14 Most Valuable Captain Marvel Collectibles

Marvel is without a doubt the most well-known comic book publisher in existence today because of their enormously successful film world. However, they didn’t begin producing goods, toys, and trading cards a decade ago. While some of the most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles are only a few months old, others are almost 50 years old. Since these expensive and rare most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles aren’t acquired by just anyone, you’ll be quite fortunate if you ever come across one.

14. Captain Marvel 1 Blank Variant Signed by Brie Larson: $3499

The moment has come for Carol Danvers, or Captain Marvel, to return to Earth after spending months in space defending the planet from both large and little extraterrestrial dangers. Never before has New York City looked better. But with every return, something unexpected happens, and Carol is going to experience a lot of unexpected. 

Just in time for Marvel Studios’ first female-led picture, it’s a new beginning and a big, star-studded welcome home for a hero who has been breaking the glass ceiling since the 1970s! Here is where Captain Marvel’s next 50 years will begin! This variant is signed by Captain Marvel herself Brie Larson. This is the upper-tier piece that you are looking for to augment your collection as one of the most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles.

13. Spider-Man Metal Universe Green Precious Metal Gems Captain Marvel 5/10: $3500

There are some recognizable faces in 2022 SkyBox Metal Universe Spider-Man if you collected cards in the late 1990s. Although it has more nostalgia for hobbies than Marvel, there is still plenty of that. Additionally, this isn’t a strictly retro release. In addition to adding some new components to the checklist, Upper Deck builds on the preceding Marvel Metal X-Men edition.

Additionally, there are 100 Precious Metal Gems on each card. The first 10 copies with the same number are Green, while the remaining ninety are Red. The structure of the iconic 1997–98 Metal Universe Basketball is imitated here. The rating for this Captain Marvel card is 5/10 for green gems cards. At a $3500 asking price, this is one of the most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles available.

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12. 2021 Marvel Black Diamond Infinity Stones Relic: $3500

Marvel Studios’ incredible Infinity Saga films, which begin with Iron Man and end with Avengers Endgame, are combined with the highly premium format of the long-standing Black Diamond brand in 2021 Marvel Black Diamond. On average, locate a prized, numbered Exquisite Collection card in every package! The Base Set Infinity Stones Diamond Relics are numbered from 1 to 23. The brightest collection of diamonds to ever adorn a Black Diamond playing card!

Find Retro Throwback Diamond Relics Single, Double, Triple, and Quad Cards! The last Brie Larson card in the series, card number 23/23. At a $3500 price tag, this card is one of the most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles you can own.

11. Captain Marvel #27: $3650

Captain Marvel is still bothered by the Super-Skrull in “Trapped on Titan!” Written by Mike Friedrich, with a story by Jim Starlin and pencils, and inked by Pablo Marcos. Thanos searches for the Cosmic Cube in the interim. Drax the Destroyer, the Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, the Scarlet Witch, the Vision, and the Black Panther), and the Thing (of the Fantastic Four) all make appearances. A map of Titan is also included in this edition. This vintage comic is incredibly rare, justifying its $3650 price tag as one of the most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles around.

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10. 2008 UD Marvel Masterpieces Captain Marvel Sketch Card: $4000

This Marvel Gems 2016 Marvel Gems sketch card features Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel and was created by artist Andrew Lopez.  The card is a hand-drawn sketch card from the 1/1 Sketch subset of sketch cards by artist Andrew Lopez with foil accents along the front border. In every 20 boxes, 1/1 sketch card were discovered! Each of the 79 artists is extremely hard to find. Famous Marvel women were captured in instantly recognizable profile portrait illustrations by Andrew Lopez. This $4000 card is one-of-a-kind and more than justified, leaving this item among the most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles.

9. 2021 Marvel Spider-Man Metal Universe Captain Marvel Green Card: $4000

Precious Metal Gems are much-liked outside of the sports world as well. Then there’s Marvel. Over the past ten years, Upper Deck has incorporated them into a variety of non-sport products. Here are a few recent sales that demonstrate how much PMG cards are worth to collectors: Marvel Metal Precious Metal Gems Green #39 from 2013 Fleer Retro /10 Thanos – $25,100 Thanos has made a few cameos in television shows like Loki and What If since the release of Endgame two years ago. He has gained a following among villains that is possibly second only to Loki. This Captain Marvel green card is among the most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles at a whopping $4000.

8. Captain Marvel Cast Signed 11×17 Movie Poster Framed: $4600

Twelve cast members, including Kevin Feige, Meg LeFauve, Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Ben Mendelsohn, Lee Pace, Lashana Lynch, Clark Gregg, Rune Temte, Algenis Perez Soto, McKenna Grace, Akira Akbar, and Brie Larson, have personally autographed this Captain Marvel 11×17 movie poster. Additionally, Brie has added “Captain Marvel” after her signature. Every signature is warranted to be real. An individually numbered TRISTAR Authentic hologram is attached to Larson’s signature, making this one of the most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles around. A Letter of Authenticity from PSA/DNA is included with the remaining 11 signatures.

7. Queen Studios 1/1 Captain Marvel Life-size Bust: $4900

Princess Studios Capturing Captain Marvel in her outfit and helmet is the goal of Captain Marvel’s 1:1 bust. Ronan the Accuser and Captain Marvel face up in the film. Due to the energy around her, she is now suspended in midair with flowing, glowing hair. The bust’s eyes and hair glow to show the character’s liveliness.

The bottom of her jaw is composed of medical-grade silicone, which feels and appears like real flesh, and gives the bust a human touch. This nearly five-thousand-dollar bust is one of the most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles ever. The actual suit is constructed of plastic and has a matte finish to give it the appearance of genuine leather. A Golden Sash that rises through the body is part of the basis. We wanted to pay homage to the first Captain Marvel suit, despite the fact that the current one doesn’t have a sash.

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6. Captain Marvel #1 Exclusive Rare Stan Lee Signed 1st Issue Cover: $5030

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes “Mightiest” is returning! Master pilot. Famous Avenger. Pure badassery at its finest. Carol Danvers has a new identity, a new purpose, and all the power necessary to make life miserable for herself. In order to succeed as the new Captain Marvel, Carol must overcome a battle from her past!

This first edition comic book is signed by the legendary late Stan Lee and is among the most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles at over $5000. The Banshee Squadron makes its appearance as there is a conflict in the air, but who are the Prowlers and where has Carol seen them before? And how does Mercury 13, a covert NASA training program, come in? Watch Captain Marvel engage in fierce combat that might alter the path of history! Engage in Avengers Time Travel Protocols!

5. Marvel Super Heroes #13 Signed By Stan Lee: $5400

Continuing from the prior edition… Before returning to the outside world to try to learn as much as he can about the human species, Captain Mar-Vel has modified his Uni-Beam to be a hand-held device. The front desk employee notices his departure from the hotel and starts to become suspicious about his most recent guest.

Mar-Vel tries out his uni-beam and decides it works well, so he makes an effort to get back to his ship. Yon-Rogg tries to use this as a chance to murder Mar-Vel, but the bullet instead strikes an airplane. When Mar-Vel looks into the collision, he discovers Dr. Walter Lawson’s dead body. When Mar-Vel learned that Lawson would be a scientist stationed at the Cape, he made the decision to use Lawson’s reality for his own purposes. This is the first appearance of Captain Marvel and an ultra-rare signed copy, justifying its $5400 price tag as one of the most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles available.

4. Captain Marvel 1:1 full-life-size Muckle Disney Statue: $6000

A fantastic Captain Marvel life-size statue was created for the film’s release. This lovely statue stands 6.7 feet tall on the base and is crafted of high-quality resin and fiberglass. Any fan of Captain Marvel will be delighted with the rare 1/1 scale statue created by the Life-Sized experts at Oxmox and Muckle studios. This limited-release figure is one of the most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles at a $6000 value.

3. Captain Marvel #14 Connor Variant: $7500

You won’t be holding the bag if you bet on Captain Marvel 14 Conner Variant. The one to look for in this issue is the rare Amanda Conner variation comic. Costs for the standard edition are dropping (as a result of excessively high costs, which frequently occurs with contemporary “key issue” comics because they are so prevalent), but the variant cover is very popular as one of the most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles.

By today’s standards, this comic book is uncommon! Nowhere did I come across a great picture of a CGC-graded copy. Only 29 certified instances total, with only 9 receiving a 9.8 on the CGC census. Even after the movie is long gone, I think there will still be demand for contemporary variant covers, which will keep the price of this comic book stable.

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2. Life Size Captain Marvel Fiberglass Movie Wax Statue: $15,900

These hyperrealist painters and sculptors allow for some mechanical image transfer methods to the mold, such as preliminary grisaille underpaintings. Images are projected onto the mold using photographic slide projectors or multimedia projectors, and simple methods like gridding may also be utilized to assure accuracy. Polyester is used in sculptures, either directly on the human body or in a mold. In order to mimic a false world, hyperrealism demands a high level of technical expertise and skill.

Photographic constraints like depth of field, perspective, and focus range are incorporated into hyperrealism and frequently exploited. Additionally used to highlight their digital origins are anomalies observed in digital photographs, such as fractalization. This statue of Captain Marvel is a magnificent piece of artwork and one of the most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles of all time at nearly sixteen thousand dollars. 

1. Captain Marvel #17 2nd Print: $23,500 Most Valuable Captain Marvel Collectibles

Why choose Captain Marvel 17 when more than half of the books on the list could be connected to the upcoming Captain Marvel film? With regard to similar topics, we could essentially fill a complete price guide. The CGC census shows that this comic is more popular than Marvel Now! both issues of Point One and Ms. Marvel (2014).

In CGC 9.8, Point One is getting close to $500, but Ms. Marvel #1 2014 is a lost cause at this point in the pump-and-dump cycle. Given the selection of investment comics for the Ms. Marvel movie, it is not that shocking that some are slipping by the wayside, but this comic is going strong as a rare second edition with a $23,500 value, one of the most valuable Captain Marvel collectibles of all time. 

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