5 Movie Reboots That Need To Happen

Movie Reboots The Crow
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Movie reboots are a modern-day trend of Hollywood:

And we can all agree that some end up a disaster… (Just look at the Point Break remake).

Yet, some movie reboots give a whole new perspective, tone, and story, that’s more than a visual effects facelift (something else Hollywood is famed for).

A good example is Sylvester Stallone’s infamous Judge Dredd flick. When compared to Karl Urban’s take on the comic book character, they’re worlds apart.

So here’s our list of 5 movie reboots that have to happen:

The Crow

A personal favorite movie – so why remake, right?

Well, The Crow hit the big screen in 1994 and it became a shrine for Brandon Lee who tragically died during the making of the movie:

Since then, it has had three sequels and a short-lived TV series. None of which did justice to the main character of the movie – who is still in the pop culture psyche.

A reboot of this movie, with all its gothic tone, a splash of horror, and a heady mix of comic book style violence is exactly befitting the modern-day audience:

For example, Deadpool is an R-rated Marvel flick that does extremely well – mostly because Ryan Reynolds delivers the character perfectly – but also because it’s a superhero with attitude, crudeness, and full-on violence.

A reboot of The Crow could be similar, just with crudeness switched out for gothic supernatural horror. The big issue is, who would play the lead role?

(Jon Snow, I mean, Kit Harrington perhaps).

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Another personal favorite is Blade:

There’s nothing wrong with the original trilogy, but like with most comic book movies outside Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and Kevin Feige’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, actors and actresses always seem to deliver performances as if doing so tongue in cheek.

Beyond improving the acting, the big draw to rebooting Blade would be to improve the fight scenes:

Consider this, Blade came out in 1998, The Matrix came out in 1999. And yet the difference in fight scenes is 10+ years. Blade looks like kids playing with toys, The Matrix looks like serious actors training hard and applying their craft.

As for Blade, Denzel Washington should take the role because his Book of Eli performance, mixed with The Equalizer‘s confidence. That combo fits Blade too well.

To Kill a Mockingbird

The 1962 black and white version of To Kill a Mockingbird is only enjoyed by a few English classes but the powerful story by Harper Lee could become a hit with a 21st-century makeover.

When it was first released, it left a serious impact on society and still has a lot of important things to say regarding social issues:

Plus, we’re at a moment in time when the movie’s message of tolerance and rejection of prejudice could be perfect medicine (especially if given a modern twist).

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Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids was a major hit amongst children in the 80s and 90s but its sequels were mostly terrible:

(Remember the Vegas scenes in Honey, I Blew Up The Kid?)

Now is the perfect time to go back to this franchise, as it has all the ingredients required to be a hit again. From young love to parental struggles, wacky technology, and a coming of age plot that Netflix has been milking with its teen-focused content for several years and more.

Disney Plus actually needs this reboot.


The less said about Catwoman‘s solo movie released in 2004 the better. It was the worst superhero movie ever made!

(And that includes the Batman movie with Mr. Freeze in it).

The reality is, Catwoman is too good a character to waste and leave in the trash – especially considering the push for female-action heroes over the last decade.

Just look at how good the first Wonder Woman movie was?

And all they need to do is focus on the comic books. Cat burglar meets Robin Hood, multiplied by Gotham street gang violence – job done.

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