and Catwoman and is being seen as a Clay Mann masterpiece. The series will also speculate on how the Joker ties into a sordid love triangle.

Justice League

Brian Michael of Superman line has teamed up with David Marquez of The Defenders to work on a completely new DC’s flagship comic, Justice League.

There are several new characters such as Queen Hippolyta, Black Adam, and Naomi, each bringing new action and adventure for Justice League fans. 

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The comic industry managed to provide its fans with some exciting and amazing content even in such uncertain times.

What are your best comics? What comics are you looking forward to the most? Tell us in the comments.
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