5 Man Cave Essentials That Belong On Your Checklist

Man Cave Essentials
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Okay, guys. This one is for you, man cave essentials!

You’ve finally got your very own space in the house. Perhaps one of your kids moved out, or you’ve won the argument over that spare guest room (which never had a guest in 15-years but your wife said was essential) can now finally become your man cave.

Whatever the scenario, you now have a place to style freely. But what are the essentials your man cave must-have?

Here is your man cave essentials checklist:

A Big Screen TV (Or Three)

Man Cave Essentials
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You may want guys over to watch the game. Well, you can’t do that if you don’t have a large flat-screen TV or three hanging on the walls.

Imagine your man cave as a mini sports bar and you’ll get the idea that more than one flat-screen television allows you (and the guys) to watch more than one game at a time. It eliminates channel surfing and missing that big play.

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A Place To Rest Your A**

Man Cave Essentials
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It’s your man cave and because of that, you need your throne. Plus, when you get the right recliner into position, you can relax all you want in front of those big-screen TVs.

Try doing that on a barstool in front of a flat screen. Try doing it on a folding chair that is best left with the rest of the camping gear. You get the idea. Big, comfy, and recline-y is all you need.

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Something To Fill Time Between Games

Man Cave Essentials
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As hard as it may be to believe, there will be times when the only sports you will be able to find on the tube will be figure skating and gymnastics. If you’re into those, fantastic, skip this point. But if you are like me and simply don’t get the appeal, then you’ll need something to do while hiding from household chores in your man cave.

To get you through these dry spells you need some guy games in your man cave. Depending on the space available, you can opt for a pool table or poker table. If you are cramped for space, a dartboard or arcade machine will do the trick.

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A Place To Keep The Beer Cold (And Flowing)

Man Cave Essentials
(Photo: Christian Birkholz / Pixabay.com)

If the plan is to have the guys over and share a cold brewsky or two, you need a place to store those cold ones and somewhere to serve them. That translates to a bar and a fridge in any language.

These man cave essentials also reduce the amount of traffic going into the rest of the house and into the kitchen where the fridge there is usually stocked with solids as opposed to the liquid lunch you will be serving.

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Stamp Your Personality

Man Cave Essentials
(Photo: Simon Q / The Rock Memorabilia / WikiCommons)

Although it may be a smart budget move to convert your daughter’s bedroom into a man cave as soon as she moves out to college, you will have to do something about her collection of pink and frilly things to man up the space.

This calls for an extreme makeover that can include sports memorabilia hanging on the walls, movie posters (my favorite), and other guy-like things to look at.

Whatever you want to do with that room, just make sure it makes a statement about you that isn’t “I’m a mess”, and your significant other won’t have good reason to take it back.

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